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  1. From a Staff member: The site is pretty much done. We are waiting on one dev to finish a task and then we start the final checklist of things to do before we open.
  2. SceneFZ News

    EN If you do not have an account and you're invited to participate in our community where you can find the latest Movies , Games, Music ... along with all other categories . http://scenefz.me/signup.php Best regards SceneFZ Team
  3. Apollo News

    From a Staff member: It seems that settings for a small number of users got messed up at some point which causes an issue upon logging in. Come to #help on IRC and we'll sort it out for you.
  4. Tracker's Name: SceneFZ Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://scenefz.me/signup.php Closing date: 7 Days From 21/10/2017 Additional information: General Romania trackers
  5. Empornium News

    Tracker Issues The tracker is currently down. We are aware of the issue and working on getting it back up. Please keep seeding all of your torrents
  6. Brian Thompson, 55, from Middlesbrough, receives suspended sentence after selling illegally pre-configured set-top boxes to stream sports and films. A trader who made about £40,000 selling set-top TV boxes allowing viewers to watch Premier League matches and movies for free has avoided a jail term. Shop owner Brian Thompson, 55, advertised what are often called Kodi boxes on the front of his Middlesbrough outlet with a sign saying “Sick of paying monthly subscriptions? Free Sky, Virgin, Box Nation, Racing UK.” Teesside crown court heard how the losses to Sky were an estimated £200,000 in subscriptions they did not receive over the period Thompson was trading. Judge Peter Armstrong handed him an 18-month jail sentence, suspended for two years. Cameron Crowe, prosecuting, said streaming devices were not illegal if they were used to access free content. He said: “If, however, they are designed, produced or adapted for the purpose of gaining unauthorised access to copyright content or subscription services – such as Sky and BT Sports – they become illegal.” Crowe said a piece of software known as Kodi led the devices to be known as Kodi boxes. He said: “Kodi boxes are not illegal per se. However, they allow a person to install add-ons, some of which allow unauthorised access to copyright and subscription material. Devices with those add-ons installed at the point of sale have become known as fully or pre-loaded devices.” Trading standards officers made a test purchase from Thompson’s Dundas shopping centre outlet in 2015 and a raid was carried out. He moved premises after the raid and advertised on Facebook, referring to “boxes for all ya channels”, “You get all the movies” and “Every film and box set ever made even ones at the cinema.” Thompson claimed the law was unclear in media interviews before he changed his pleas to guilty. Armstrong said there could be no doubt now about the legality of the “fully loaded” boxes. “Those who lawfully have to pay £50 a month or more on Sky or BT subscriptions, I think, are done a disservice by people like you and those who buy these devices. It is not a victimless crime. It has knock-on effects.” He said he was suspending Thompson’s jail sentence but others in the future may not be so fortunate. Paul Fleming, defending, said his client was a hard worker who had succeeded and failed in businesses over the years. Thompson, of Middlesbrough, admitted one count of selling and one count of advertising devices “designed, produced or adapted for the purpose of enabling or facilitating the circumvention of effective technological measures”. As he left court, Thompson said that, at the time, he did not believe what he did was illegal, adding: “I accept it, I take it on the chin, that’s it.” Industry experts say more than 1m Kodi boxes have been sold. Kieron Sharp, the chief executive of Fact (formerly the Federation Against Copyright Theft), said the people behind the sales were not Robin Hood characters, but criminals. He said: “Some people tend to think this is a grey area. However, it is very black and white. Selling pre-configured streaming devices that allow access to content you normally would have to pay for is illegal. “Similarly, using one of these illegally pre-configured devices to stream and watch TV, sports and films without a legitimate subscription or the right permissions, is also breaking the law.” National Trading Standards said it would not hesitate to prosecute similar cases. “Consumers should not purchase these boxes and need to be aware that if they use them to access premium or subscription content then they are breaking the law,” a spokesman said.
