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    RULES : ADD LIKE & REP APPLY HERE GIVE ME A FEEDBACK WHEN U GET IT I may ask for ratio or seed-box proof . Happy torrenting :)
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    Giving away a few torrents today. Just follow a few steps and i'll consider you. 1. Like and Upvote this post 2. Reply to this thread 3. Send me a PM Good luck!
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    3 x M-Team invite, so who needed apply fast and don't forget to press like and rep button and after register leave positive feedback. I may ask for ratio proof and/or seedbox proof!
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    5x Desireleasers Invites Giveway Apply here. After sucessfull registration dont forgot to add positive feedback. Winner - @barneymac58
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    RULES : - ADD LIKE & REP -APPLY HERE - GIVE ME A FEEDBACK WHEN U GET IT Winners : H3li0,godfader4,TmBax, Vladimir Lysergin,Kolompár Joco,Alpha
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    I have a filelist.ro invite that it's going to expire very soon, so I'm giving it away * Post below if you want to apply * Rep me and Like this post * Don't pm me. I'll select the winner via random.org * You will have to provide ratio proof on one or more private trackers
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    13x TEKNO3D invites to giveaway Don't send me PM Reply here to apply Add Like + REP Give Feedback after receive the invite/account
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    adbt.it.cx invite 1x,mnvv2.info 2x Don't send me PM Reply here to apply Add Like + REP Give Feedback after receive the invite
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    10 x myanonamouse Invites Giveaway 1. Write first here2. Push like and rep 3. Apply here 4. give me feedback +1 and pm me your mailGood luck
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    3x Classix-Unlimited Invite Giveway Requirement - Minimum 50 Posts. Hit like this post and apply here. After sucessfull registration dont forgot to add possitive feedback. Winner - @thunderball @TmBax
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    1. Click Like (right corner of this post) 2. Click the Yellow Button REP (left corner of this post -> I approve -> Add) 3. Reply to this post, please do not forget to mention me 4. Do not PM me, I will choose you. 5. I will ask for proofs, prepare them -> Improved Tutorial: How To Make Proportion, Speedtest Proof or Seedbox Proof 6. Give me +1 positive feedback after you received the account.
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    I know I have not been active since a while now and I dont even remember when did I do a giveaway last time. So here's your chance to participate in a brand new giveaway. I promise to be active and make giveaway's more regular and provide support to all users. Invites : Apollo - 2 - @jpcop, @adoreddragon Filelist.ro - 4 - @godfader4 AsianDVDClub - 3 - @HARDY, @Mastan, @TmBax Cinematik - 3 - @Pyramid, @whooop, @ihcom GFT - 3 AcrossTheTasman - 3 - @naamnakhuleko Avistaz - 3 Accounts : BizTorrents - 2 - @Madlox84 Requirements : They may vary from user to user, I will let each individual know the requirements to get an invite/account. Rules to follow : First come first basis. You need to post here and PM me with what tracker are you interested in getting. First come first basis does not mean you get the tracker if you PM me first, it goes to the person who completes the requirement first. You are to leave a Feedback after receiving a tracker.
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    Welcome .::IH::. Members This Is My Official Selling Store You're Dealing With " DSTT " . So How To Worry ?!! < Check My FeedBacks Check For The Available Stuffs & PM Me , We Will Reach An Agreement For Sure NorBits DVDSeed.eu PreTome R3VuK.wtf PolishTracker PolishSource.cz bithUmen BaconBits x264.me HD-Torrents IPTorrents TorrentLeech TorrentDay FunFile PuntoTorrent.ch Fano.in CHDBits JoyHD HDCenter OurBits HDF.World Cinematik HDCorea 3DTorrents TorrentCCF DeepBassNine DB9 MusicVids Apollo Waffles.ch TranceTraffic JpopSuki Libble.me PsyTorrents u2dmhy.org AnimeBytes TVChaosUK CGPeers Bemaniso AcrossTheTasMan RetroWithin Bitme.org BitSpyder Just PM Me For What You Need & I Will Offer You Good Prices Three PayMent Methods Available : PayPal , SKRILL , BitCoins Regards, DSTT
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    3x Fano Invites Giveway Hit like this post and apply here. After sucessfull registration give me positive feedback.
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    HD-torrents are temporary invites apply here no trader or seller,all invites are for personal use. leave me feedback after receiving it.
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    Rules: 1. Do not PM me until I tell you to in this thread. 2. Like this post 3. Rep this post 4. Post here to apply. Don't forget to mention me @virgo1 5. I will ask proofs (Ratio Proof, Speedtest Proof or Seedbox Proof) 6. Leave a +1 Feedback when you receive the invite. Please don't apply if you have or previously had an account at TorrentDay.
