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  1. Not applying have these accounts. You say, I will be checking this thread everyday? You joined December 5 and your last login was December 5? I think @cooldefrost is making a fool of people. Not to worry i will be giving invites to these sites in the future.
  2. Bad move posting emails,it gets you in the shit.
  3. Wanted Bibliotik account or invite. PM me your best offer thanks. Paypal payment in a flash. Merry Christmas.
  4. Post is old so nobody left feedback so no one got an invite!
  5. Hi There and wecome! What private trackers are you interested in?. Happy Holidays!
  6. Hi nCORE Invite, anyone got a good price pay with paypal US Dollars. Cheers. No longer needed (CLOSED).
  7. To apply: - only if you plan on using the account and read the rules on signup. - Add Like and REP - Apply here - Don't PM me - Will list the winner here after i PM the winner for there signup email. - Leave positive Feedback after you receive the invite ABT DON'T SEND THE GENERATED INVITE TO THE USER SIGNUP MAIL. INVITES CLOSED SORRY.
  8. Yep consider a 10$ donation to the site like i did. Purchased a couple of invites to other trackers from Ethan. Can certainly say you get premium service here. All i need is my 30 rep points for my donation lol
  9. Hi @willzxxx Well imo you should just get IPT. I had a big buffered account with 6 invites in it. I donated to the site but sadly from illness the 91 day delete account took it,tried to explain in irc i have cancer and they just pissed me off even though i was a regular AMAZON PAYER. Everything gets dumped on IPT with the exception of all the audio books that MAM have. Really you only need these 2 trackers. Everything gets dumped on IPT. All you need is a seedbox for a month load it with freeleech build a big buffer plus you will build your zap points up. Then you can sit back and relax knowing you can zap your downloads and never have to bother with ratio problems. I'm working on building a big buffer atm and as soon as i hit 4 weeks i get PU and 3 invites. If you hang around you get one invite free from me:). And if you do ok i can hit you with a MAM invite and once i know your username there i can feed you FL Wedges and Bonus points. This is just my opinion,and everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an arsehole. Merry Christmas.
  10. Got BitMe.tv but its hard to build a ratio. Oh i see it's a very old post.
  11. Hi There, What i've been told those surveys are just a scam. Never tried it. What tracker are you interested in joining?. Cheers
  12. Hi Apollo account still available