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  1. Hello everyone I have some Invites to Giveaway : 5 x BitSpyder 5 x MySpleen 5 x 3dtorrents 5 x Secret-Cinema Just apply here and pm me Feel free to add REP if u like My GA
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  2. HD-torrents are temporary invites apply here no trader or seller,all invites are for personal use. leave me feedback after receiving it.
    2 Points
  3. 1. add me REP and Like if you like my GA 2. apply here don't PM, I will PM you. 3. Two proofs 4. And after i give you invite leave me good feedback good luck Bitmetv 1x skear 1x saren
    2 Points
  4. ererk3

    1 x HD-TORRENTS Invites Giveaway

    gift 1 invitation: Rules: Apply here. Don't PM me. Press like, thanks and rep when you receive your invitation
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  5. apply here No PM. If you like my gift given me and thank REP. After registering I leave here positive feedback. 3 x gormogon 3 X sdbits 0 X hdtime = SaP
    2 Points
  6. Ethan

    Musical Giveaway - What.cd is dead, not the scene ;)

    What.cd is dead now, the scene isnt! Everything works out and we will pass this phase. The party isnt dead because here are some music torrent sites I am giving away to everyone who wants to Party! Apollo - NoStre.am - TranceTraffic - ProAudioTorrents - LzTr - IndieTorrents - Romanian Metal Torrents Apollo Invite - 3 NoStre.am Invite - 3 TranceTraffic Invite - 3 ProAudioTorrents Invite - 3 IndieTorrents Invite - 3 Romanian Metal Torrents - 3 LzTr Invite - 2 Requirements : You need to have 15 new posts for existing users and 25 new posts for users who have joined after 1st December 2016 Another requirement which I will tell you once you apply
    1 Points
  7. Ethan

    Apollo Invites - What.cd Replacement

    Apollo Invites - What.cd Replacement So What.cd is dead now and Waffles showing no sign of coming back and I have 15-20 users everyday coming to me asking for a replacement and I know not everyone can afford paying for an invite, so an attempt to help those who cannot afford to pay and bring some music back in your life! This thread is solely for ex-What.cd Users - What.cd Refugees Requirements : If you can pay, I request you not to apply here since it does not cost much and give others a chance to get an Invite PM me with a PROOF of being a What.cd user - If i dont find the proof real enough then I won't invite You need to have 15 new posts for existing users and 25 new posts for users who have joined after 1st December 2016
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  8. ALAN30

    ToTheGlory (TTG): News

    2017-01-14 12:15:00 (1 d 前) --- 由 系统 关于遭到恶意攻击的说明 因持续遭到恶意攻击,现本站已启用安全防护。 注意:受DNS解析影响部分地区需要等待最长24小时才能正常访问,请大家相互转告,如有问题请前往社区反馈。 Translate: 2017-01-14 12:15:00 (1 d ago) --- by the system A description of a malicious attack Due to sustained malicious attacks, now this station has enabled security protection. Note: Some areas need to wait up to 24 hours for normal access.
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  9. ererk3

    1 x puntotorrent Invites Giveaway

    Friend DarKShaD0wTT sends his mail by private message to send the invitation
    1 Points
  10. ererk3

    1 x puntotorrent Invites Giveaway

    Rules: Apply here. Don't PM me. Press like, thanks and positive feedback after you receive invite
    1 Points
  11. ALAN30

    CHDBits: News

    2017.01.13 - 关于修改用户级别指标后可能导致部分用户降级的公告 近期,我们对用户级别的关联指标进行了调整,增加了魔力值指标,此项调整可能导致部分用户被降级,特此通知! Translate: 2017.01.13 - Announcements that may result in the demotion of some users after modifying user-level metrics Recently, we have adjusted the user-level indicators associated with the increase in the value of magic indicators, this adjustment may lead to downgrade some users, hereby inform!
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  12. As title says; have some invites to giveaway: 1 x FreshonTV 2 x TorrentVault 3 x Bit-HDTV 1 x ImmortalSeed 4 x BajaUnapeli 8 x Myspleen 9 x Fano 5 x Blu-Bits 1 x BeyondHD 1 x SpeedCD 2 x BTNext 5 x InPeril 1 x GreekLeech 9 x PrivateHD 5 x SceneFZ 2 x TorViet 2 x UHDBits Leave like and rep and positive feedback after you receive invite
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  13. trihuutran

