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  1. Apollo News

    In celebration of both our amazing community and our continued growth with the implementation of the new logchecker, JSON, and SOON (tm) the Bonus Point system, the Apollo Staff is organizing an upload contest! What's the challenge? Inspired by Euterpe, the Greek Muse of Music, perfect FLAC is the name of the game! Starting now and ending the November 15, 00:00 UTC, your goal is to upload as many perfect FLACs as possible with amazing prizes to our top ten uploaders! What counts as a perfect FLAC? A perfect FLAC can be either of the following: A FLAC CD rip with log (score of 100, in the new logchecker), and a .cue file. A vinyl rip, both 16- and 24-bit FLAC uploads count as perfect. A WEB download, both 16- and 24-bit FLAC uploads count as perfect. What are the prizes? First Place VIP status and 30 Freeleech Tokens Second Place 20 Freeleech Tokens and a custom title Third Place 15 Freeleech Tokens and a custom title Fourth Place 10 Freeleech Tokens and a custom title Fifth Place 5 Freeleech Tokens Sixth to Tenth Place 3 Freeleech Tokens In addition: Our top five uploaders will all get a freeleech pick while sixth to tenth will get a neutral leech pick! Instead of keeping the FL tokens or custom title from the prize yourself, you can also choose to give them away to a user of your choice! If there are people tied at given place at the end of the contest, they all win the prize! Have questions? If you need any assistance with uploading or ripping music, feel free to check out our wiki, that has many helpful articles. In addition, you can also stop by #help in IRC and the "Help!" subforum for further assistance. Perfect FLAC rewards As a reminder, Apollo implemented a reward system this past December for uploading perfect FLAC uploads. This system awards you one FL token for every 5 perfect FLAC uploads done by you, and one invite for every 20 perfect FLAC uploads done by you. This system will continue to run during and after the challenge! Click here to go to the contest page! Love, ~APL Staff
  2. Kim Dotcom and former wife Mona have reached a settlement with police over the heavy-handed raid on their home in 2012. The exact amount is confidential but is believed to run into at least six figures, amounts that have also been paid to other Dotcom associates including Bram van der Kolk and Mathias Ortmann. It’s been spoken about thousands of times in the past half-decade but the 2012 raid on Kim Dotcom’s home in New Zealand was extraordinary by any standard. At the behest of the US Government, 72 police officers – including some from the elite heavily armed Special Tactics Group (STG) – descended on Dotcom’s Coatesville mansion. Two helicopters were used during the raid, footage from which was later released to the public as the scale and nature of the operation became clear. To be clear, no one in the Dotcom residence had any history of violence. Nevertheless, considerable force was used to attack rooms in the building, all of it aimed at detaining the founder of what was then the world’s most famous file-hosting site. The FBI, it seems, would stop at nothing in pursuit of the man they claimed was the planet’s most notorious copyright infringer. As the dust settled, it became clear that the overwhelming use of force was not only unprecedented but also completely unnecessary, a point Dotcom himself became intent on pressing home. The entrepreneur was particularly angry at the treatment received by former wife Mona, who was seven months pregnant with twins at the time. So, in response, the Megaupload founder and his wife sued the police, hoping to hold the authorities to account for their actions. The case has dragged on for years but this morning came news of a breakthrough. According to information released by Kim Dotcom, the lawsuit has been resolved after a settlement was reached with the police. “Today, Mona and I are glad to reach a confidential settlement of our case against the New Zealand Police. We have respect for the Police in this country. They work hard and have, with this one exception, treated me and my family with courtesy and respect,” Dotcom said. “We were shocked at the uncharacteristic handling of my arrest for a non-violent Internet copyright infringement charge brought by the United States, which is not even a crime in New Zealand.” Dotcom said police could have simply asked to be let in, at which point he could have been arrested. Instead, under pressure from US authorities and “special interests in Hollywood”, they turned the whole event into a massive publicity stunt aimed at pleasing the US. “The New Zealand Police we know do not carry guns. They try to resolve matters in a non-violent manner, unlike what we see from the United States. We are sad that our