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    *Don't send me PM *Reply here to apply *Ratio Proof Need *Add Like + REP *Give Feedback after receive the invite/account
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    5 x Invites IPTorrents Apply here. Press REP button. Leave me positive feedback after receiving invite.
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    2x Danishbits invites to giveaway Don't send me PM Reply here to apply Add Like + REP Give Feedback after receive the invite/account
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    . Add Like and Rep . Post here to apply. Don't forget to mention me . I will ask proofs
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    Tracker's Name: Desitorrents Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://desitorrents.tv/register.php Additional information: Desitorrents is back and open. New users can resgister. *****Note ------>>>>> Anyone who tries to click the register link : You need to manual copy the link into your browser,then instead of https://desitorrents.to/login.php?act=recover&key= you need to replace the .to with .tv,so it will be something like https://desitorrents.tv/login.php?act=recover&key= Then you send the link and it should work...
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    23日起至月末,全站Free,Happy继续! Freeleech to 2018-02-28 23:59:58(GMT+8) GOOGLE TRANSLATION: 23 until the end of the month, the whole Free, Happy continue! Freeleech to 2018-02-28 23:59:58 (GMT + 8)
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    5x Ebooks-Shares Invite Giveway Requirement - Minimum 50 Posts. Apply Here if you need this tracker. After sucessfull registration don't forgot to add positive feedback.
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    This thread shows the prices of only Invites. For Normal accounts and buffered accounts, please refer to this thread : Ethan's Buffered Account Store Check out my Feedbacks before buying : Over 500+ Successful sales : http://tinyurl.com/ju582aj Rare Trackers : BTN : 220 Euros TheVault : 175 Euros Nmp3 : 80 Euros Sinderella : 75 Euros EXIGO : 50 Euros 32Pag.es : 50 Euros HDCorea : 40 Euros M-Team : 20 Euros Norbits : 20 Euros General Trackers : RevTT : 50 Euros SCC : 20 Euros DigitalHive : 16 Euros PolishTracker : 15 Euros Xspeeds : 15 Euros TorrentDay : 15 Euros Manicomoshare : 12 Euros TorrentShack : 12 Euros Filelist.ro : 10 Euros GFT : 10 Euros Pretome : 10 Euros BitHumen : 7 Euros ImmortalSeed : 7 Euros TorrentVault : 7 Euros Funfile : 5 Euros IPT : 5 Euros nCore : 5 Euros TorrentLeech : 5 Euros Speed.cd : 5 Euros Ratioless Trackers : BTN : 175 Euros GFT : 10 Euros nCore : 5 Euros Movie Trackers : Karagarga : 60 Euros HDCorea : 40 Euros M-Team : 20 Euros HDClub : 15 Euros x264 : 12 Euros 3DTorrents : 12 Euros TehConnection : 10 Euros Cinemageddon : 10 Euros IloveClassics : 10 Euros BitHQ : 10 Euros HD-Torrents : 8 Euros AsianDVDClub : 8 Euros Cinematik : 5 Euros Bit-HDTV : 5 Euros HDME.eu : 5 Euros HD-Bits.ro : 5 Euros SDBits : 5 Euros SecretCinema : 5 Euros Music Trackers : PassTheHeadphones : 150 Euros LzTr : 35 Euros Apollo : 30 Euros NotWhat.cd : 25 Euros Jpopsuki : 10 Euros ProAudioTorrents : 8 Euros IndieTorrents : 5 Euros PsyTorrents : 5 Euros Romanian Metal Torrents : 5 Euros TranceRoute : 5 Euros TranceTraffic : 5 Euros E-Learning Trackers : ThePlace : 65 Euros Bibliotik : 50 Euros Bitme : 20 Euros MyAnonymouse : 15 Euros BrokenStones : 15 Euros Delish : 10 Euros ABTorrents : 5 Euros BitSpyder : 5 Euros GFX News : 5 Euros TV-Trackers : BTN : 175 Euros - Invite system is currently closed for everyone TV-Vault : 40 Euros MoreThan.tv : 30 Euros TransmitThe.net : 15 Euros Shazbat.tv : 15 Euros Bitmetv : 10 Euros Bit-HDTV : 5 Euros XXX - Porn Trackers : Empornium : 40 Euros PornBits : 10 Euros AdultCinemaNetwork : 10 Euros Forumphilia : 5 Euros PussyTorrents : 5 Euros Gaming Trackers : GazzeleGames : 75 Euros UltimateGamerClub : 25 Euros XboxSky : 10 Euros BitGamer : 5 Euros Cartoon/Anime/Comic Trackers : 32Pag.es : 50 Euros Animebyt.es : 40 Euros CartoonChaos : 20 Euros Sports Trackers : RacingFor.me : 15 Euros AcrossTheTasman : 15 Euros Aussierules : 10 Euros FormulaMonkey : 10 Euros Tennis.tv : 10 Euros XtremeWrestling : 10 Euros MMA-Tracker : 8 Euros
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    HD Trakers PTP: https://passthepopcorn.me Account+Mail+1 Invite 140USD / Invite 80USD BTN: https://broadcasthe.net Account+Mail+1 Invite 180USD / Invite 120USD SceneHD: https://scenehd.org Account+Mail 120USD / Invite 60USD I accept the following payment methods: Bitcoin
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    Hello Good peoples, I am a newbie to the community. Been in this Torrenting world for nearly 4 years & counting. Recently I have been joining to the top level private trackers such Animebytes, filelist, Animetorrents, Iptorrents, Torrentleech, Torrentday, Cartoonchaos & few others. I have a decent broadband connection, a decent seedbox & a dedicated heart for torrenting. For many days I have searching for invites in Mteam, Xspeed & HD-china ... If anyone have & interested to give me a invite then kindly come forward. You can PM me for any kind of query or ratio proofs... Thanks in advance.