    Automatic Downloading (RSS Feeds and uTorrent)

    For those people that are not net savvy, such as our parents, they tend to use DVRs to record their favorite programs. Using these they are able to set the time to record and it is done automatically. This can be done similarly using the RSS feeds on trackers, if the are available. This way you do not have to sit waiting for your shows to be posted, or hitting the refresh button every few minutes. If you do not know what an RSS feed is click on this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rss_feeds To set this up, the first thing to do is find the orange RSS feeds icon on the site Then select what you desire, TV-HD, for example, ensure the feed type is Download Link, and select your timezone. Then click on the button labeled "Generate RSS Link" You will then receive a URL to insert into your reader, which will be uTorrent in this example. Copy this URL. Open uTorrent, click on file->Add RSS feed, a window will pop up: Paste the URL into the Feed URL field, and you can select an alias (rename), which will make it easier to find. Make sure the "Do not automatically download" button is selected. Click "OK" Next click on Options -> RSS Downloader. Click add at the bottom. Enter anything you wish that will help you identify what will be downloaded. In the Filter field you enter what it is that you want the feed to look for. The "Not" field is used for eliminating items you don't want in your search. For example if you want to download "House" you may want to put "Housewives" so posts with this in the title won't be downloaded. Next select a folder to save the torrent download. Then on the Feed pull-down menu select the feed, or feed alias you want to use for this search. Select the quality you desire, 720p, for example. The most important item to check below this is the "smart ep. filter" This will prevent multiple downloads of torrents with the same name. Close the window. Now whatever you want to download will start automatically when it is picked up by the feed.
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  14. media252


    2x Nostream invite Requirements. 1. You should apply here for personal use only. Please No Pm"s until i ask to do that. 2. Add Rep,Thanks, Like first otherwise i will ignore you. 3. Leave Feedback after Receiving Invite. 4. Enjoy. Regards.
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  15. Raven

    Ethor: News

    Rappel sur le stream Sur le shoutbox détachable [Détacher le shoutbox vers une nouvelle fenêtre.] , Thor's Land passe 24h/24 les émissions suivantes: Caméra Café, Shows d'Humour Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis / Universe Les Simpson, South Park, Futurama, Family Guy / American Dad House, NCIS (toutes les séries), Kaamelott, Radio Enfer The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Walking Dead, Le Mentaliste Les Stupéfiants, Star Trek (toutes les séries) Notez que nous avons également 4 channels qui agglomèrent plusieurs émissions d'humour québécoises. Ayant des ressources limités, c'est une facon pour nous de vous offrir plus de choix sans dépasser la limite des serveurs. Ces nouveaux channels, nommés Comédies du Québec, jouera pour vous (entre autre) les émissions suivantes: 3X Rien, 450.Chemin.du.Golf, Bob Gratton, Boomerang, C.A. Conseil d'Administration, Ce soir tout est permis, Ces Gars-La, Chick'N'Swell, Comme par Magie, Complexe G, Et Si, Fiston, KM/H, Le Coeur a ses Raisons, Le Nouveau Show, Les Appendices, Les beaux Malaises, Les Bobos, Les Boys, Les Détestables, Les Grandes Gueules s'animent, Les Parent, Les Pêcheurs, Les Recettes Pompettes, Les Bougons, Like Moi, LOL, Ma Mère Cuisine mieux que la Tienne, Paparagilles, Patrice Lemieux, Piment Fort, Prière de ne pas Envoyer de Fleurs, Sur Invitiation Seulement, Taxi 22, TiMe Show, Tranche De Vie, Un Gars Une Fille Nous venons également d'ajouter 2 channels ne passant que des documentaires. Intitulés Docu-D, ces channels passeront pour vous des centaines d'heures de Documentaires de toute sorte. Bon visionnement! Translation Reminder on the stream On the detachable shoutbox [Detach the shoutbox to a new window.], Thor's Land hosts the following broadcasts 24 hours a day: Camera Café, Shows of Humor Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis / Universe The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, Family Guy / American Dad House, NCIS (all series), Kaamelott, Radio Enfer The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Walking Dead, The Mentalist The Narcotics, Star Trek (all series) Note that we also have 4 channels that agglomerate several programs of humor Quebecois. Having limited resources, it is a way for us to offer you more choices without exceeding the limit of servers. These new channels, named Comédies du Québec, will play for you (among others) the following shows: 3X Nothing, 450.Golf Road, Bob Gratton, Boomerang, CA Board of Directors, Tonight is all allowed, These Gars-La, Chick'N'Swell, As by Magic, Complex G, And Si, Fiston , KM / H, The Heart has Its Reasons, The New Show, The Appendices, The Beautiful Malaises, The Bobos, The Boys, The Détestables, The Big Gules come alive, the Parents, the Fishermen, the Recipes Pompettes, the Bougons , Like Me, LOL, My Mother Cook better than yours, Paparagilles, Patrice Lemieux, Chili Pepper, Please Do not Send Flowers, On Invitiation Only, Taxi 22, TiMe Show, Slice Of Life, One Guy One Girl We have also just added 2 channels only passing documentaries. Titled Docu-D, these channels will pass for you hundreds of hours of Documentaries of all kinds. Good viewing!
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  16. well i have only bitme acc if you want :)
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  17. Ethan