officers, good people simply doing their job, were tainted by US priorities and arrogance,” Dotcom said. “We sued the Police because we believed their military-style raid on a family with children in a non-violent case went far beyond what a civilised community should expect from its police force. New Zealanders deserve and should expect better.” Kim Dotcom has developed a reputation for fighting back across all aspects of his long-running case, and this particular action was no different. He’d planned to take the case all the way to the High Court but in the end decided that doing so wouldn’t be in the best interests of his family. Noting that New Zealand has a new government “for the better”, Dotcom said that raking up the past would only serve to further disrupt his family. “Our children are now settled and integrated safely here into their community and they love it. We do not want to relive past events. We do not want to disrupt our children’s new lives. We do not want to revictimise them. We want them to grow up happy,” he said. “That is why we chose New Zealand to be our family home in the first place. We are fortunate to live here. Under the totality of the circumstances, we thought settlement was best for our children.” According to NZ Herald, the Dotcoms aren’t the only ones to have made peace with the police. Other people arrested in 2012, including Dotcom associates Bram van der Kolk and Mathias Ortmann, were paid six-figure sums to settle. The publication speculates that as the main target of the raid, Dotcom’s settlment amount would’ve been more. But while this matter is now closed, others remain. It was previously determined that Kiwi spy agency the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) unlawfully spied on the Dotcoms over an extended period. Ron Mansfield, New Zealand counsel for the Dotcoms, says that case will continue. “The GCSB refuses to disclose what it did or the actual private communications it stole. The Dotcoms understandably believe that they are entitled to know this. That action is pending appeal in the Court of Appeal,” he says. Also before the Court of Appeal is the case to extradite Dotcom and his associates to the United States. That hearing is set for February 2018 but whatever the outcome, a further appeal to the Supreme Court is likely, meaning that Dotcom will remain in New Zealand until 2020, at least. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  3. Kim Dotcom and his former wife Mona have accepted a confidential settlement from the police over the raid which saw him arrested, saying he did so to protect their children and because the Government "recently changed for the better". He said that their previous desire to see accountability had been trumped by wanting to "do what was best for our children" by bringing an end to the court case. The settlement came after a damages claim was filed with the High Court over what was considered an "unreasonable" use of force when the anti-terrorism Special Tactics Group raided his $30 million mansion in January 2012. The raid was part of a worldwide FBI operation to take down Dotcom's Megaupload file-sharing website which was claimed to be at the centre of a massive criminal copyright operation. Dotcom and three others were arrested and await extradition to the United States on charges which could land them in prison for decades. The NZ Herald has learned earlier settlements were reached between police and others arrested, including Bram van der Kolk and Mathias Ortmann. It was believed their settlements were six-figure sums and it is likely Dotcom would seek more as the main target in the raid. He was also the focus of risk assessments used to justify the use of the anti-terrorism squad which carried out a helicopter assault at dawn. Those assessments included photographs of Dotcom carrying shotguns - pictures taken while clay pigeon shooting - and descriptions of him as violent despite a lack of evidence to support the claim. The court challenge also questioned "visual surveillance" which had not been authorised by the court. Evidence has emerged in court hearings of police watching the Dotcom Mansion from neighbouring properties, and scouting the mansion interior with a hidden camera carried on to the property by a local police officer on a goodwill meeting the day before the raid. The next day, armed police hunted for Dotcom through the mansion, cracked open doors to the nanny's and children's rooms and kept Mona - pregnant with twins at the time - standing in the chill, damp dawn in her nightwear. Dotcom said he and Mona had "respect" for police in New Zealand. "They work hard and have, with this one exception, treated me and my family with courtesy and respect. "We were shocked at the uncharacteristic handling of my arrest for a non-violent Internet