  7. A man who sold devices loaded with Kodi and 'pirate' third-party addons has been handed a suspended sentence. After protesting his innocence and insisting he wanted to test the limits of the law, last month Brian Thompson pleaded guilty, ending the possibility of a landmark case testing unchartered areas of copyright law. After being raided by police and Trading Standards in 2015, Middlesbrough-based shopkeeper Brian ‘Tomo’ Thompson found himself in the spotlight. Accused of selling “fully-loaded” Kodi boxes (those with ‘pirate’ addons installed), Thompson continued to protest his innocence. “All I want to know is whether I am doing anything illegal. I know it’s a gray area but I want it in black and white,” he said last September. Unlike other cases, where copyright holders took direct action, Thompson was prosecuted by his local council. At the time, he seemed prepared to martyr himself to test the limits of the law. “This may have to go to the crown court and then it may go all the way to the European court, but I want to make a point with this and I want to make it easier for people to know what is legal and what isn’t,” he said. “I expect it go against me but at least I will know where I stand.” In an opinion piece not long after this statement, we agreed with Thompson’s sentiment, noting that barring a miracle, the Middlesbrough man would indeed lose his case, probably in short order. But Thompson’s case turned out to be less than straightforward. Thompson wasn’t charged with straightforward “making available” under the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Acts. If he had, there would’ve been no question that he’d been breaking law. This is due to a European Court of Justice decision in the BREIN v Filmspeler case earlier this year which determined that selling fully loaded boxes in the EU is illegal. Instead, for reasons best known to the prosecution, ‘Tomo’ stood accused of two offenses under section 296ZB of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, which deals with devices and services designed to “circumvent technological measures”. It’s a different aspect of copyright law previously applied to cases where encryption has been broken on official products. “A person commits an offense if he — in the course of a business — sells or lets for hire, any device, product or component which is primarily designed, produced, or adapted for the purpose of enabling or facilitating the circumvention of effective technological measures,” the law reads. ‘Tomo’ in his store https://torrentfreak.com/images/tomo-kodi.png In January this year, Thompson entered his official ‘not guilty’ plea, setting up a potentially fascinating full trial in which we would’ve heard how ‘circumvention of technological measures’ could possibly relate to streaming illicit content from entirely unprotected far-flung sources. Last month, however, Thompson suddenly had a change of heart, entering guilty pleas against one count of selling and one count of advertising devices for the purpose of enabling or facilitating the circumvention of effective technological measures. That plea stomped on what could’ve been a really interesting trial, particularly since the Federation Against Copyright Theft’s own lawyer predicted it could be difficult and complex. As a result, Thompson appeared at Teeside Crown Court on Friday for sentencing. Prosecutor Cameron Crowe said Thompson advertised and sold the ‘pirate’ devices for commercial gain, fully aware that they would be used to access infringing content and premium subscription services. Crowe said that Thompson made around £40,000 from the devices while potentially costing Sky around £200,000 in lost subscription fees. When Thompson was raided in June 2015, a diary revealed he’d sold 159 devices in the previous four months, sales which generated £17,000 in revenue. After his arrest, Thompson changed premises and continued to offer the devices for sale on social media. Passing sentence, Judge Peter Armstrong told the 55-year-old businessman that he’d receive an 18-month prison term, suspended for two years. “If anyone was under any illusion as to whether such devices as these, fully loaded Kodi boxes, were illegal or not, they can no longer be in any such doubt,” Judge Armstrong told the court, as reported by Gazette Live. “I’ve come to the conclusion that in all the circumstances an immediate custodial sentence is not called for. But as a warning to others in future, they may not be so lucky.” Also sentenced Friday was another local seller, Julian Allen, who sold devices to Thompson, among others. He was arrested following raids on his Geeky Kit businesses in 2015 and pleaded guilty this July to using or acquiring criminal property. But despite making more than £135,000 from selling ‘pirate’ boxes, he too avoided jail, receiving a 21-month prison sentence suspended for two years instead. While Thompson’s and Allen’s sentences are likely to be portrayed by copyright holders as a landmark moment, the earlier ruling from the European Court of Justice means that selling these kinds of devices for infringing purposes has always been illegal. Perhaps the big surprise, given the dramatic lead up to both cases, is the relative leniency of their sentences. All that being said, however, a line has been drawn in the sand and other sellers should be aware. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  8. Tracker's Name: Hon3yHD Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://hon3yhd.com/signup.php Closing date: NA
  9. Microbit.eu News

