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  1. Sell PassThePopcorn

    NO PROBLEM IN USING A MIDDLE MAN IF REQUESTED :-) Hello, I've one PtP invite for sale. If you're interested, please PM me your best offer. Kind regards, S.
  2. 14x i feel rain invites

    I'd love to apply, too. *fingers crossed*
  3. Express VPN if you can pay the premium but the cheaper alternative (while retaining the same speeds) is private internet access for just seven bucks a month. Also, don't be fooled by BTGuard. Possible the most overrated VPN/Software service out there when it comes to VPN.
  4. what media player are you use

    VLC Player, ah... 2.something if I remember correctly. Never run into any mishaps when it comes to VideoLAN.
  5. Intel or AMD

    Intel most obviously. Currect AMD architecure is simply terrible. Power/Performance ratio is off the charts while also Intel i5 2500k overclocked to a safe 4.3Ghz clock will outperform any available AMD proccessor.
  6. Science Fiction! Yes, I'm a geek.
  7. New Rumos About Fallout 4

    Hmm, seems intriguing. I do hope they'll hire Obsidian for development again. I can't wait for >Skyrim graphics but main concern is the writing. Let us not forget the attrocity of FO3's main plot line.
  8. Which do prefer for Gaming? Consoles or PC

    I was always a PC guy through and through but I do enjoy some oldies on my rusty PlayStation 2 from now and then. No particular interest in Xbox One and PS4 but I'll look out for what Nintendo will roll out. I quite enjoyed Wii Tennis and Golf at the friends' house.
  9. what's your OS ?!

    I'm using Windows 7 (64-bit) at my Workplace since SAP service is absolutely mandatory. Then I have an OS X Mavericks on my Home computer and Windows Vista (32-bit) on wife's notebook.
  10. What machine did you first play games on?

    It was Commodore, I remember that very Christmas day when I got it. Probably still lays somewhere at my parents' house. I miss those Atari/Commodore times often, when gamers wouldn't whine on the interwebs when they disliked the game but rather wrote a new one, or fixed the old one! Different consoles, different people, different times.
  11. Which TV show disappointed you most?

    Seasons 4-6 of LOST when they changed it from Sci-Fi to fantasy. I was very fond of the idea of the Island as a scientific, technological, marvelous (while still explainable in the realms of science and physics) experiment, not a magical place. I didn't mind a few inexplicable nods but they went too far for my taste.
  12. Easily The Lord of the Rings trilogy with must-watch the extended scenes. A tremendous cinematography achievement that I don't think anyone will soon compete with, story/quality/art/design-wise. Star Wars Old Trilogy and Matrix after that.
  13. [PC]Bioshock

    AAA game when it comes to story, gameplay and final execution! A great spiritual successor to the still-awesome System Shock serie. I still believe the first installment to be the best of the series (The first few scenes are simply unforgettable.), but I must admin Infinite came pretty close for me.
  14. If not for the Puce Moose (can be found at Fallout 3 Nexus repository) which are like nothing you ever tried before, the game's a hack. 6+/10 at best. I much more recommend Fallout and Fallout 2 for the new enthusiasts. New Vegas was pretty solid since Bethesda had nothing to do with it, but it was still stained by the gamebryo Engine. Mods sincerely recommended!
  15. [PC] limbo

    It was just perfect. I've played it first when it came out and now on an iOS device. The atmosphere is hauntingly beautiful, creepy and nostalgic at the same time. Well recommended!

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