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  1. You will loose your account there and in ncore....

    You want that????

    Why didnt you make what have you promise me???

  2. Are you try scam me????????'

  3. I have gived to you my ncore account...

    So you will send me ftn invite or not???

  4. You have pm pal

  5. can i get FTS invite please?

    and ty,,, ^^

  6. yes this truely is a great tracker and by far my favorite one i got nice review
  7. hi.. i have scenehd, ptn, cn,, bcg.. i want scc or TL... pls reply..

  8. creed

    FTN news

    Hey everyone, I've got some pretty exciting news to share with you! How would you like to buy a VPS or Seedbox and be funding FTN at the same time? More info and discussion can be found here Update: Looks like this is something we'll pursue in the coming months. I'll be sure you guys know before we do it so you all get a chance to snag one. On another note, invites from last month will expire very soon, new ones for this month will go out the same day the old ones expire. We're also only 52% on funds, so keep in mind we only have a little over a week to pay our bills. Thanks again for your feedback!
  9. yes usa not banned in any site i am all good
  10. hi... can u pls send me a bwt invite... Thanks.. My id is chintan131@gmail.com. Thanks...

  11. can the admins please update this as so many are gone are so many need moveing it would be nice to have it up to date
  12. TL is easy once you get past the wait time but i would say what.cd is the hardest by far for me
  13. has not set their status

  14. hey torrent leech does not have freeleech torrents