copyright infringement charge brought by the United States, which is not even a crime in New Zealand." Dotcom said police could have knocked on his door at a "reasonable hour" and simply told him he was under arrest. Instead, he said the arrest became "a Hollywood-style publicity stunt tailored to appease US authorities". He said he believed that was due to "a misguided desire to cater to the United States authorities and special interests in Hollywood". "The New Zealand police we know do not carry guns. They try to resolve matters in a non-violent manner, unlike what we see from the United States. "We are sad that our officers, good people simply doing their job, were tainted by US priorities and arrogance." Dotcom said the law suit to seek damages from police was taken because "we believed their military-style raid on a family with children in a non-violent case went far beyond what a civilised community should expect from its police force". "New Zealanders deserve and should expect better." But he said he and Mona had decided a trial was not in the interests of their family - the couple have five children - as neither parent wanted the children to "relive past events". "Our children are now settled and integrated safely here into their community and they love it. We do not want to disrupt our children's new lives. We do not want to revictimise them. We want them to grow up happy. "That is why we chose New Zealand to be our family home in the first place. We are fortunate to live here. Under the totality of the circumstances, we thought settlement was best for our children." Dotcom also cited another reason: "The New Zealand Government has recently changed for the better." The comment is a reflection of his ongoing opposition to former Prime Minister Sir John Key, who he maintained had a deeper involvement in the raids. Key has denied this repeatedly. Dotcom's New Zealand lawyer Ron Mansfield said it was hoped the court case had brought about a change in how police handled future operations. He said a separate damages case against the Government Communications Security Bureau was still before the court even though it had admitted carrying out unlawful surveillance. "The GCSB refuses to disclose what it did or the actual private communications it stole. The Dotcoms understandably believe that they are entitled to know this." A police spokesman confirmed the settlement saying it meant there would be no five-week trial which was scheduled to be heard at the High Court next October. "While we are unable to discuss details of the settlement, we can say that it is not uncommon in civil proceedings for parties to reach a settlement before a trial commences. This settlement avoids the significant costs which would have been incurred had the trial proceeded."
  4. Karagarga News

    Donating bonus ratio This topic seeks to encourage bonus donations. -Click on your BONUS tab. Click on "transfer some bonus to another member"; link: Code: https://karagarga.in/bonustransfer.php If you've a good amount of bonus, and you know or see a member who's struggling with ratio (but trying, seeding, etc.) kindly bring them to our attention and/or donate some of your bonus. If you can't afford to donate bonus yourself, don't be shy to point out those in need, even if it is yourself. All you members flush with bonus, we strongly encourage you to donate some. A p2p community lives on the generosity of all. What comes around, goes around.
  5. Tracker's Name: SiteDev Genre: Other Sign-up Link: https://sitedev.club/forum/ Closing date: N/A Additional information: SiteDev is a DDL site for web developers, web designers, graphics designers.
  6. CHDBits News

    经管理层讨论决定,允许本站SGNB小组的4K UHD资源(不带黄色独占标识)让会员转发其他站点,会员们转发时请保留站点及小组后缀名,若私自去除后缀 转发必严肃追究处理。 Translation The management of the decision to allow the site SGNB group 4K UHD resources (without yellow exclusive logo) to allow members to forward other sites, members should forward the site to retain the site and the group name, if the removal of suffix will be carefully removed handling.
  7. Bluebird News

    Freeleech! Download does not count! Poured by Blackbear ! Fritsch acts on EET (GMT + 3) until: 2017-11-03 16:00:21
  8. Empornium [News]

    November 2017 Freeleech Picks! Hey Pervs, Woohoo November is here! A new month so a new set of freeleech picks for you to enjoy. We hope you will be pleased with this month's selection. We had a wonderful 20 selections this time! To view a collage of this month's picks, please Click Here. If you wish to view the previous picks, go to the collage section at the top of the page, and filter for Staff Picks. If you wish to discuss this month's picks, please do so in this thread.
  9. PassThePopcorn (PTP) News

    Cool Hand Luke released on this day 50 years ago. Now freeleech on site!
