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  1. We are back! 2017-03-23 00:58:23 It's been 5 long months, but we are back and in better shape than before, we hope. We've decided to bring the site back and fix what may still be broken as it turns up. But here's hoping that there's not much of that. Welcome back, tell your old waffles friends we're back too.
  2. You'r welcome @KrisLee
  3. Moved to the right section !
  4. AtlAntA Store for Private Torrent Invites Hello, This selling thread is one of the old biggest thread in this forum. Every tacker is categorized properly by exact content and shorted by A-Z format. I personally believe you will get everything here, If you are looking for something thats not in my list, let me know, i will get that for you. Music Tracker Redacted Aka PTH https://redacted.ch/ Apollo https://apollo.rip/ Exigomusic https://exigomusic.org/ Waffles.ch https://waffles.ch/ Anime Trakers u2.dmhy https://u2.dmhy.org/ Cartoonchaos cartoonchaos.org/ HD Trakers HDCHina https://hdchina.club/ Tp-mteam https://tp.m-team.cc/ TTG https://totheglory.im/ HD-Only https://hd-only.org/ HDCenter https://hdcenter.cc/ OLD Movies Trackers Karagarga https://karagarga.in/ Iloveclassics iloveclassics.com/ classix-unlimited http://classix-unlimited.co.uk/ O Day Trakers Btitvault bitvaulttorrent.com/home.php Sceneacess https://sceneaccess.eu/ Btgigs https://btgigs.info/ Xspeeds https://www.xspeeds.eu/ TV Trackers Shazbat https://www.shazbat.tv/ Freshon https://freshon.tv/ BitmeTV http://www.bitmetv.org/ Porn Trackers Empornium https://www.empornium.me/ Sport Trackers SportHD http://sporthd.org/ I accept the following payment methods: Bitcoin Paypal verified Skrill (Moneybookers) Neteller Webmoney payza (Alertpay)
  5. You'r welcome mate
  6. From AHD - Invites We are happy to announce that invites will soon open again. If you received temporary invites as a Christmas prize, you have until noon GMT on Monday, March 13th, 2017 to use them. After this date, any unused temporary invites will permanently expire. Users who normally receive invites as a user class perk will be able to continue inviting as normal past this date. As a reminder, AHD invites should only be given to users you personally know and trust. Any member found violating our invite rules or inviting bad users may have their account permanently disabled. So, invite wisely. Recruitment Official recruitment will also begin soon on select sites after temporary invites expire. Do keep in mind that recruitment takes place on class-restricted forums for a reason, so please respect our wishes and keep our recruitment information restricted to users who are actually able to see the appropriate forums.
  7. Freeleech Tokens - Thank You! We the Redacted staff continue to be blown away by the effort you are all putting into ripping and uploading Perfect FLACs with EAC Checksums and XLD Signatures. You are helping to create torrents which we sincerely hope will stand the test of time. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. You are keeping us hopping with the number of trumps you are reporting to us, and we wouldn't have it any other way! With each trump, however, comes the removal of a torrent's swarm - many dating back to the earliest days of the site's existence. Building the world's biggest library of music requires individuals who are willing to download and continue to seed torrents long after they grab them. If you find the things you are seeding have been trumped and you would like to be able to snatch them again, we wanted to do something special. And in a big way. We are therefore granting the largest batch of freeleech tokens in the history of the site. With our compliments and the request that you will download and continue to seed for a very, very long time, we hope you will be happy to discover 50 freeleech tokens have been allocated to your account. These tokens can be used to snatch anything up to 2GB in size. Please be certain to read the wiki article on tokens if you are unsure how to use them. These tokens will expire on April 9, on or around 0:00 UTC (site time). Note: As before, we have decided to continue the ban on collages and forum posts centered around the maximizing of file size freeleech token downloads and buffer trading. We feel this goes against the spirit of freeleech tokens: the pursuit of your own musical interests and exploration. Users should not feel they have to strategize the best possible use for tokens, or put off using them and possibly forget about them until it's too late. The best strategy is to use them soon for something you want to listen to. We have given you a generous allocation of tokens so you may do so.
