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  1. Added the following for sale: Invites: DataTalli $8 X-ite.me $5 Crna Berza $5
  2. Wow, they send you your password in cleartext via email. Thanks for sharing anyways!
  3. Only 35%? For male gamers all this is 100%, every single person who has ever played online games get this flung at them, so if only 35% of them get it, I'd say they're doing really, really well for themselves... But hey, when you have an agenda to push, I guess everything goes.
  4. Tracker's Name: AudioNews (AN) Genre: Other Sign-up Link: http://audionews.org/profile.php?mode=register Closing date: Open for 1 day Additional information:AudioNews (AN) is a Private Torrent Tracker for Audio Software / Samples / ETC. Audionews is the sister-site of GFXNews.
  5. "Sorry, the site is currently invite only."
  6. Oh, didn't know YE went down. Sad, I no longer have access to the email I used there so all of 14 TB upload gone Well, time to start again, thanks for sharing!
  7. Tracker's Name: ScenePalace Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://scenepalace.info/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: ScenePalace is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
  8. Added the following for sale: Invites: RaverEssential $5 RareShare $5
  9. Tracker's Name: Kufirc | XXX Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: http://kufirc.com/register.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Hungarian XXX Tracker with some nice content and a lot of freeleech
  10. Tracker's Name: Deildu Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://peers.scenebyte.com/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Icelandic General Content Tracker with a relatively big community.
  11. Tracker's Name: TorrentFile Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://www.torrentfile.ro/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Romanian General Content Tracker
  12. Tracker's Name: AxelMania Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://axelmania.org/account-signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: AxelMania is a new Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases.
  13. Tracker's Name: OscarWorld Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://oscarworld.xyz/index.php?page=apply Closing date: Soon Additional information: OscarWorld is a small tracker of ebooks, movies and music. It has 12 radio stations to play around with and are currently looking for uploaders and DJ's. Donations are not expected but are always welcome here. Application signup.
  14. Added the following for sale: Invites: Back-Ups.me $5 (Available as Instant Delivery Item on Bitify) bitGAMER $10 RainbowNationSharing $9 (Available as Instant Delivery Item on Bitify) Also stocked up on OppaiTime and AnimeBytes invites, and ready to receive new orders! Orders via OpenBazaar, Bitify or PM.