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  1. yeah since I already have a HDT account I'll just stick to that for now
  2. misc Revolt | misc

    so basically a dead forum with no content? also recommendations on the top music trackers currently? used to have what.cd account, havent used a private music tracker in a while...
  3. hoping for a peaceful political solution to all this... If not world markets will be down and I'll be losing a lot of money lol
  4. Most Full Bluray is freeleech? that sounds amazing. How does this compare to HD-Torrents content wise?
  5. Dead tracker? Was going to ask whats the BD remux content is like on there
  6. Best genre of music

    Trap life
  7. PES or FIFA

    FIFA for sure. Player base, updates, whole gameplay experience is much smoother
  8. Hello everybody

    ask ethan or post of the buying request section. most likely you'll find what you need
  9. audio books?

    Myanonamouse is the best tracker for audiobooks
  10. torrentleech.

    they open invites very frequently huh?