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  1. Hit anime TV series Dragon Ball Super reaches episode 130 this Saturday with millions lining up to watch "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" In Mexico, it looks like turning into a national event, with local governments planning screenings in football stadiums and other public places. Trouble is, they have no license to do so and Toei, the company behind the series, is extremely unhappy. When one thinks of large-scale piracy, sites like The Pirate Bay and perhaps 123Movies spring to mind. Offering millions of viewers the chance to watch the latest movies and TV shows for free the day they’re released or earlier, they’re very much hated by the entertainment industries. Tomorrow, however, there’s the very real possibility of a huge copyright infringement controversy hitting large parts of Mexico, all centered around the hugely popular anime series Dragon Ball Super. This Saturday episode 130, titled “The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!”, will hit the streets. It’s the penultimate episode of the series and will see the climax of Goku and Jiren’s battle – apparently. The key point is that fans everywhere are going nuts in anticipation, so much so that various local governments in Mexico have agreed to hold public screenings for free, including in football stadiums and public squares. “Fans of the series are crazy to see the new episode of Dragon Ball Super and have already organized events around the country as if it were a boxing match,” local media reports. For example, Remberto Estrada, the municipal president of Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo, confirmed that the episode will be aired at the Cultural Center of the Arts in Cancun. The mayor of Ciudad Juarez says that a viewing will go ahead at the Plaza de la Mexicanidad with giant screens and cosplay contests on the sidelines. Many local government Twitter accounts sent out official invitations, like the one shown below. https://twitter.com/AytoSLP/status/972594265216884736 But despite all the preparations, there is a big problem. According to reports, no group or organization has the rights to show Dragon Ball Super in public in Mexico, a fact confirmed by Toei Animation, the company behind the show. “To the viewers and fans of Dragon Ball. We have become aware of the plans to exhibit episode # 130 of our Dragon Ball Super series in stadiums, plazas, and public places throughout Latin America,” the company said in an official announcement. “Toei Animation has not authorized these public shows and does not support or sponsor any of these events nor do we or any of our titles endorse any institution exhibiting the unauthorized episode. “In an effort to support copyright laws, to protect the work of thousands of persons and many labor sectors, we request that you please enjoy our titles at the official platforms and broadcasters and not support illegal screenings that incite piracy.” Armando Cabada, mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, was one of the first municipal officials to offer support to the episode 130 movement. He believes that since the events are non-profit, they can go ahead but others have indicated their screenings will only go ahead if they can get the necessary permission. Crunchyroll, the US video-streaming company that holds some Dragon Ball Super rights, is reportedly trying to communicate with the establishments and organizations planning to host the events to ensure that everything remains legal and above board. At this stage, however, there’s no indication that any agreements have been reached or whether they’re simply getting in touch to deliver a warning. One region that has already confirmed its event won’t go ahead is Mexico City. The head of the local government there told disappointed fans that since they can’t get permission from Toei, the whole thing has been canceled. What will happen in the other locations Saturday night if licenses haven’t been obtained is anyone’s guess but thousands of disappointed fans in multiple locations raises the potential for the kind of battle the Mexican authorities can well do without, even if Dragon Ball Super thrives on them. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  2. Four men behind one of France's most successful pirate sites have been handed suspended sentences by the Rennes Criminal Court. Aged between 29 and 36 years old, the former Liberty Land administrators were arrested back in 2011 following a SACEM investigation. The quartet still face a massive 60 million euro damages claim. After being founded in 2009, French site Liberty Land (LL) made its home in Canada. At the time listed among France’s top 200 sites, Liberty Land carried an estimated 30,000 links to a broad range of unlicensed content. Like many other indexes of its type, LL carried no content itself but hosted links to content hosted elsewhere, on sites like Megaupload and Rapidshare, for example. This didn’t save the operation from an investigation carried out by rightsholder groups SACEM and ALPA, which filed a complaint against Liberty Land with the French authorities in 2010. Liberty Land https://torrentfreak.com/images/libertyland.jpg In May 2011 and alongside complaints from police that the people behind Liberty Land had taken extreme measures to hide themselves away, authorities arrested several men linked to the site in Marseille, near Le Havre, and in the Paris suburb of Montreuil. Despite the men facing a possible five years in jail and fines of up to $700,000, the inquiry dragged on for nearly seven years. The trial of its alleged operators, now aged between 29 and 36-years-old, finally went ahead January 30 in Rennes. The men faced charges