  10. Ourbits.club News

    "Translation:" Well ~ ~ I suddenly found that some people seem to misunderstand, and this badge is the magic value of the badge, sin guilty, I did not say clearly Since the old HDPter beta on the line, halfway change, to four one fool OurBits again set sail, the site has been running for nearly a year, will be on the 18th of this month across the first anniversary of the threshold. Regardless of the name of the site changes, the site management group and the production group are initially forgotten, tempered forward, thanks to the support of the past year. Now the site for the station users to collect the first anniversary of the badge, in order to let everyone active application, and improve the quality, we take the following incentives: All seriously involved in the application of the author, if the time is willing to buy a first anniversary badge, the site will be given 4 to 6 fold discount; list If the work is selected, the site will be free to the author to issue this badge. Requirements: List requirements related to the site, and the anniversary of the theme related. Deadline: 2017.11.07 Directly in the posts below the thread reply can be This post does not accept any irrelevant reply
  11. NotWhat.CD News

    October 27th marked what would have been the 10th birthday of what was for most of us our much loved former home, What.CD. It was fitting then, that those who led us for so long chose such a bittersweet day to give back to the community that which we all helped to create and curate - the What.CD metadata. Torrent, artist and collage work that many of us believed was forever lost has been returned mostly intact, along with many wiki articles and art that What.CD members created throughout the years. It has always been the primary focus of NWCD to catalog and curate 100% accurate metadata for our library. For this reason we've discouraged irresponsible mass uploading and have forbidden the guessing of edition information when uploading content. Our folder naming standards and Gold standard for personal CD rips has been a great effort by users and staff alike to ensure accurate edition information is cataloged on site and preserved locally for our users. The restored What.CD metadata now represents an opportunity for those of us still holding unidentifiable torrent data to be able to identify much of it before uploading. Equally as important is the chance to cleanup and correct the metadata of torrents that were uploaded prior to the introduction of folder naming standards on NWCD. Dedicated users and FLS have spent much time reporting existing torrents for bad folder names and marking some as unknown editions. Thanks to the work of the What.CD staff, we as a community are now in a much better position to be able to continue this task and pin down a considerable portion of edition information and perform the necessary edits on site. With this in mind we have been working non-stop since the metadata was released to make it available in the most useful form for you our community to be able to not only take advantage of the precious data it contains, but to also be able to browse what is essentially the skeleton of What.CD, find your personal collages, rediscover similar artist and remember how special What.CD was and always will be, and how as a community spread across a number of new trackers we all have much to live up to and work towards before any of us can say WhatCD and what it represented has truly been replaced. We are happy to present to you Project Mirage, our restoration of the What.CD sql files that were included in the release installed on our gazelle fork and accessible to all our users via the Mirage link that can be found in your quick links or drop down menu (depending on your stylesheet). Mirage has full JSON implementation and therefore torrent metadata can easily be exported and imported to our upload page once accurate edition information has been established. Its use is highly encouraged in order to help you repopulate NWCD with What.CD data. Full JSON permissions have been granted to all our users allowing unrestricted importation. Please use this wonderful resource and the accompanying JSON tools in a responsible fashion. You are at all times responsible for ensuring that edition information is accurate, that your folder names correctly specify exactly which edition you are uploading as per our folder naming standards and that your file names and tags adhere to our rules. Given that NWCD require named editions and that much of the What.CD metadata will have been cataloged simply as an "original release" we remind you that any data that remains either partly or completely unidentifiable should continue to uploaded as an unknown edition. Use additional resources such as discogs. Over time we hope to be able to populate Mirage with additional metadata and features in order to improve the resource and help our users rebuild. We are currently working on importing log files, descriptions and lineage where we can, as well as the What.CD requests. Further ideas or suggestions on this front would be most welcome. What.CD staff, wherever you are now, know that you and all you've done for us will never be forgotten as we will carry the torch forward and preserve the monumental community achievement that once was called What.CD. It's with our heartfelt thanks that we take what you have given us and move along.