    Greetings & Salutations!

    Hey, welcome to Invitehawk.. Enjoy your stay and hope you have a good time here. Look around the forum and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Important Links :  InviteHawk Guide and FAQ InviteHawk Terms and Conditions InviteHawk Staff List InviteHawk Premium VIP Membership Regards, Ethan!
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  18. Ethan

    Hello :)

    Hey, welcome to Invitehawk.. Enjoy your stay and hope you have a good time here. Look around the forum and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Important Links :  InviteHawk Guide and FAQ InviteHawk Terms and Conditions InviteHawk Staff List InviteHawk Premium VIP Membership Regards, Ethan!
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  19. ALAN30

    pt.keepfrds.com: News

    “问题反馈+后备Q群”及“求片、洗版违规”通告等 1、“问题反馈+未注册会员后备群”:313841532。有意学习、参与压制的,请加”FRD S制片交流 群“:148135506。 2、FRDS人手少,对于求片、催片,以及对版本妄作评论、求HEVC版本洗版等情形,初犯警告 ,屡犯者b an号。 ——即日起,请低调。本站保留封禁违规者账号的权力。另,FRDS无任何广告与捐赠要求,如有收到 此类消息 则为假讯,请勿轻信。FRDS官方通知一般用中文,并会全站公告。感谢理解与支持! FRDS MNHD TEAM 2016.12.27 Translate: "Feedback Q + reserve group" and "seeking film, washing version of the violation" notice 1, "feedback + not registered members of the reserve group": 313841532. Interested in learning, to participate in the suppression, please add "FRDS producer exchange group": 148135506. 2, FRDS less staff, for the film, reminders, as well as the version of the jump to make comments, find HEVC version of the wash version of the situation, the first warning, repeated offenders ban number. - Now, please low-key. This site reserves the right to close the account. In addition, FRDS without any advertising and donation requirements, such as the receipt of such information was false, do not believe. FRDS official notice is generally in Chinese, and the whole station announcement. Thanks for understanding and support! FRDS MNHD TEAM 2016.12.27
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  20. ALAN30

