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  1. Seedbox Required Please

    Hi I'm looking for a fast seedbox to improve my ratios on trackers. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks Gordon
  2. Nike or Adidas?

    I like both but my latest shoes are Skechers as I liked the colour of them and they're comfortable. When you get older like me (40s) it becomes more about comfort instead of fashion!
  3. How long do you spend on computer everyday?

    I work as a DJ for two nights a week so the rest of the week basically and during the day for a few hours at weekends.
  4. I keep them, got a nice libary going now of a couple of TB.
  5. Do you download FLAC or MP3 ?

    It all depends on the type of music. Jazz or Dub reggae I'll download in FLAC. Old soul or old reggae stuff I'll grab in mp3 in high bitrate, usually 320.
  6. What machine did you first play games on?

    ZX Spectrum that was one of the first home computers here in the UK, then a Commodore 64.
  7. What bittorrent client do you use in Windows?

    I'm a user of uTorrent although I am always on the lookout for a better one as I'm sick of the ads.
  8. How much music do you store in your HDD

    I have around 5TB. I own four 2TB external hard drives plus 1.5TB in my actual computer so plenty of space left for even more!
  9. Do you use a seedbox?

    I've never really thought about using one but I have problems in often downloading torrents that I really want but have no leechers, would a seedbox help my ratios in that aspect?
  10. what's your OS ?!

    Windows 7 on desktop PC, Windows 8.1 on laptop.
  11. Most Anticipated Games of 2015

    Fallout 4 is coming up later this year too. It's really shaping up to be a great year for games, especially on the XBox One (which I own!).
  12. Last recommendation for now - the new album by American soul/rock band Alabama Shakes titled "Sounds And Colour". They're THE hottest band on the planet right now and frontwoman Brittany Howard has a voice for the ages somewhat reminiscent of Janis Joplin. An electric live act too, though they recently finished their short UK tour - if you're in the US or Europe you can still catch them later this year.
  13. Another current reggae album that is a must listen is "Dread And Terrible" by Chronixx. Another young artist who is actually a good friend of Protoje's. Both artists are touring the UK this summer, so if reggae's your thing, go and support them. They both put on a top show.
  14. Meanwhile in reggae, one of the albums to get is Protoje's "Ancient Future". A young artist who's been around for 2 or 3 years now and is fast becoming THE top roots artist in the world. It's selling very well and could get mainstream success and be as big as Bob Marley used to be.