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  1. TheCafe (TorrentCafe) is a Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Signup Link: https://thecafe.me/signup.php Official IRC Support Channel #help @ irc.thecafe.me or connect via your browser @ widget.mibbit.com/?server=irc.thecafe.me&channel=%23help Use the Search Option to find Reddit Threads reddit.com/search?q=torrentcafe&sort=new
  2. LibraNet (LN) is a HUNGARIAN Private Torrent Tracker for EBOOKS / LOSSLESS MUSIC Signup Link: http://libranet.org/signup.php *Leave invite code blank Official Facebook Page facebook.com/LibraNet
  3. RainbowNation Sharing (RNS) is a Private Torrent Tracker for EBOOKS / AUDIOBOOKS Signup Link: http://rainbownationsharing.net/signup.php Use the Search Option to find Reddit Threads reddit.com/search?q=rainbownation+sharing&sort=new
  4. Frozen Vikings is a NORDIC Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Signup Link: http://frozen-vikings.net/account.php?type=signup
  5. Hon3yHD is an INDIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIESHon3yHD is the internal tracker for multiple release groups Signup Link: http://hon3yhd.com/promo.php?do=signup&link=9f11bbd55c7e4f6338a8665e1daf7719 Official Twitter Account twitter.com/hon3yhd Official Facebook Page facebook.com/Hon3yEncodes/
  6. very interesting, i will try <3 but get the free host maybe limited filesize :/
  7. File-Sharing Dictionary

    very usefull, thanks!!
  8. BitTorrent Tracker Levels

    oh, this list no longer update ? many dead tracker in this list
  9. i don't like windows 10 UI/UX windows 8.1 is good enough with me
  10. who will became next us president

    i'd like clinton
  11. Kevin Smith Ripped Apart The Ghostbusters Trailer

    interesting infor, thanks!!
  12. You favourite actress at the Hollywood

    Madison Montgomery in mu opinion
  13. Post your Gamertag

    dh1008 is mine