that they unlawfully helped to distribute movies, TV series, games, software, music albums and e-books without permission from rightsholders. In court, one defended the site as being just like Google. “For me, we had the same role as Google,” he said. “We were an SEO site. There is a difference between what we were doing and the distribution of pirated copies on the street.” According to the prosecution, the site made considerable revenues from advertising, estimated at more than 300,000 euros between January 2009 and May 2011. The site’s two main administrators reportedly established an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands and a bank account in Latvia where they deposited between 100,000 and 150,000 euros each. The prosecutor demanded fines for the former site admins and sentences of between six and 12 months in prison. Last week the Rennes Criminal Court rendered its decision, sentencing the four men to suspended sentences of between two and three months. More than 176,000 euros generated by the site was also confiscated by the Court. While the men will no doubt be relieved that this extremely long case has reached a conclusion of sorts, it’s not over yet. 20minutes reports that the claims for damages filed by copyright groups including SACEM won’t be decided until September and they are significant, totaling 60 million euros. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  3. Empornium News

    Edit Update: Those of you asking about the rTorrent "vulnerability", it's not a vulnerability but the possibility to misconfigure your client in a dangerous way. This differs from the uTorrent 3.x vulnerability in that it makes no difference how you configure uTorrent 3.x it can be exploited no matter what. Transmission < 2.93 is a slightly more complex issue as this can be resolved using a configuration change, but the default configuration is exploitable. So, in short: uT 2.2.1/TR < 2.93 : Update config or change client rTorrent : Don't be a moron uT 3.x : Banned for critical vulnerability BT 7.x: Banned for critical vulnerability
  4. President Trump says the US is "acting swiftly on intellectual property theft", noting that the country cannot "allow this to happen as it has for many years." Coincidentally, or not, a panel in Capitol Hill yesterday discussed the streaming box threat, with the MPAA revealing that the Department of Justice is looking at "a variety of candidates" for criminal action. For the past several years most of the world has been waking up to the streaming piracy phenomenon, with pre-configured set-top boxes making inroads into millions of homes. While other countries, notably the UK, arrested many individuals while warning of a grave and looming danger, complaints from the United States remained relatively low-key. It was almost as if the stampede towards convenient yet illegal streaming had caught the MPAA and friends by surprise. In October 2017, things quickly began to change. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment sued Georgia-based Tickbox TV, a company selling “fully-loaded” Kodi boxes. In January 2018, the same anti-piracy group targeted Dragon Media, a company in the same line of business. With this growing type of piracy now firmly on the radar, momentum seems to be building. Yesterday, a panel discussion on the challenges associated with piracy from streaming media boxes took place on Capitol Hill. Hosted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), ‘Unboxing the Piracy Threat of Streaming Media Boxes’ went ahead with some big name speakers in attendance, not least Neil Fried, Senior Vice President, Federal Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs at the MPAA. ITIF and various industry groups tweeted many interesting comments throughout the event. Kevin Madigan from Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property told the panel that torrent-based content “is becoming obsolete” in an on-demand digital environment that’s switching to streaming-based piracy. While there’s certainly a transition taking place, 150 million worldwide torrent users would probably argue against the term “obsolete”. Nevertheless, the same terms used to describe torrent sites are now being used to describe players in the streaming field. “There’s a criminal enterprise going on here that’s stealing content and making a profit,” Fried told those in attendance. “The piracy activity out there is bad, it’s hurting a lot of economic activity & creators aren’t being compensated for their work,” he added. Tom Galvin, Executive Director at the Digital Citizens Alliance, was also on the panel. Unsurprisingly, given the organization’s focus on the supposed dangers of piracy, Galvin took the opportunity to underline that position. “If you go down the piracy road, those boxes aren’t following proper security protocols, there are many malware risks,” he said. It’s a position shared by Fried, who told the panel that “video piracy is the leading source of malware.” Similar claims were made recently on Safer Internet Day but the facts don’t seem to back up the scare stories. Still, with the “Piracy is Dangerous” strategy already out in the open, the claims aren’t really unexpected. What might also not come as a surprise is that ACE’s lawsuits against Tickbox and Dragon Media could be just a warm-up for bigger things to come. In the tweet embedded below, Fried can be seen holding a hexagonal-shaped streaming box, warning that the Department of Justice is now looking for candidates for criminal action. https://twitter.com/mdaneman/status/971404852650758144 What form this action will take when it arrives isn’t clear but when the DoJ hits targets on home soil, it tends to cherry-pick the most blatant of infringers in order to set an example with reasonably cut-and-dried cases. Of course, every case can be argued but with hundreds of so-called “Kodi box” sellers active all over the United States, many of them clearly breaking the law as they, in turn, invite their customers to break the law, picking a sitting duck shouldn’t be too difficult. And then, of course, we come to President Trump. Not usually that vocal on matters of intellectual property and piracy, yesterday – perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not – he suddenly delivered one of his “something is coming” tweets. