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  5. Nigeria: The Lagos Division of the Federal High on May 24 ordered the Nigeria Police Force to pay N10 million damages to Uchechukwu Chukwuma, a businessman arrested for pirating Nollywood movies. Muslim Hassan, the judge, said the police violated Mr Chukwuma’s fundamental human rights, including his right to personal liberty. Mr Chukwuma had instituted a N100 million fundamental rights enforcement suit against the National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) and the Nigeria Police Force after he was arrested and detained for almost two months, last year. “It is clear that the second respondent (the State Criminal Investigation Department) has no respect for the rule of law or the Constitution of Nigeria,” said the judge. “The power of the police to investigate is not a licence to violate the Constitution.” The judge, however, held that the NFVCB could not be held liable in the suit since they did not detain the applicant but merely reported him to the police. The police arrested Mr Chukwuma, a businessman at the Alaba International Market in Ojo, Lagos, on August 31 last year and detained him at the Ojo Police Station. The next day, he was taken to the Area E Police Command in Festac Town where he was detained for five days. He was later taken to Abuja where he spent another five days in detention before he was released on September 11 on administrative bail. Mr Chukwuma was rearrested on October 16 by the police and detained till November 30 when he was charged to court. The police said Mr Chukwuma was detained based on intelligence reports that he was planning to escape to China. His lawyer said he was humiliated and punished before he was brought to court. “He was detained under inhumane conditions, sleeping on bare floor.” Mr Chukwuma and four others were arraigned last November before Mr Hassan for allegedly duplicating and distributing unclassified, uncensored, and pirated material. They pleaded not guilty to the charges.
  6. Movie Studios Sue Founder & Distributors of Popular ‘Pirate’ App Showbox A large coalition of independent movie studios, including the makers of Dallas Buyers Club, has filed a lawsuit against the alleged 'founder' and several distributors of the popular movie streaming application Showbox. In their complaint, they brand the Android application as a pirate tool that's used to mislead the public. For many years media companies have focused their anti-piracy efforts on pirate sites, including torrent and streaming portals. More recently, these efforts expanded to streaming boxes, with the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) targeting several vendors of such devices. This week, a group of independent movie studios has targeted yet another largely overseen element of the piracy ecosystem. Dallas Buyers Club, Cobbler Nevada, Bodyguard Productions, and several other studios are going after the popular Android-based app Showbox. Showbox hasn’t caught many headlines, but the tool is used by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. It allows users to stream movies and TV shows via torrents and direct sources, all through a Netflix-style interface. In a lawsuit filed at the US District Court of Hawaii, the movie companies are now taking action against several people and sites which distribute the application. This includes the alleged founder and developer ‘Andrew Crow,’ Showboxappdownload.co founder ‘Mark Willow,’ and the people behind Showboxappdownload.com and Showbox.en.uptodown.com/android. In addition, the complaint also targets the persons who made the application available on Rawapk.com/showbox-apk-download/, a repository of APK files. “Plaintiffs bring this action to stop the massive piracy of their motion pictures brought on by the software application Show Box app,” the complaint reads. “The Defendants misleadingly promote the Show Box app as a legitimate means for viewing content to the public, who eagerly install the Show Box app to watch copyright protected content, thereby leading to profit for the Defendants.” The lawsuit follows on the heels of another case where a phone store employee was accused of promoting the Showbox app. Similar to that case, the current lawsuit also relies on input from an alleged user of the application. In this case, that’s Hawaiian resident James Sosa. “I visited the website showboxappdownload.com and followed the instructions on the website to download the Show Box app to my Dell tablet,” Sosa testifies. “The language on the website led me to believe that I could use the Show Box app to watch free movies legally.” From the complaint https://torrentfreak.com/images/showboxsuit1.png According to the movie studios, most of which have thus far been very active in filing lawsuits against individual BitTorrent downloaders, Showbox is a pirate tool, plain and simple. “Defendants promote the use of the Show Box app user for overwhelmingly, if not exclusively, infringing purposes, and that is how the users use the Show Box app,” the studios write. The defendants all stand accused of contributory copyright infringement. The studios are asking the court for actual or statutory damages to compensate their losses, as well as temporary, preliminary and permanent injunctions to stop the allegedly infringing activities. In addition, the studios also request an order preventing internet search engines, hosting companies, domain-name registrars, and domain name registries to stop facilitating access to the allegedly infringing domain names and websites. The two recent Showbox related cases reveal an interesting trend. Where many of these movie studios were previously engaged in so-called copyright trolling lawsuits, they are now going after the people who promote, develop, and distribute a popular streaming app. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues. — A copy of the complaint filed by Venice PI, Headhunter, MON, LHF Productions, Cook Productions, Glacier Films, Colossal Movie Productions, Automata Productions, Criminal Productions, Dallas Buyers Club, Clear Skies Nevada, Bodyguard Productions, I.T. Productions, SVZ Productions, Splintered, Cobbler Nevada and Justice Everywhere Productions is available here (pdf). Source: Torrentfreak.com
  7. FreeLeech [ 97 % ] DoubleUpload [ ON Yesterday, 02:08 PM - 27 May 2018 ] Half Download [ 0 % ]
  8. Google Translation: HTTPS Hello everyone, in the next 24 hours, we will work to pass the Saloon in SSL, that is to say that the Saloon will be a secure site and will have as the beginning of address "https, hoping that we will meet not too much bugs during this change, so do not worry in case of breakdown or difficulty opening the pages of the Saloon. Thank you for your understanding.
  9. Hi there, I am glad to be the bearer of good tidings. Thanks to the generosity of a (very) few of our members, we are able to announce that at least for the next year, we look like we are going to be okay. So, please note, we are not closing, we aren't moving, we are proudly staying ABT!! I do need to stress yet again though, if we had to receive just 5 dollars per year per member we would be 100% okay, not ever having to stress about the bills every month and best of all, I would be spared sending beggars notes out every month asking you for help? So please do consider it, I mean, where on earth can you get thousands of audiobooks for just 5 bucks a year? We try to get you the latest books as fast as we can, and since my last letter to you, I am very happy to see that a good few members have started to share their libraries with us. Thanks to everyone that are willing to put a little bit of effort into building ABT, and don't be shy, upload a few and if you can, donate your share, that's the only way we will prosper ... remember, we take Skrill, PayFast, PayPal (ask me for details) and Bitcoin (over 25 Euro). Thanks again, TG This message was set to the following class(es) USER, POWER USER, VIP, UPLOADER, MODERATOR, ADMINISTRATOR, SYSOP, CODER
  10. ABTorrent freeleech now only for today