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  1. Tv series

    Recomended tv series anyone? personaly love Dexter and top gear.
  2. Nordic

    nice, would like to travel a bit, but never taken the time to travel to much. Budapest is lovely, bit of a language problem some times but yeah.
  3. Nordic

    yeah it is lovely, as long as you can deal with the prices, i live in hungary and its ridiculous how expensive even i think Norway is at this point. Where you been in Norway?
  4. its not necesarely eaasy to get all the content in every country, and when they try to block you out all the time it can get anoying to try to get around the regional bans. i struggle with accesing stuff from my own country when im abroad.
  5. Nordic

    Any other from a Nordic country here? I am from Norway myself ;)
  6. Music What.cd | What | 2014

    dead before i got to become a member.
  7. wow did not know this, will try. Thanks
  8. thanks for lovely writeup i generaly like to seed to a good ratio, but sometime this can be difficult.
  9. i would love to see this translate my writings in the future, even i strugle with them sometimes.
  10. Not a busy Discussion Thread

    There is quite dead here yes,