    Dear users! This weekend, on Saturday - Sunday - Monday freeleech will be on the site. The downloaded amount of data will not be charged only the uploaded. However, the seedling also applies in this case. μBit staff!
  10. Tracker's Name: CinemaZ Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: https://cinemaz.to/auth/register Closing date: Soon! Additional information: CinemaZ is a Private Torrent Tracker for European Movies / TV / Music Releases.
  11. Tracker's Name: AvistaZ Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://avistaz.to/auth/register Closing date: Soon! Additional information: AvistaZ (AsiaTorrents) is an Asian Private Torrent Tracker for Asian Movies / TV / General Releases.
  12. Tracker's Name: YourExotic Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: http://torrents.yourexotic.com/index.php?page=signup Closing date: Soon!
  13. DanishBits News

    Then the time has come for a Halloween competition here at DanishBits. It's all about simplicity that you take a picture of your pumpkin. On the image there must be a paper with your username, which validates that the pumpkin you post is actually also made by you. If you have not done that, the picture is not valid and you will not be able to participate in winning the prizes. There are prizes for the 4 best pumpkins and all usb's users are allowed to vote on who has made the best pumpkin in a vote that we hold shortly after 10 November. The competition ends November 10th. You must post your picture here in the thread before. Your picture must be uploaded to the db bucket: dbbucket.php 1. Prize: 3 months VIP 2. Prize: 1 month VIP 3. Prize: 2 weeks VIP 4. Prize: 1 week VIP At the same time, an additional 10,000 bonus points will be drawn to ONE lucky user who posts a pic of his pumpkin. So you just have to participate in order to win this prize. In the picture there must be a paper with your username and year on which validate that the pumpkin you post is actually also made by you
  14. HDstreet News

    site immediately turn off the following level of the authority of the hair, please go to the candidate post to review In order to ensure the correctness and standardization of the release of the seeds, and immediately adjust the seed can not enter the PU level of the seeds into the candidate area audit!
  15. Classix-unlimted News

    Here is the current list of members that have been designated as “VIP”. This designation took place two years ago. Two members have been removed since they have not participated on the site for at least 2 and a half years. This distinction has has been so noted because of the individual attention they have contributed to the site in which to make it what it is today. Without these particular members we would not have achieved what you see after 3 and a half years. It is only getting better and with the new members that have recently joined I wanted to take this moment to acknowledge these members. (NAME OF MEMBERS I M NOT MENTIONING) It has been recommended that there are 3 members that are due this promotion because of there individual effort and contribution in several areas to the site. I concur because these three members have contributed more than just uploads and I am proud to promote them to VIP. If you are not aware that there are currently four levels that this site currently uses. First is the Owner of the site and that is grumpyman57. Next are the Admin which grumpyman appointed four members at the very beginning and they are (in alphabetical order) drillsgt49, gonzalo120w, ila2009, and JoshuaC10. The third level is the VIP (which are named above and the three new appointees) and finally is the level for Members. The latter is important also because this is a site that values contribution by all, which means that everyone is equally important for this site to survive. This site will not fail like other sites because of income because that will never be a factor. What would take this site down would be if we fail to work together so that everyone will benefit. So I am proud to announce the promotion to VIP for the following members: (NAME OF MEMBERS I M NOT MENTIONING)

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