    Waffles.ch: News

    From a Waffles Developer: Hi, waffles dev here. In the interests of transparency, here's what's going on, on a more technical-side of things. As you all know, waffles has had financial issues. Currently we're moving hosts, and yes, those BTCs coming out are payments for new hosting. The page you see being served right now is coming from the new server. Unlike other new trackers, waffles has a couple of issues that's unique to us. First is that we're technically downsizing in order to save costs, and this means we have to deal with existing loads and users. Even right now, plenty of people are hitting our server purely from tracker announce hits, and the performance requirement for that is enormous. It's mainly compounded by fact that we only allow https connections for everything; nothing's sent over plain text. Of course we can fix it by adding more hardware... but as mentioned, financial issues. Old servers were already maxing out, so downsizing hurts. Second and probably more important is our accrued technical debt. We've simply never had the dev and sysop power to do timely migrations, and that includes the code. A lot of it has been done as pretty terrible patch jobs, and this is causing delays in moving stuff over. Much of it was once written to be purely on the old servers and nowhere else. Gazelle codebase is terrible, but admittably, waffles code currently is worse. We have a surprising amount of backend software that isn't just a bunch of old PHP scripts; would have been a lot easier if it were! Good news is that I'm working on it. It'll happen eventually. Server's hardware is being expanded, tweaks to db and server software are being done, automated deployment scripts, sections of waffles will likely need a rewrite too... Lots of work to do. So, hold on.
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  21. ALAN30

    BitMeTV.ORG: News

    Free leech for everyone for Christmas! Also anyone who DONATES for Elite Status will receive 50% additional upload added to their reported stats during the free leech period. Everyone else will receive a 25% bonus. Free leech and bonus upload will end sometime on the 26th. Free Leech has ended. Upload Stat bonuses for Elite members will remain in effect till the new year! Check out the Preview forums Here If you have something that is not on the site yet. UPLOAD IT. Please do not wait for someone else to do it (but please read the upload rules and FAQs carefully first to make sure it's allowed). NEED HELP - DON'T KNOW HOW? ASK FOR HELP in the forums or via a pm. Remember Nothing Helps Your Ratio Better Than Uploading Something New! Season Packs require special permission, see this Forum Thread. Also Please check for any Allowed Client changes in the FAQ. //BitMeTV.org Staff to promo code: BitMeTVWelcome (40% off)
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  22. showtheway


    Hello! I am Tom from U.K. I am mostly into music and design/illustration. I am a what.cd refugee and found this forum while searching for possible successor trackers. I am looking for music trackers like What, but interested in others too because there seems to be so many out there. I've just been a member of Oink, what, KG and BakaBT so far. Anyway this forum looks great! Tom
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  23. vetenks

    Introductory Post

    Hey, I'm Jay from the US. I am interested in comics and hope to gain an invite to 32pag.es. I enjoy reading and writing. Looking forward to becoming a part of this community.
    1 Points
  24. boonie1974

    Hello from Boonie1974

    Hello I'm a newbie to this place....it's great to be here! I'm a portrait artist from Australia. I also have a love for 1980's music videos. I'm particularly looking for an invite to http://music-vid.com/ if anyone can help me out.
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  25. Jordan

    Donation Tiers and Perks

    Dear InviteHawk Folks, After we've been discussing the subject for quite a while it's time to talk about donations once again! This time, we talk about the perks you get for donating to InviteHawk. As I'm sure you've noticed, there are 3 tiers when you donate and each comes with different perks for you to enjoy! Remember! Each donation you make stacks onto the other donation. So if you donate $10 now, and $15 later, you'll be put into the next tier. We have the Snow tier, which is our lowest tier - you will be placed in this tier for a month when you donate $10,- or more, the middle tier for donating is the Frost tier, you will be placed in this tier for 2 months when you donate $25,- or more. Then we have our final tier which is called Blizzard you will be placed in this tier for 6 months when you donate $50,- or more. Every donation is highly appreciated and you will be thanked with the perks you see below. We also provided a comparison between Normal Members, Advanced Members and the three donation tiers, Snow Frost and Blizzard. For more information visit here: http://www.invitehawk.com/forum/76-donate-to-get-your-premium-vip-membership/ -The InviteHawk Administration
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  26. borkie

