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  1. Torrentleech for almost everything tv and movies, still looking for a music torrent site that is good
  2. Would like to ask for a waffles invite, I can do screenshots of my ratio with other websites if you want
  3. Asia to Japan, always wanted to goto japan
  4. Best Adult Games (Trackers)? (18+)

    Slavemaker pretty cool, it is suppose to be a joke from a game called princess maker, never played the original, empornium has it
  5. put all movies files on an unraid server and play it with my WDTV live :)
  6. Do you guys use IRC ?

    I use it when I HAVE to, really do not like mirc thought we would have moved to a new and better by now lol
  7. Penny Dreadful - supposedly it is good and was told to check it out
  8. 8mbs down 2 up and 90 bucks a month, lets just say my isp sucks and where i live no competition
  9. Actually hoping this is true would love to see him as Daredevil
  10. Right now really into Attack on Titan so Mikasa Ackerman
  11. Post your Gamertag

    ps - drkwolfjj