  8. Dear all, Since the sudden disappearance of whatimg we've been developing a screenshot hosting solution. An upload tool has been developed and tested and is now available for sign-up. Here is the topic with all relevant information: link N.B. Patience please, it will take time processing a large volume of sign-up requests. -- -- -- For those among you with unix/linux skills and some free server space, please consider joining the IPFS hosting swarm. More here: link best, the KG staff and IPFS crash pilots (For User to Power User user classes)
  9. End of Checksum Grace Period In a previous announcement, we let you know that we are raising the bar even higher for perfect rips on our site. In that announcement, we laid out a grace period of two weeks, after which time users will be able to trump non-checksum logs with a proper 100% log containing a checksum. These two weeks have now passed, and as of now the grace period has ended. From now on you will notice a "Trumpable" tag on affected torrents. Furthermore, all new logs will be checked by the logchecker for missing checksums, and if even one log in the torrent is missing a checksum the torrent will automatically be marked "Trumpable". Along with this, we have added a feature to better.php to help you find trumpable logs, with the ability to show all, ones that you have snatched, and ones that you have uploaded. Feel free to utilise this to help improve our library! Staff Changes Observant users may have noticed some recent changes to the staff page. First of all, we would like to welcome our newest Moderator, Nocturne. Already, Nocturne has made a significant dent on our torrent reports, for which we are thankful. Please welcome them! Finally, there is now a new staff user class, "Senior Moderator". With this, we'd like to congratulate Carl, ivilivi, Saltbutter, telex, and Veritas on their promotions to Senior Moderators! All of them have worked hard and made many important contributions to the site deserving of this recognition and our thanks. Discuss this post here.
  10. Just a reminder, we strongly suggest all our members use Authy to save their 2-Step-Verification information, remember to set up backup password in Authy in order to backup your info. Or you can save the QR code shown on the setting page to your computer/phone gallery. If you would like to disable 2-Step-Verification, simply go to 2SV setting page, enter the code you have on your device to disable 2SV. Staff members will no longer accept reasons such as "I lost my phone" or "Agh, I wipe my phone accidentally" as reasons to disable 2SV in our staff panel. So please, find a safe place to store your 2SV information. Instruction to setup 2SV in HDChina can be found in this topic. Also a reminder for members whom using RSS, your RSS link includes your passkey so DO NOT share your RSS link to other. We will continute work on investigate issue with rtorrent, futher update will be post here. ====HDChina Staff====
  11. Advisory: tracker and forum password change Dear all, there is a (arguably minute) possibility that member data was leaked and harvested. We're not going to enforce a password check. Nevertheless, we recommend you change your passwords on tracker and forum. See here: link and here (our forum) link Kind regards, KG staff
  12. Stylesheet Addition The minimal stylesheet has been added back into rotation! You can find it in the gallery under your settings. Staff Updates Andromeda has stepped down from their staff position due to real life responsibilities. Staffing is a volunteer (and pay-less) job and real life responsibilities will always come first. We would like to thank them for all of the hard work they have completed during their tenure here! With a heartfelt departure, we wish them the best in their future endeavors. Thank you for your hard work, Andromeda, you're the brightest star. On the opposite side of the spectrum, our family keeps growing! Please welcome our new forum moderator, Jon, and our new moderator, Memory! Both of these individuals have worked hard and we are excited to see them act in their new roles here! Don't forget to plugin. We know you like that neon hue.
  13. We have changed the name of our site to redacted [RED]. We will no longer be using PTH or PassTheHeadphones. https://passtheheadphones.me/ will work for now. Please update all of your bookmarks/apps/scripts to https://redacted.ch/. Additionally, our IRC has changed from irc.passtheheadphones.me to irc.scratch-network.net We are making this change to create a new 'brand identity' for our young, developing tracker. This largely comes after staff continued to notice users felt we were considered a sister-site for PTP, even though we are completely unrelated. To distance ourselves from PTP's 'brand' we opted for a name change. 'redacted.ch' was chosen by staff after a round of voting. Hopefully, you share similar feelings: this will be a unique name we can build ourselves upon. In addition to the name change, we would like to introduce our new mascot, Scratch! Currently, Scratch does not have a face to match his name, but we will be working on him soon! Please be sure to note and adjust your bookmarks to the new URL and IRC server. -redacted.ch [RED] staff