  12. TV distributors will lose $4 billion in revenue because 6.5% of households in North America are accessing pirated live TV services each month, according to a new study by research firm Sandvine. While piracy remains a serious concern for Hollywood–and hacks have hit premium-content players HBO and Netflix this year–this research suggests that live TV, once considered more pirate-proof (not to mention DVR-proof) is more vulnerable as technology becomes more sophisticated. Pirate TV services–many of which offer discounted subscription plans–can now generate more than $800 million a year, according to the report. Many of the services stream continuously, regardless of whether viewing is occurring, resulting in many users generating more than one terabyte of “phantom bandwidth” across their network each month. As with the shadow market of bogus DVDs of firstrun films, major promotional blitzes can make piracy more extreme. The long-hyped August boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor MacGregor accounted for 80% of all pirate streams on the night of the bout, and the event may have been watched by 1% of all households in North America. Sandvine identified premium content, live sports, news, and international content as drivers of pirate TV usage, “Continued adoption of pirate video and television streaming services could lead to increased cord-cutting and create ‘cord-nevers,’ people who never sign-up for a standard TV subscription. This will significantly impact communication service providers’ revenue and profitability, undermining the business models that keep them operating.” said Lyn Cantor, CEO of Sandvine.
  13. New legal cases filed on behalf of copyright trolls are requesting authority to seize alleged pirates' computers after they failed to pay cash settlement offers. A Finnish law firm says there's a risk of another 'Chisugate', the massive controversy that ensued when police raided a home and confiscated a child's Winne the Pooh laptop in 2012. Five years ago, a massive controversy swept Finland. Local anti-piracy group CIAPC (known locally as TTVK) sent a letter to a man they accused of illegal file-sharing. The documents advised the man to pay a settlement of 600 euros and sign a non-disclosure document, to make a threatened file-sharing lawsuit disappear. He made the decision not to cave in. Then, in November 2012, there was an 8am call at the man’s door. Police, armed with a search warrant, said they were there to find evidence of illicit file-sharing. Eventually the culprit was found. It was the man’s 9-year-old daughter who had downloaded an album by local multi-platinum-selling songstress Chisu from The Pirate Bay, a whole year earlier. Police went on to seize the child’s Winnie the Pooh-branded laptop and Chisu was horrified, posting public apologies on the Internet to her young fans. Five years on, it seems that pro-copyright forces in Finland are treading the same path. Turre Legal, a law firm involved in defending file-sharing matters, has issued a warning that copyright trolls have filed eight new cases at the Market Court, the venue for previous copyright battles in the country. “According to information provided by the Market Court, Crystalis Entertainment, previously active in such cases, filed three new copyright cases and initiated five pre-trial applications in October 2017,” says lawyer Herkko Hietanen. The involvement of Crystalis Entertainment adds further controversy into the mix. The company isn’t an official movie distributor but obtained the rights to distribute content on BitTorrent networks instead. It doesn’t do so officially, instead preferring to bring prosecutions against file-sharers’ instead. Like the earlier ‘Chisu’ case, the trolls’ law firms have moved extremely slowly. Hietanen reports that some of the new cases reference alleged file-sharing that took place two years ago in 2015. “It would seem that right-holders want to show that even old cases may have to face justice,” says Hietanen. “However, applications for enforceability may be a pre-requisite for computer confiscation by a bailiff for independent investigations. It is possible that seizures of the teddy bears of the past years will make a comeback,” he added, referencing the ‘Chisu’ case. Part of the reason behind the seizure requests is that some people defending against copyright trolls have been obtaining reports from technical experts who have verified that no file-sharing software is present on their machines. The trolls say that this is a somewhat futile exercise since any ‘clean’ machine can be presented for inspection. On this basis, seizure on site is a better option. While the moves for seizure are somewhat aggressive, things haven’t been getting easier for copyright trolls in Finland recently. In February 2017, an alleged file-sharer won his case when a court ruled that copyright holders lacked sufficient evidence to show that the person in question downloaded the files, in part because his Wi-Fi network was open to the public Then, in the summer of 2017, the Market Court tightened the parameters under which Internet service providers are compelled to hand over the identities of suspected file-sharers