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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Ethan Ethan 05/23/2018 Not all heroes wear capes... thx! SylarVillain SylarVillain
Ethan Ethan 05/23/2018 Nice, work great as expect thank you. Ageofcake Ageofcake
nickname nickname 05/23/2018 Trusted! Thank you for sharing! HiroJun HiroJun
Ulquiorra Ulquiorra 05/22/2018 Great transaction all the way through. His communication was excellent and prices were fair. trackerbuyer trackerbuyer
Ethan Ethan 05/22/2018 Amazing dude! Morradi Morradi
Ethan Ethan 05/22/2018 Awesome !! Thank for everything and anything +++ Jouhn Jouhn
Ethan Ethan 05/22/2018 nice man koko koko
Ethan Ethan 05/22/2018 thanks king uncharted uncharted
Ethan Ethan 05/22/2018 Ethan Bro never fails to impress great guy Ulquiorra Ulquiorra
HiroJun HiroJun 05/22/2018 Quick response. Thank you, will surely use this architekt architekt
Ulquiorra Ulquiorra 05/22/2018 thanks for invite godfader4 godfader4
Skylights Skylights 05/22/2018 Super & brilliant member.He gives me another tracker /Thank you so much ! Archiee Archiee
HiroJun HiroJun 05/22/2018 This member is a gold member of our community.Keep it up .I give him A+ AlphaKing AlphaKing
Archiee Archiee 05/21/2018 Trusted member =) Fateh Belkhelfa Fateh Belkhelfa
Ethan Ethan 05/21/2018 Very welcoming, quick response and as described. Thanks! santropy santropy
.::DarKShaD0wTT::. .::DarKShaD0wTT::. 05/21/2018 Thanks for the invite ! Archiee Archiee
Ethan Ethan 05/21/2018 Thank you Ethan :) You really are king Jouhn Jouhn
Ethan Ethan 05/21/2018 Thanks for the seedbox Mastan Mastan
Ethan Ethan 05/21/2018 many many thanks for this account arif12345 arif12345
Ulquiorra Ulquiorra 05/21/2018 Amazing user! A+++ Web-Man Web-Man
Ethan Ethan 05/21/2018 He's the best! debanjan757 debanjan757
uncharted uncharted 05/19/2018 Thanx for the GA koko koko
uncharted uncharted 05/19/2018 thanks for invite godfader4 godfader4
uncharted uncharted 05/19/2018 Thank you for invitations Madlox84 Madlox84
Madlox84 Madlox84 05/18/2018 EXCELLENT DUDE! Thanks! Morradi Morradi