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    Hey, welcome to Invitehawk.. Enjoy your stay and hope you have a good time here. Look around the forum and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Important Links :  InviteHawk Guide and FAQ InviteHawk Terms and Conditions InviteHawk Staff List InviteHawk Premium VIP Membership Regards, Ethan!
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    please mention the entry mentioned in the post and feedback after signing up :) Invitation Codes Invitation codes Preliminary time 308610996748 2018-03-02 15:08:58 307263969687 2018-03-02 15:08:53 310562489113 2018-03-02 15:08:52 https://diablotorrent.net/reg
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    2x pt.upxin.net invites to giveaway Don't send me PM Reply here to apply Add Like + REP Give Feedback after receive the invite/account
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    A few pieces of exciting news in the space of a few hours have many PlayStation 4 owners hot under the collar today. Following yesterday's release of a kernel exploit for firmware v4.55 by developer 'Qwertyoruiop', a few hours ago a full implementation of the exploit landed on Github courtesy of SpecterDev. On top, there's news of an interesting 'payload' quietly circulating. Largely since the advent of the third generation of games consoles in the early to mid 80s, adventurous users have been interested in making their machines do things they’re not supposed to. In common with the 8bit games-capable computers that preceded them, much emphasis was placed on piracy, with people seeking to cut console games costs with copies of what would otherwise be expensive investments. Alongside, however, was a rapidly developing “homebrew” scene in which often amateur coders sought to utilize their purchased hardware for non-conventional means. These days the process of digitally cracking open a device is much more complex and has given birth to the term ‘jailbreaking’. It can be applied to devices as diverse as iPhones and PlayStations but it all means the same thing – the removal of restrictions put in place by manufacturers in order to control what can be done with a device. These restrictions mostly relate to the running of software, with the big manufacturers wanting people to not only use ‘app stores’ that they control but also to pay for the privilege. The jailbreaking scene often aims to undermine the former but despite many good intentions, it often gets dragged into piracy as a result. Yesterday there was cause for both homebrew coders and pirates-in-waiting to celebrate with the announcement that developer ‘Qwertyoruiop’ had released the full code for his PS4 firmware 4.55 kernel exploit. While the release caused much excitement, the kernel exploit still needs a usermode entry point. As reported by Wololo, that could come via the Webkit exploit previously released by Qwertyoruiop for PS4 firmware 4.07 a while back. So, to put things into basic terms, while the new exploit works up to v4.55, the user exploit only works up to those with PS4s running v4.07, at least until another usermode exploit for later firmwares is released. But with anticipation in the air, a few hours later yet more exciting news appeared on the horizon. Taking Qwertyoruiop’s v4.55 kernel exploit and running with it, developer SpecterDev announced on Twitter that he’d published a full implementation of the exploit on Github. https://twitter.com/SpecterDev/statu...72598211698688 In other words, SpecterDev has released a fully-functional jailbreak of PS4 firmware 4.55, which opens up a whole world of opportunities for the homebrew scene – and beyond. That being said, he’s careful to note on Github that others will have to step up to fill in the gaps from here. “[The implementation] will allow you to run arbitrary code as kernel, to allow jailbreaking and kernel-level modifications to the system. This release however, does not contain any code related to defeating anti-piracy mechanisms or running homebrew,” he explained. Nevertheless, SpecterDev’s code has an inbuilt ‘ear’ that can take instructions (a so-called ‘payload’) and do something useful with them. “This exploit does include a loader that listens for payloads on port 9020 and will execute them upon receival,” he explains. Rumors suggest that there’s already some kind of payload being shared privately. We haven’t been able to confirm what it does yet but people seem excited by it. A video showing the jailbreak in action has been uploaded to YouTube and can be seen below. Source: Torrentfreak.com
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    Tracker's Name: Takeabyte-Nordic Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://takeabyte-nordic.org/signup.php Closing date: n/a
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    Please welcome our new Internal Group for BluRay Discs BaggerInc and Zombie!!!