    New Member

    Well Hi, I'm a what.cd refuge and looking for a new haven ;) I have some waffles.ch invites when it's back online.. I'm interested in Iptorrents, Apollo and PassTheHeadphones. I hope I have a nice stay over here and maybe I can help some people.
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  27. Jordan

    10 Tips and Tricks for Private BitTorrent Sites

    On private torrent sites, everything revolves around ratios. A 1:1 ratio (or 1.0) means that you’ve downloaded exactly the same amount of data as you’ve uploaded. Thus a 0.80 ratio indicates that you’ve uploaded less than you’ve downloaded, which is hurtful to the health of the torrent. Inversely, a 3.0 ratio means you’ve uploaded 3 times more data than you’ve downloaded. Strive to achieve at least a 1.0 ratio - each site will have specific consequences for members who maintain a ratio of less than this. Attain a ratio over 1.0 and the rewards shall follow you into the P2P afterlife. If you’re brand-new to a private site, it will be difficult in the beginning to acquire a 1.0 ratio. Luckily, users are given a ‘grace’ period to achieve this. Since there are so many more seeds than leechers (a total flip-flop from public BT sites), it becomes harder to upload to others - due to the fact that there are fewer people to share with. So why go through all the trouble to keep an honest ratio? Because deep down, you’re an upstanding denizen of file-sharing society! Aside from that shameless pat-on-the-back, good ratios offer many perks, including an upgraded account on the tracker (i.e. VIP status), higher download speeds, free “invites” for your friends, and no waiting periods associated with accounts in arrears. Here are Ten Tips to get your ratio in top-shape as fast as possible: 1. Start out with Smaller Files Initially, opt for smaller (i.e. under 1 GB) files for downloading. This gives you a greater chance of someone coming along after you and downloading the same torrent (and you’ll be able to upload to them). Obviously a 700MB movie file will be more appealing to other site members than a 30GB ‘Blu-Ray’ rip. 2. Jump on the ‘Newly Released’ torrents This is a great tip for increasing your ratio in a hurry. Camp out in your favorite private BT site, and refresh the torrent listings frequently. Newly added entries will have many more leechers than seeds, so you’ll be able to share (upload) more data. To maximize this tip, select smaller files - the “TV Episode” category works great for this. 3. Select Files that have a High “L” or upload number This is important. When selecting torrents, base your initial selections on a high number of leechers (the more, the better). This will ensure you have many avenues to upload to during (and after) the transfer. When starting out on a new private BT site, we would even go so far as to say that you should download torrents that you don’t want - just start grabbing torrents that have lots of leechers. Once your ratio get over the 1:1 (1.0) mark, delete them. TIP: If one of your seeding torrents remains popular, leave it running in ?torrent permanently. This will always help to boost your upload ratio. 4. Avoid “Zero-Leech” torrents When you’re new to a private site, steer clear of the ‘zero-leech’ torrents - it is impossible to increase your share ratio when there are no other downloaders. When viewing a list of torrents, look for the “Leecher” column (or just “L”) and avoid anything that has a zero ( “0″ ) in it. After your account ratio has become relatively stable, now is the time to snag whatever you want. 5. Leave some tasks running in uTorrent After the completed download of a torrent, leave the task running (as a seed) in ?torrent to increase your upload statistics. Don’t delete (or move) the files of a running task! You can, however, extract (unRAR) the files, or copy the files from one place to the next. In the event of a movie/video file - you’ll be able to “burn” or “extract” the *.avi file (or even play it on the PC) without affecting the seeding torrent. TIP: Always keep a few things running as ’seeds’ in your BT client. If you notice that they aren’t uploading, replace them with newer ones. 6. Go for the “Freebie” downloads Many private sites will offer “free” torrents that won’t count against your download statistics (thus, your ratio will remain unchanged). Grab these freebies - especially when searching for torrents on a new account. 