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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Pyramid Pyramid 04/26/2017 gth mnishgo mnishgo
mnishgo mnishgo 04/26/2017 Dont send giveway invite. Pyramid Pyramid
Riddick Riddick 04/26/2017 thank you mnishgo mnishgo
Ethan Ethan 04/26/2017 Best seller. Not the fastest but at the end he always deliver sooner or later GERONIMO1976 GERONIMO1976
Ethan Ethan 04/26/2017 Thanks mate iskariot iskariot
Ethan Ethan 04/26/2017 Smooth as butter. Thanks Ethan! Susanoo Susanoo
Pyramid Pyramid 04/25/2017 thanks mate iskariot iskariot
mnishgo mnishgo 04/25/2017 Thank you very much Riddick Riddick
mnishgo mnishgo 04/25/2017 Thanks learnbites Pyramid Pyramid
Ethan Ethan 04/25/2017 Thanks brother ;) Pyramid Pyramid
Riddick Riddick 04/25/2017 Linktotheinternet.NET invite thanks mate :) Pyramid Pyramid
.::DarKShaD0wTT::. .::DarKShaD0wTT::. 04/24/2017 Trusted. Satisfied with my purchase Mikepulice Mikepulice
Ethan Ethan 04/22/2017 Thank you, everything is perfect! wolfwofl wolfwofl
Riddick Riddick 04/21/2017 Thank you :) Peppe Peppe
Riddick Riddick 04/21/2017 thank you invite bithumen :) Pyramid Pyramid
Ethan Ethan 04/20/2017 very fast! johnjoesmith johnjoesmith
Ethan Ethan 04/18/2017 ;) Pyramid Pyramid
Riddick Riddick 04/17/2017 Thanks for TSCTracker Pyramid Pyramid
Riddick Riddick 04/16/2017 Thanks for Tsctracker Watch Watch
Ethan Ethan 04/15/2017 The dude rocks !! He's the real deal ! Look no further.. kutmastachopstix kutmastachopstix
AtlAntA AtlAntA 04/11/2017 Sale done correctly. Highly reliable person. c: Gintoki Gintoki
Watchdogs Watchdogs 04/10/2017 Thanks a lot! zzepto zzepto
Ethan Ethan 04/07/2017 Very good and quick business. Thanks. isko41 isko41
Peppe Peppe 04/05/2017 awesome guy :))I sent my CHDBits invitation and then he sent an invitation required. trust person. Quick, i recommend! Pyramid Pyramid
sadik sadik 04/04/2017 Trust ;-) Pyramid Pyramid

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