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    JOHANNESBURG – South African President Cyril Ramaphosa is winning some fans with his habit of early morning jogs and walks in which he interacts with the public. Ramaphosa, who took office on Feb. 15 after predecessor Jacob Zuma resigned, walked with a crowd for nearly six kilometers (3.7 miles) in the Cape Town area early Tuesday. He also jogged along the city's waterfront and stopped for selfies with passers-by during the South African power transition late last week. After his walk, the 65-year-old president told onlookers that the exercise is a positive way to start the day and he encouraged South Africans to do the same. Ramaphosa says people can start with short walks and increase the distance. "In no time you won't even feel it," he says.
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    Hello, I have : 1 x Torrentech account with email to giveaway, so apply here, give me rep and positive feedback after receiving account. Winner is: Mastan
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    Tracker Name: MMA-Tracker Tracker URL: https://www.mma-tracker.net/login.php Tracker Genre: Sports Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: None Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: irc.easynews.com #mma-tracker MMA-Tracker is private tracker for those users which like MMA. It has great speeds and content. HOME FORUMS REQUESTS UPLOAD DONATE RULES FAQ BONUS POINTS RATINGS Speed -- 7/10 Content -- 7/10 Community -- 7/10 Rarity -- 7/10 Overall -- 7/10
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    Hello everyone! I have some invites to give away. 2 x Learnbits, 3x IPtorrents, 2x Waffles Rules: 1. Reply here to apply 2. Send me a PM 3. Hit Like +Rep 4. Drop a positive feedback after you receive invite. Regards.
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    Sea of Thieves is one of the most anticipated games of 2018, and it aims to deliver players an open-world, swashbuckling pirate experience. However, the game will sadly not feature a tie-in to one of the most well-known pirate franchises. In response to a fan's question, developer Rare confirmed today that there won't be Pirates of the Caribbean DLC coming to Sea of Thieves. As a result, you won't be meeting eccentric captain Jack Sparrow on the high seas in the game. "We won't be adding anything specific to other IPs," Rare wrote on Twitter. "However you can rest assured that you will get a heavy dose of pirate goodness every time you play Sea of Thieves." Sea of Thieves launches on March 20 on PC and Xbox One. If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, Sea of Thieves will be available as part of the program as soon as it launches. In addition, Rare recently revealed the PC requirements necessary to run the game. Be sure to check out our recent feature on Sea of Thieves' potential as well as our concerns about it.
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    14 x TranceTraffic invite , so who needed apply fast and don't forget to press like and rep button and after register leave positive feedback. I may ask for speedtest and/or seedbox proof!
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    ***Rules*** 1- Click on "Like" and "Rep" 2- Do not apply if you have been banned from this tracker before 3- Do NOT PM me, if I find you interesting, I will PM you 4- After being choosen, I will ask for +1 feedback 5- Thank you and good luck!
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    Hello, I have 2 accounts to giveaway, so apply here, give me rep and beeing active here gives you more chance to win: 1 x Opaitime account with email 1 x SceneRush account with email
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    Tracker Description U2 is a NexusPHP based anime private tracker with high quality standard. If you want to find Blu-ray and DVD rips or good quality encodes then u2 is a good place to go. U2 has a large collection of BDMVs and DVDISOs (more than 5000 BDMV and more than 1000 DVDISO). They have around 16,600 torrents and only around 100-120 torrents have no seeders. Most of the torrents are well seeded. Many of the uploaders are downloading the new content from Japanese peer-to-peer file-sharing softwares such as Share and Perfect Dark and uploading on u2. With the increase in the fight against piracy, some u2 members united and organized a group called "u2娘@share" to release Japanese anime BDMVs which is not released by others. Besides, many u2 members upload self ripped CD's, DVD's and DVD's. All releases by u2 members are of high quality. Many have artworks and new CDs have ripping logs Unless you speak Japanese, encode, or want raws to mux, there's not much reason to be there. Home Stats Browse & Categories Forums Tracker FAQ Tracker Rules Tracker Uploads Ratings & Personal Commentary 10/10 Content U2 has an amazing Contentof Anime. 9/10 Speed Great speeds. The more popular uploads have amazing speeds. 9/10 Community Active forums.