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    like and hit rep. apply here. i will ask for mail. give feedback after recieve invite..
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    1x UHDBITS invite giveway Don't send me PM, just apply here. Click on REP button if you like my giveaway. After you register, leave me positive feedback
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    Acid-Lounge (AL) Site URL: http://www.acid-lounge.org.uk/Main/index.php Invites IRC Channel: irc.acid-lounge.org.uk | #acid-invitesAnimeBytesSite URL: https://animebytes.tv/ Invite Application URL: https://animebytes.tv/application.phpApollo.rip Site URL: https://apollo.rip/ Invites IRC Channel: irc.apollo.rip | #recruitment AsianDVDClubSite URL: http://asiandvdclub.org/login.php Invite Application URL: http://asiandvdclub.org/invite_application.php CarpathiansSite URL: https://mycarpathians.net/login.php?returnto=%2F Invites IRC Channel: irc://irc2.hu:6667/carp-invite CartoonChaosSite URL: http://www.cartoonchaos.org/ Invites IRC Channel: http://anonym.to/?http://en.irc2go.com/webchat/?net=DejaToons&room=cartoonchaos&app=1 (irc.dejatoons.net #cartoonchaos.help) ChronicTracker Site URL: http://tracker.chronictracker.com/ Invites IRC Channel: irc://irc.chronictracker.com/CT.Support Cinemageddon Site URL: http://cinemageddon.net/ Invites IRC Channel: irc.cinemageddon.net | #invites Cinematik Site URL: https://cinematik.net/login.php?returnto=/ Invites IRC Channel: irc.cinematik.net | #cinematik Note: https://cinematik.net/invite.txt DigitalHive (DH) Site URL: https://www.digitalhive.org/ Invites IRC Channel: irc.corrupt-net.org | #dh.invites GazelleGames (GGn)Site URL: https://gazellegames.net/login.php Invite Application URL: https://gazellegames.net/application.php Hardbay Site URL: https://hardbay.club/login Invites IRC Channel: irc.hardbay.club | #hardbay-invites inTheShadow (iTS)Site URL: https://shadowthein.net/login.php Invite Application URL: http://z7.invisionfree.com/iTSApps/index.php? JoyHD Site URL: http://www.joyhd.net/login.php Invite Application URL: http://www.joyhd.net/invitebox.php LearnBits Site URL: http://www.learnbits.me/ Invites IRC Channel: irc.learnbits.me | #invites Mac Torrents Site URL: https://mac-torrents.me/ Invite Application URL: https://mac-torrents.me/register.php Note: Mac-Torrents : News MyAnonamouseSite URL: http://myanonamouse.net/login.php?returnto=%2F Invite Application URL: http://myanonamouse.net/inviteapp.php PiXELHD Site URL: https://pixelhd.me/ Invite Application URL: https://pixelhd.me/apply.php PsyTorrents Site URL: https://psytorrents.info/ Invite IRC Channel: irc.psytorrents.info #invites PTFilesSite URL: http://ptfiles.net/loginproc/index.php Invite Application URL: http://ptfiles.net/inviteapp/ PirateTheNet (PTN) Site URL: https://piratethenet.org/ Invite Application URL: https://piratethenet.org/comeandplay.php Redacted.ch (RED) Site URL: https://redacted.ch/ IRC Channel: irc.scratch-network.net #RED-invites Info: https://interviewfor.red/en/index.html The Vault Site URL: http://thevault.click/ Invite Channel URL: irc://irc.thevault.click:6667/thevault-invites Invite Application URL: http://thevault.click/app.php TorrenTech Site URL: http://www.torrentech.org/ Invites IRC Channel: irc.torrentech.org #torrentech TorrentVault Site URL: http://torrentvault.org/ Invite IRC Channel: irc://irc.torrentvault.org:+9022/tv-invites TransmiThe.Net (TtN) Site URL: https://transmithe.net/ Invites IRC Channel: #ttn-invites @ irc.digitalirc.org TV-Vault Site URL: http://tv-vault.me/ Invites IRC Channel: irc.cinemageddon.net | #invites Ultimate Gamer Club (UGC) Site URL: http://ultimategamer.club/ Invite Application URL: http://ultimategamer.club/application.php
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    Ethan's Refund Policy : Refund Policy on Torrent Sites : Invites : 1. Invites are non-refundable unless mentioned otherwise 2. Invites carry a no refund policy as they are safer than accounts. 3. No tracker allows buying and selling of invites but no tracker can track if an invite was sold. 4. Invites can get disabled due to various reasons such as : User being blacklisted on the tracker User previously disabled on the tracker User being disabled on another friendly tracker as they share information at times User using a new IP but the same seedbox IP (They rarely blacklist seedbox IP's) Invite being purchased - no way they can find this out (Happens rarely) User going to the IRC after getting disabled without informing me and accepting the invite was purchased Having a bad ratio by just leeching/downloading and not seeding back the torrents Users can also be disabled due to inactivity. Each tracker has a different rule for inactivity, kindly read through the rules first. Accounts : 1. All accounts carry a warranty of 1 month by default unless mentioned otherwise 2. All accounts carry a warranty of 1 month upto 1 year. Extended warranty will be mentioned before the purchase 3. Warranty void if you do not follow the rules i ask you to follow while selling the account 4. Warranty is void if you go to the IRC without talking to me about the account being disabled 5. Warranty void if you tell on the IRC that you purchased the account 6. After discussing the scenario and going to the IRC, if they choose not to enable the account then I would need a screenshot of the chat to process a refund. 7. No refund will be made if you fail to provide a screenshot of the conversation on the IRC 8. If you did not understand the refund policy or have some doubts, kindly ask me to explain it better 9. Refund terms are as follows : A replacement will be provided first and if not available then a refund shall be made Refund will be calculated according to the price of the account, guarantee applicable and the duration for which the account was working Full refund will be made only if the account stops working within 48 hours of purchase. How will the refund be calculated? For example : If the cost of the account is 100 Euros and the guarantee applicable is 50 days then the cost of the account will be 2 euros/day. If the account stops working after 10 days then you will get a refund of 80 Euros (40 days x 2 Euros) For example : If the cost of the account is 30 Euros and the guarantee applicable is 30 days then the cost of the account will be 1 euro/day. If the account stops working after 15 days then you will get a refund of 15 Euros (15 days x 1 Euro)
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    The Scene-Rush, like all of Portugal, is mourning and associates and this period of global regret. The Staff will reserve a week of mourning in the tragedy in the district of Leiria. We ask for a week of respect for the victims and that this is reflected in respect for the rules ... The SceneRush Administration
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    Hey, welcome to Invitehawk.. Enjoy your stay and hope you have a good time here. Look around the forum and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Important Links :  InviteHawk Guide and FAQ InviteHawk Terms and Conditions InviteHawk Staff List InviteHawk Premium VIP Membership Regards, Ethan!
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    Tracker Name: Smoothnesspuma Tracker URL: https://smoothnesspuma.net/login.php Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed Maintaining Ratio: Hard Bonus System: None Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: None Smoothnesspuma is a General private tracked which has closed it's registration. It's a forum based tracker and community is very active. HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS REQUESTS DONATE SEARCH UPLOAD RATINGS Speed -- 8/10 Content -- 8/10 Community -- 10/10 Rarity -- 10/10 Overall -- 9/10
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    it obviously means they are transferring from OVH French so they can be protected for sure.Its as much as i get it anyway.
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    Evening / morning. How can I ask for ann invite? Thank you