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    Welcome to Invite Hawk! First of all we would like to personally welcome all new members to our site InviteHawk.com ! Be sure to post an introduction topic to let us get to know you and you can tell us a little about yourself. Introductions need not long and fancy, but they should tell us the basics about yourself. Don't worry, you don't have to tell us all of your personal information and DO NOT post your e-mail address for security purposes. You should try mentioning the following things in your introduction post : Tell us something about yourself. [Name, age range, interests, hobbies etc.] How did you find InviteHawk ? What Bit-torrent sites are you looking to get in ? Do you use your InviteHawk username on any tracker ? Do you use same browser for your trackers and InviteHawk ? [ Answer this question with only YES/NO, don't mention what browser you using] You can tell us so much more but you are not required to! Once again I would like to welcome you to InviteHawk and I hope you enjoy your time with us :) Regards, - The Invite Hawk Staff Team
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    I have 1 invite to Elbitz. Just apply. No trader or seller,all invites are for personal use. Feedback after receiving it. Any "like" is welcome :D
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    Hello everyone I have some Invites to Giveaway : 5 x BitSpyder 5 x MySpleen 5 x 3dtorrents 5 x Secret-Cinema Just apply here and pm me Feel free to add REP if u like My GA
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    Stylesheet Addition The minimal stylesheet has been added back into rotation! You can find it in the gallery under your settings. Staff Updates Andromeda has stepped down from their staff position due to real life responsibilities. Staffing is a volunteer (and pay-less) job and real life responsibilities will always come first. We would like to thank them for all of the hard work they have completed during their tenure here! With a heartfelt departure, we wish them the best in their future endeavors. Thank you for your hard work, Andromeda, you're the brightest star. On the opposite side of the spectrum, our family keeps growing! Please welcome our new forum moderator, Jon, and our new moderator, Memory! Both of these individuals have worked hard and we are excited to see them act in their new roles here! Don't forget to plugin. We know you like that neon hue.
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    More Help 20 hours and 16 mins agoHide Dear MTV, We have good news. Due to this incident, we lost 3 good staff members. So it is obviously necessary that we would hire new ones. Surely, they can't replace Hobir, SkullKrusha and JasonXZ as you all might grew fond of them. I'm positive that with time, you will get used to the new ones. I'm happy to anounce that SputNikPlop, finagle69 and fallout will be our new FLS. All three of them are experienced so you can always ask them for advise for everything site-related. Be sure to congratulate them. Best Regards Your Staff
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    HD-torrents are temporary invites apply here no trader or seller,all invites are for personal use. leave me feedback after receiving it.
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    I am very close to being given my first invite from brokenstones. Seems like could be of use to someone in here?
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    停止rtorrent 0.9.6版本支持说明 目前已收到多起反馈,该版本存在严重的数据统计错误,经慎重考虑,即刻起tracker停止该版本客户端的支持 如您正在使用该版本客户端,请立即更换为其它版本或其它类型客户端,周知! Translate: Stopping the rtorrent 0.9.6 release notes Has received many feedback, the version of the existence of serious statistical errors, after careful consideration, immediately from the version of the tracker to stop the support of the client If you are using this version of the client, please immediately replaced with other versions or other types of clients, known!
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    like and hit rep. apply here. i will ask for mail. give feedback after recieve invite..
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    Tracker Description TranceTraffic (TT) Is Private Music Tracker Specialised For EDM (Electro Dance Music) 'n Trance Music Like Techno, Hardcore, Electronic, Hardstyle n More.Getting Invite In To TranceTraffice Is Hard.TranceTraffic Has Got Good Pretimes, Decent Speeds & Great Content. Maintaing Ratio Is Hard n U Cant Upload Ur Own Stuff Unless U have Uploader Status. Home Stats Browse & Categories Forums Tracker FAQ Tracker Rules Ratings & Personal Commentary 8/10 Content TT has an amazing Content of Trance music. 8/10 Speed Great speeds. The more popular uploads have amazing speeds. 8/10 Community Active forums.