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  1. who will became next us president

    If only could've been Sanders
  2. If it is good it goes into the Plex Library. If not it gets binned. Easy to start hoarding though...
  3. Thank you for the contribution Ikhan, if these are still available, I would also like to apply for an invite. Thanks
  4. FIFA or PES ? PES or FIFA ?

    Used to be PES now FIFA, would like to have another go on PES though.
  5. My rap hommies, whats the word

    Any of my brothers and sisters from overseas (UK) like grime? Skepta? Wiley? Dizzee?
  6. which is the best tv series?

    Game of Thrones The Wire The Sopranos
  7. I feel like i'm never away from my computer. Home and work.
  8. what's your OS ?!

    Mac + Linux at Home Windows at Work I enjoy Mac + Linux much more.
  9. Coca Cola VS Pepsi

    Coke over Pepsi but I try to stay away. Too much sugar and shit in it all.
  10. DJ Software

    Serato DJ with Technic 1210 / CDJ 1000 and above. I would recommend usbs for ease and practicing mixing with your ear. For producing I find Ableton offers the easiest introduction but most DAWs are very similar in make up, just the way around them varies.
  11. Nike or Adidas?

    There is a place for both in my wardrobe. Real old skool Adidas Originals is steezy asf though.
  12. There is radio station started recently in my home city. They have a great range of electronic music. http://www.soundcloud.com/ukmondo My personal preferences are very vast, I have a love for dub, reggae, dancehall and most other Caribbean styles. Hiphop has a solid place in my heart. Then UK styles, Jungle, UK Garage, Bassline. I was lucky I had parents who love music, real music.
  13. Family Guy vs. The Simpsons

    Simpson > Family Guy My personal favourite is South Park although Rick & Morty is fast becoming a favourite. Cannot wait for the 3rd series.
  14. Male or female?