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/...09845453762560 Given Trump’s tendency to focus on problems overseas causing issues for companies back home, a comment by Kevin Madigan during the panel yesterday immediately comes to mind. “To combat piracy abroad, USTR needs to work with the creative industries to improve enforcement and target the source of pirated material,” Madigan said. Interesting times and much turmoil in the streaming world ahead, it seems. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  5. People who access Spotify using hacked apps that remove some of the restrictions placed on free accounts are receiving warning emails from the company. Noting that "abnormal activity" has been observed from the user's software, Spotify warns that future breaches could result in suspension or even termination of a user's account. Spotify is a fantastic music streaming service used by more than 159 million users around the world. Around 71m of those are premium subscibers according to figures released by the company last December. Given the above, 88 million Spotify members are using the free tier, meaning that they’re subjected to advertising and other limitations such as shuffle-only play and track skip restrictions. The idea is that the free user gets a decent level of service but is held back just enough with small irritations to make the jump to a premium subscription a logical step at some point. What millions of free users don’t know, however, is that there are modified Spotify apps out there that can remove many of these restrictions. All the user has to do is sign up to free Spotify account, download one of the many ‘hacked’ Spotify installation files out there, put in their username and password, and enjoy. How many people use these hacked versions of Spotify isn’t clear and up to now, it’s been somewhat of a mystery as to why Spotify itself hasn’t done something about them. During the past few days, however, there have been signs that a crackdown could be on the way. In an email sent to an unknown but significant number of people, Spotify informs users of modified apps that they’re on the company’s radar and there could be consequences for trying to subvert the system. “We detected abnormal activity on the app you are using so we have disabled it. Don’t worry – your Spotify account is safe,” the email from Spotify reads. “To access your Spotify account, simply uninstall any unauthorized or modified version of Spotify and download and install the Spotify app from the official Google Play Store. If you need more help, please see our support article on Reinstalling Spotify.” Users have been popping up on Spotify’s forums asking why they’ve received this email. Some seem to think they’ve done nothing wrong but most signs point to people using modified software. The warning email from Spotify https://torrentfreak.com/images/spotify-pirates.png While the email signs off with a note thanking the recipient for being a Spotify user, there is also a warning. “If we detect repeated use of unauthorized apps in violation of our terms, we reserve all rights, including suspending or terminating your account,” Spotify writes. For people who used their real accounts along with modified apps this could be a problem but many people using hacked versions go in prepared with a secondary or temporary email address and false details. Quite how far Spotify will go to rid its service of this kind of a user remains unknown but at least for now, the actual effects of this early crackdown seemed mixed. TorrentFreak has spoken with users who have modified versions and have received the email, yet their installation still works just fine. Others report that they can no longer log in with their modified version. What is clear, however, is that Spotify has both modified apps and their creators on its radar. On March 1, 2018 the company wrote to Github demanding that a popular Spotify mod known as ‘Dogfood’ be taken down from the repository. Dogfood is done on Github https://torrentfreak.com/images/spotify-dogfood.png The full takedown notice can be found here. It lists Dogfood itself plus a whole bunch of ‘forks’ which have also been taken down by Github. There were signs in January that the developer of Dogfood might have been under pressure to limit the effectiveness of his app. On January 18 he announced on XDA that some functionality would be removed moving forward. “In order to comply with XDA’s Rules and CoC, Spotify Dogfood has taken a new direction, and now offers *exclusively* Ad-free music playback,” he wrote. “Any other features won’t be included anymore in this mod. But, that doesn’t mean anything if you’re a true, a core user of this app, because there will still be regular updates to it, as there has been up until now.” Where that development will take place now isn’t clear but it clearly won’t be on Github. Indeed, even XDA has been targeted by Spotify, with the site receiving a DMCA notice from the company which required the removal of links and an apparent closure of the whole discussion. XDA DMCA takedown https://torrentfreak.com/images/spotify-xda.png For now it seems that Spotify is playing nice, at least with users of modified apps. Whether it will continue with the same relaxed attitude is unclear but it’s hard not to connect the move with its intention to go public and its $23bn valuation. Still, the company should be more in tune with pirates than most given its history, so may yet have a decent plan up its sleeve. Source: Torrentfreak.com