7. Use ‘Credits’ to purchase… A popular feature among superior private BitTorrent sites is the addition of a ‘credits’ feature for account holders. Credits can be used to ‘purchase’ VIP status, increased sharing ratios and other perks. Not all sites are the same, but some credits can be acquired just from staying active in their IRC channel, or from just having the torrents available for download in your BT client. 8. Do NOT try to “cheat” the Private Trackers There are a variety of ratio cheating tips available out there, but don’t be tempted. Trackers are fairly sophisticated and ever-evolving. If you get caught cheating, you won’t even be warned - it’s a permanent ban for you and bye-bye for good. 9. Set a proper Upload Limit Setting a proper upload limit in the BT client makes all the difference! You’ll want to supply a high enough limit to maximize uploading, but not have it eat into your download bandwidth. The general rule is to set it at 80 - 85% of your upload limit. To figure this out, visit www.speedtest.net and conduct the simple test. Results are shown in kilobits, so divide the result by 1/8 and then multiply that by 0.85. This will give you the proper number in KB/s (KiloBytes). In ?torrent, go to OPTIONS > Preferences… > Connection and enter your upload rate. Click “Apply” and then “OK” to save the changes. While your in that same ’settings’ page, make sure to use a port number from the good list (e.g. 49152 - 65535). 10. And if all else fails…donate Most sites allow for monetary contributions to keep up with the server costs. If you enjoy a particular site immensely but cannot seem to be able to approach a decent sharing ratio (due to turning off your computer at night, going to work, or sharing your computer with your kids, wife, husband or siblings), think about donating. In most cases even a not-so-generous gratuity will robustly affect your account status - plus you’ll feel good about helping out the BitTorrent community. Other Tips - Follow “The Rules” Yeah, we know: you hate rules! That’s why you probably moved out of your parents’ basement. Rules are probably why some turned to P2P. Nevertheless, rules are an important aspect to private BT sites - they ensure healthy torrents and blazing-fast download speeds for all. Each site will have their “rules” posted - the link is usually not hard to find. Below are some general rules / tips that pertain to any private BitTorrent site: Use an ‘Accepted’ BitTorrent client Not all private trackers are the same - and each one has different rules in regards to which BitTorrent client is on the “allowable” list. Most sites recommend ?torrent, but only specific versions (or builds) of it. If you stick with v1.6.1 or the latest version v1.7.7 (recommended), you can’t go wrong with ANY private site (avoid any versions in between these numbers). And do not use BitComet on private trackers. Proper BitTorrent client configuration: Many trackers recommend that you disable DHT and Peer Exchange (PEX) in your BT client’s settings. To do this in ?torrent, go to OPTIONS > Preferences… > and select the BitTorrent tab. Remove the three checkmarks that pertain to DHT and PEX (see image below): Do not ‘Hit & Run’ a Private BT site: A ‘Hit & Run’ (or H&R) is when someone joins a private tracker, and downloads as much as they can before making off without uploading to a proper ratio. While this practice is frowned upon even on public sites such as mininova.org, it is deplorable to private sites. This can (and sometimes will) lead to your IP address being banned from the site - forever. Stick within these guidelines for HAPPY Torrenting!
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  28. like and rep... apply here.... don,t pm me.... don,t post your mail here... i will ask for mail.... and some prooof... leave feedback after recieved invite... WinNEr: 32pages: @scarface72, demonoid:magosopro15, GFXPeers:metamor,
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  29. hansen

    Forumophilia x 5 invite

    Forumophilia x 5 apply here
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  30. ererk3

    1 x HD-TORRENTS Invites Giveaway

    time ran out invitations
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  31. Ethan

    SceneAccess Invites - 10

    Sceneaccess.eu Invites : 10 Invites Requirements : 1. Minimum Posts : 15 2. Kindly post in the thread and PM me your email to send the invite ----------- Invites sent to : 1. @norma 2. @darkSIDE 3. @oxy26 4. @MadX 5. @TrackerLove 6. @BioHazard4D 7. @prince 8. @trihuutran 9. @user00 10. @logitech Regards, Ethan!
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