to copyright owners. The Court determined that this could only happen in serious cases of unlawful distribution. This, Hietanen believes, is partially the reason that the groups behind the latest cases are digging up old infringements. “After the verdict of the summer, I assumed that rightsholders would have to operate with old information, at least for a while,” he says. “Rightsholders want to show that litigation is still possible.” The big question, of course, is what people should do if they receive a settlement letter. In some jurisdictions, the advice is to ignore, until proper legal documentation arrives. Hietanen says the matter in Finland is serious and should be treated as such. There’s always a possibility that after failing to receive a response, a copyright holder could go to court to obtain a default judgment, meaning the alleged file-sharer is immediately found guilty. In the current cases, the Market Court will now have to decide whether unannounced seizures are required to preserve evidence. For cases already dating back two years, there will be plenty of discussions to be had, for and against. But in the meantime, Hedman Partners, the company representing the copyright trolls, warn that more cases are on the way. “We have put in place new requests for information after the summer. We have a large number of complaints in preparation. More are coming,” lawyer Joni Hatanmaa says. Source : TorrentFreak.com
  14. Cinematik News

    Snap 24-hour "Horror" category freeleech for All Hallows! Valid until 11.00 hours Berlin time on the 1st November. Don't forget to seed back anything you grab for a minimum of 3 days after your download has completed or until you've seeded to a 1:1 ratio if that happens sooner. In view of the brevity of the Freeleech it probably isn't worth asking for reseeds on any unseeded torrents as the wait will be too long. Unless you are prepared to hang around and take the full hit top your ratio, of course. PS The Gilding won't apply to posts made after the time/date of this Notice. Sorry! Enjoy!!! Love, staff.
  15. With the shutdown of Extratorrent, another major torrent site threw in the towel last spring. This also meant that many prominent uploaders groups became homeless. Several of the major players, including ETTV, ETHD, and DTOne have now joined forces and launched their own official download portal. Earlier this year the torrent community entered a state of shock when another major torrent site suddenly closed its doors. Having served torrents to the masses for over a decade, ExtraTorrent decided to throw in the towel, without providing any detail or an apparent motive. “It’s time we say goodbye,” was all that ExtraTorrent operator SaM was willing to say in a brief response. Although ExtraTorrent is no more, the site’s name lives on thanks to several uploader groups that were tied to the site. The TV and movie torrent uploaders ETTV and ETHD continued their work on sites such as The Pirate Bay and 1337x. While this worked fine, not all former “followers” knew where to go. ETTV and ETHD torrents were still downloaded millions of times a week, but this activity was scattered around sites that didn’t really feel like their old home. To fill this hole, ETTV, ETHD and DTOne have now joined forces and launched a torrent site of their own, simply named ETTV.tv “We have launched a new site to cater to our fans,” the ETTV.tv teams inform TorrentFreak. “Since the shutdown of ExtraTorrent we were homeless and our fans and followers didn’t know where to find us. We decided, along with DTOne (formerly DDR/ICTV/DUS), to come together and make a site that can bring our fans back.” ETTV.tv https://torrentfreak.com/images/ettvsite.jpg While the groups in question had ExtraTorrent as their home, this is not a reincarnation of the defunct torrent site. ETTV.tv is operated by different people and only offers a curated selection of movie and TV uploads. The site may expand to other categories in the future, but for now, there are no concrete plans to do so. It’s also a closed ecosystem, meaning that only a select group of trusted uploaders is allowed to add new content. “We want to have a site for best quality torrents thus we are not taking every uploader that comes knocking our doors,” the ETTV.tv team explains. There are over 50,000 torrents on the site already but the uploaders are working on bringing their entire archive back online. Since the site is new there are several bugs and other issues too, which is something the site’s operators are keeping a close eye on as well. They informed TorrentFreak that ETTV.tv users are encouraged to report problems and come with suggestions. The groups currently promote ETTV.tv in their upload notes on other sites and, even though the site has only been around for a few days, many close followers have found their way to it already. During the months and years to come the groups hope to keep these people on board, add some more, and stay clear from any legal problems. “We hope we can live up to the trust we had in the past and continue to serve our fans and followers,” ETTV.tv concludes. Source: Torrentfreak.com

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