  6. The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'The Shape of Water' tops the chart this week, followed by ‘Ferdinand'. 'Black Panther' completes the top three. This week we have two newcomers in our chart. The Shape of Water, which just won the Oscar for best film and came out as Blu-Ray rip last week, is the most downloaded movie. The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise. RSS feed for the weekly movie download chart. This week’s most downloaded movies are: Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer Most downloaded movies via torrents 1 (4) The Shape of Water 8.0 / trailer 2 (…) Ferdinand 6.7 / trailer 3 (3) Black Panther (HDTS) 7.9 / trailer 4 (1) Justice League 7.1 / trailer 5 (2) Thor Ragnarok 8.1 / trailer 6 (…) I Tonya 7.1 / trailer 7 (8) The Disaster Artist 7.7 / trailer 8 (9) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 8.3 / trailer 9 (5) Coco 8.9 / trailer 10 (back) Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Subbed HDRip) 7.7 / trailer Source: Torrentfreak.com
  7. Desitorrents News

    Desitorrents News Please Clear Cache and Cookies and Login to the site for front page search to work we now added sorting option to sort by more options are being added if u feel it is getting stuck or not working simply clear cache and login to site it will work . Cheers Thanks Old DT Users All Your Accounts are Enabled Now...You can try Logging in With your Old Passwords .Kindly Clear cookies and Cache Befrore logging in,,,, try This Incase of Still Having issues Come to Chatbox staff is always there
  8. PrivateHD News

    Oscars 2018 Now that the winners have been announced and The Disaster Artist is still throttled (co-incidence it did not win?), all the winning movies are now permanent FL. The Shape of Water Darkest Hour Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri I, Tonya Get Out Call Me by Your Name Blade Runner 2049 Dunkirk Coco Icarus Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405 Dear Basketball Some movies are yet to release. They will be made free when they get uploaded.
  9. Empornium News

    Due to the recently discovered security vulnerability affecting uTorrent we are no longer going to allow uTorrent 3.0 or above starting on the 5th of March. Older versions of uTorrent may no longer be allowed at a future date. We recognize that some users have been using this client for more than a decade and have grown fond of its features. However, protecting the site and its users is a priority for us. We urge all uTorrent users to switch to an alternate client. For all operating systems including Windows and Mac, we can recommend qBittorrent and Deluge. For Linux, we can recommend Transmission and rTorrent. It's recommended to install them from your repo, not manually downloading the tarball. On March 5th 2018 those changes will come into effect. Please migrate to one of the recommended clients before this date. Required Workaround for uTorrent 2.2.1 You need to set the setting "net.discoverable" to false. You also need to deactivate the webgui. Source Step by Step Instructions: Show Important Information for Transmission Users If you are using a Transmission version older than 2.93, you might be vulnerable to a similar exploit as the uTorrent users. We highly recommend updating to version 2.93 or above. If you are using Transmission on Linux, your distribution repository might be backporting security updates. For example Ubuntu based distributions still come with Transmission 2.84, but the latest security patches have been applied. Please check the release history of your repo. Migrating from uTorrent to another client To make it as easy as possible for you to migrate to a different client while retaining your torrents, we have compiled some scripts and tutorials on the topic. qBittorrent Deluge Transmission If you have any further questions about this announcement, ask here.
  10. hello I want to apply ...for the invite thanks
  11. ‘I got in Microsoft’s way’: Recycler sentenced over free Windows recovery CDs tells RT Recycling advocate Eric Lundgren, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for making free Windows recovery discs, told RT that he will use his appeal to continue fighting against planned obsolescence by Microsoft and others. “I was very, very shocked when I was given a prison sentence for extending the lifecycle of electronics, practicing recycling and trying to empower people,” Lundgren said of the one year and three months conviction handed to him by a Florida court earlier in February. Lundgren was found guilty of “conspiracy and copyright infringement” after burning 28,000 copies of recovery discs for Windows back in 2016, despite the fact that the CDs, which had absolutely no retail value, were seized by the authorities. He was also slapped with a $50,000 fine but luckily avoided repaying $420,000 that Microsoft sought in restitution for lost sales. The CDs are used to "clean up" aging operating systems, which would reduce system cluttering and slowdown and also extend the lifespan of computers. “I still don’t think I was breaking the law,” the recycling advocate insisted. “I think I’ve just gotten in the way of Microsoft’s agenda, which is to sell more operating systems, even at the cost of planned obsolescence, pushing the hazardous material (in computers) into landfills that then leaches harmful chemicals in our water. I’m