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  1. thunderball's giveaways

    @thunderball I apply for GigaTorrents .
  2. BeyondHD News

    New Dupe Release Rules Effective 15th January 2018 no dupes will be accepted for Movie/TV remuxes and Bluray/UHD discs. A dupe is a torrent that is a duplicate of another torrent that already exists on the site. What is a duplicate? - A release with exact same tech specs: same bitrate for audio and video, same languages for subtitles - A source disc with identical tracks (audio/video/subtitles) Identical discs are often released at the same time from groups like CHDBits, MTteam, HDChina. Only one release will be accepted on site. What is not a duplicate? - A release created from a different, higher quality source(s). The Uploader may be asked to provide screen shot proof in some cases, so be prepared. - A release with different run times , e.g. Extended and Director Cuts - A release by an internal release group e.g. FraMeSToR. Internal releases will not immediately trump existing releases, both releases will remain on site at this time. - A hybrid release combining the best video and audio from different sources. - A disc from another region will normally not be considered a duplicate. These rules are being introduced to increase long term retention of releases and remove redundant releases from our catalog. We understand that these changes will impact some Uploaders more than others; we have contacted some of you already; but please work with us and discuss options with us. It will be the Uploaders responsibility to check if a release is a duplicate. A release with no seeders can be trumped. NOTE: Whilst we will not be addressing encodes immediately, our medium term goal will be to move to similar trump rules for encodes. DIY Full Discs DIY discs. Any altered disc is not allowed on site even if it's as simple as DIY subtitles, custom menus, etc. If the integrity of the original disc has been altered in anyway, it will not be allowed at BHD. So original retail source discs only please.
  3. Efectodoppler News

    Translated by Google Translate THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Thank you very much to all those who have participated in the Christmas Challenge. The truth is that the dopplerteam doubted that he would achieve the goal. Incredulous! I had faith ... They are few but courageous. I repeat, thank you very much for having dedicated those things that seem so scarce and that are bought at the price of gold: time and dedication to collaborate in this community. It was not without time that the prizes were awarded to the users who worked hard to reach a whopping 10,000 torrents. Nice battle between the first place for Bolido and the second rodcas2. Gwaihir keeps the third place. https://i.imgur.com/tLUzzAOl.jpg Give by mentioned and congratulated the rest of users who made some contribution during the macabre challenge. The promised 25 bonuses will be swelled in the accounts of every tracker. Take advantage of them well before they expire on 02-17-2018. Have a Happy New Year 2018
  4. Tracker's Name: xseires.tv Genre: TV Sign-up Link: http://xseires.tv/index.php?page=signup
  5. Tracker's Name: TorrentSeeds TS Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://www.torrentseeds.org/signup.php Closing date: soon Additional information: open for few weeks
  6. signup hdme

  7. Tracker's Name: GFXPeers (GFXP) Genre: Other Sign-up Link: https://gfxpeers.net/register.php Closing date: unknown Additional information: GFXPeers is the best graphic related tracker, own by GFXDomain Forum Content is amazing, there are full of graphic related content, keys and more. All of the torrents have a good speed to leech and seed.They have 65k+ users and 19k+ torrents.
  8. HD-Torrents News

    12/01/2018 18:31 New Internal group:: Please welcome our new Internal BiZKiT here
  9. PrivateHD News

    To celebrate the new year we are offering a variety of freeleech picks, chosen by our lazy staff. These FL will last for the next 7 days (the time is noted on the particular torrent). Enjoy! (NOW EXPIRED!)
  10. Bitcool-news

    Dear Users! We want to let you know a sad news that made us deeply shocked. We know with deep pain that you have been a member of our staff Godzilla, who has been an administrator of our site for a long time, today moved to the stars and left us here! We want to honor and commemorate the site for his hardworking, helpful, and persistent, devoted and devoted work to his side! If you want to rescue it please light it yourself by clicking on the picture of a candle! https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Hg3vgpODE...taknapja05.gif
  11. Myxz News (Xtereme Zone)

    All users receiving alerts from the staff will no longer receive a private message, they will need to go through a checkpoint to be able to use their accounts.
  12. RedActed News

    It's that time of the year where we remember and evaluate what the past year has brought to us in many aspects of our lives, and that includes music. So we wanted to direct you all to this thread to make your individual list of your favorite release of 2017. Don't hold yourself back, even if you only really liked one album, please vote for it. You can vote until Jan. 20th.
  13. HD4Free News

    Major db error led us to move to a new tracker code (not to mention the previous horseshit coder work that was done and almost killed the site itself anyhow). We did not get hacked at all. Join our IRC if you are having trouble logging into your old account onto our new platform Your account will not be suspended for inactivity at all Updating landing page with IRC info for everyone so please check back.
  14. SuperBits News

    Hello We want to be sure to welcome all new members, fun with some new people. We drive on FL until the 10th out. Want to remind our new members about TorrentsMatcher. The program for traveling and uploading releases as you have been lying on your disks. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux and handles it all automatically. https://superbits.org/forum/5/topic/...rrents-matcher https://superbits.org/forum/5/topic/...s-matcher-beta By the way, we have done a new Autodl-Irssi script. With a few more parameters, one can now choose if you just want to have scene or p2p, freeleech, torrent size. And have added so it is possible to sell between new and archive if you want. The script will find you here https://pastebin.com/jEcj5gSd and it works in a new IRC channel #autodl. We have also added two new categories for Danish and Norwegian TV under "TV Series". You can now also set if there are Danish, Norwegian or English subb on what is being uploaded. A little left to do, but a start iaf. Everything has rolled on much better after switching server. There have been some issues with red torrents, but it should be resolved now. Some have had to change DNS servers. / Staff
  15. Abnormal News

    https://i.imgur.com/QrBEzUM.jpg We are pleased to extend our best wishes for happiness, health and prosperity for this new year that we are going to start together. You will certainly have noticed the improvements that we have made in our Tk this year, and hope that they have met your expectations, our wish is to make our Tk as pleasant as possible and that the improvements meet your needs. After a review of this past year, we can qualify this year as positive: new members, new internal teams and we associate to this success all those who have made it possible to see the successful completion of these projects, the members, the uploaders, ABN Team and Staff. Thank you all We hope to count you among our members for many years and from our side, to remain your favorite Tk. Happy New Year everyone, ABN staff, Abnormal, Antoine, Jeanjean1941, MrMouton, Razerblade, Roro7302 and Supercalifragilistic https://i.imgur.com/LXBjJyx.jpg