against that. I’m here to fight planned obsolescence. ” Lundgren’s recycling company processes more than 18,000 tons of electronic waste annually, working with such giants as IBM and Motorola. The entrepreneur said he printed the Windows restore discs to be used with refurbished computers in order to “make sure that we keep as much working electronic product from landfills as possible.” He added that he never intended to cash in on them. Lundgren accuses Microsoft and other electronic producers of intentionally making their PCs complicated in order to stimulate sales of new models. “I know that if you were to make copies of their licenses or there Certificates of Authenticity (COA) – you’re directly stealing from Microsoft and you deserve to go to prison, but if you’re providing the restore CDs, which is the thing that you can download for free online… you’re giving the people an ability to repair their legally owned property. And I see no problem with that,” the 33-year-old said. “I’ve been a recycler for 16 years and all I care about is the environment,” Lundgren said, denying piracy accusations. He added that Microsoft had no right to put him “in that same circle with the people that are out there hacking or stealing their licenses." Lundgren has done a lot of charity work in the US and abroad over the years, including electronic waste cleanup in Ghana and China. He has also donated thousands of cellphones to American soldiers deployed overseas. His work has not gone unnoticed, as he has been given a second chance to avoid prison and explain himself. A federal appeals court has granted an emergency stay of the sentence in his case, which does not happen very often. Lundgren’s appeal is pending before the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and the date of the hearing has yet to be announced. “Eleventh Circuit did the right thing by looking into this,” he said. “I’m fighting this battle and I’m hoping that the more transparency occurs in my case the more people would understand” the harmful effect of planned obsolescence and the need for extending the lifecycle of electronic devices, Lundgren said. He also shared his hopes that the appeals court would “realize that there was absolutely zero evidence in the process of convicting me in regard to the valuation of a restore CD. The restore CD has no value…” “I hope they won’t let this go any further," he concluded.
  12. Blutopia News

    In the last few days knowledge of a major Utorrent v3.x vulnerability/security flaw discovered by Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy was made public - it was found in old and new versions of uTorrent v3.x releases dating back over 4yrs. Older uTorrent versions 1.8.2, 2.0.4 and 2.2.1 are not affected in the same way as uTorrent versions 3.x.If your running utorrent 3.x variations in alpha, beta or production releases you're advised to change your app ASAP for your own safety. For those who use the uTorrent version 3.x, please downgrade to the versions of uTorrent above as they are allowed versions of uTorrent (1.8.3 2.2.1 or 2.0.4). These have LESS security risks THAN v3.x Alternatively change to a viable alt like Qbitorrent 3.3.16/4.04 -or- deluge 1.3.15 as they have a more stable environment and LOOK and behave similar to utorrent 3.x - and are FREEware. Older 1.6.x 1.7.x 1.8.x 2.0.4 and 2.2.1 uTorrent versions are ok.(These have LESS security risks THAN v3.x)The exploits as they are do not work on 1.8.2, 2.0.4 and 2.2.1, you have uTorrent 1.8.2, 2.0.4 and 2.2.1 all you have to do is disable the Web UI (if it is enabled) and change the advanced setting "net.discoverable" to false. Neither of these mean 2.2.1 is in the clear, but even though yes, it is outdated, and no, it is no longer maintained, it is still in better shape than newer uT versions. Please make sure you protect yourself and have the correct settings done. We are not hopping on the band wagon and banning these clients! This does not effect the site. Instead it effects you, the user! Please take action to protect yourself. Although some might say it has been like this for years and its just that now people know about it. But people the word is spreading that puts you at more risk. Pirate safe my friends!!!!!
  13. HDHome News

    Given the uTorrent vulnerability on the Internet: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/project-...detail?id=1524 This site has stopped supporting uTorrent3.x version of the client, please use other supported clients. 2.0.4-2.2.1 and other 2.0 series of versions can be used normally, did not find any impact. But to be on the safe side, turn off the WEB UI feature and turn off net.discoverable in the advanced options. If uTorrent official fix in the new version, we will support the new client for the first time and inform everyone. Another uTorrent.1.x version of the client because of data statistics error, the site has also stopped support.
  14. Blutopia News

    Greetings, There is now private messaging in the chat box. In the past using @USERNAME would highlight the message for the user that was tagged. In this case user "Username". But It was public for ALL to see. Now it is different: There is a new chat bubble. Click it and that users name will be auto attached to input with @ tagging symbol. Then the message will be highlighted BLU to the user recieving the message and only YOU and HIM can see it (PRIVATE!) There is still work todo though. 1) Outgoing private message should be colored as well so can distinguish. (Like how incoming private message is blu) 2) Fix color private message highlights on other themes.....only works on Light Theme.
  15. PreTome News

    Update post on scheduled downtime expected Saturday/Sunday for possible downtime on 27th or 28th.