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  1. Microsoft seems to be levelling up their game for Xbox One controllers as their latest Elite controller is in works and probably will launch sooner than everyone expected. Xbox One Elite Controller made its debut in 2015, despite being pricey it was really a huge success and since then people have been hearing rumours that it will launch soon. As revealed by Tom Warren, an editor at The Verge, announced through Twitter that the second Xbox One Elite Controller code-named Washburn is going to arrive sometime in October and is going to be available for $149. This new Xbox One Elite Controller is going to have USB-C port to support fast and easy charge with the built-in rechargeable battery and a brand new magnetic connection system as seen in MacBook Pro. The triggers are more sensitive and will travel more to give you more control and will have Bluetooth facility to be used with Windows 10. There’s no confirmation about the relase date so take it with a grain of salt but it seems to release sometime soon as Microsoft knows that it’s been long enough since they released the original. There have been rumours that the Xbox One Elite Controller is going to be discontinued but at least for now it’s confirmed that it’s not. Also, the upcoming controller is going to include features which were missing from the original one which is a great news for all the Xbox fans. We are more than excited to get hands on the upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller when it launches as it’s going to provide us more control over our movements and increase our accuracy in games like Black Ops 4. What features do you want to be included in the upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller? Let us know in the comments below.
  2. Intel has been working on its Discrete GPU for some time with former AMD Radeon Tech Group leader, Raja Kadori. While we weren’t expecting Intel to reveal its discrete GPU but the company has teased it with the first-ever look at Intel Discrete GPU. The video was revealed through the Intel Graphics Twitter account. The video in question just gives us a glimpse of Intel Discrete GPU that Raja Kadori along with a team of developers and designers have been working on. Not only that, Intel has confirmed that Intel Discrete GPU will be in the market in 2020 and will be a “fully compliant DX12 graphics processor”. In the video, we get a glimpse of the Intel discrete GPU which doesn’t give us much. However, this might not be the final design for the Discrete GPU by Intel. Also, it is unknown if the Intel Discrete GPU will be targeting gamers or designers and artists. We will know for sure once Intel properly reveals the GPU along with its specs. Speaking of Intel Discrete GPU, earlier this year Intel revealed a prototype for its discrete GPU at IEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2018. The prototype in question was based on the 14nm process and featured 1.5 billion transistors, frequency range from 50 MHz at 0.51 volts to 400 MHz at 1.2 volts. Intel has been pushing for GPU even for tasks that usually don’t require a GPU to complete. The reason why I have brought this up is that Intel has enabled GPU based threat detection. Intel has worked closely with Microsoft and Cisco to enable anti-virus to use your IGPU to scan for viruses. Microsoft has already integrated the Accelerated Memory Scanning into its Windows Defender. The reason for the GPU based threat detection is to take the load off the CPU as anti-viruses are CPU heavy and in many cases leaves the system not being able to be used as it takes almost all of the CPU resources especially if you are using a mid-range or low-end CPU. As I mentioned earlier that Intel has hired former AMD Radeon Tech Group leader, Raja Kadori, to work on Intel Discrete GPU but, he is not the only one from AMD that Intel has grabbed to work on its GPU. Intel has also hired former AMD Senior Director, Chris Hook. Hook will be “driving the marketing strategy for visual technologies and upcoming discrete graphics products.” Also, Larrabee architect, Tom Forsyth, has also joined Intel to work with Raja Kadori. However, he noted that while he has been hired by Intel to work in Raja’s group but, he currently has no idea on what project he will be working on.
  3. This is not the first time we are digging into the story of Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch console. We have had some reference to this news in the past as well, some a little too recent. However, this is the latest one and comes in a form of leak. The leak appears to be a form of a mistake, which apparently all leaks are that is why they are all called leaks. Now it seems to be that a Redditor was lucky enough to spot a news that seems to give confirmation about Diablo 3 finally making its way to Nintendo Switch. From what we know so far is that the leak was posted on Forbes so that adds to the credibility, now however it seems to have been removed. Based on the claims, it appears to be that the news, also revealed Switch exclusive features as well, like an armor set and some exclusive items. Back in March, we have had multiple various rumors which suggested Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch, in fact, there was a report which attempted to add the same. Apart from that we also have had some potential teases from Blizzard Entertainment themselves, which they soon denied as well. So not sure why Blizzard, would keep on denying this news since everyone is pretty sure that it is happening. Probably one explanation, cashing it in, every ounce of popularity that adds to the hype, is being captured by them to market it when the genuine time comes, which we do not know of. So previous rumors or this latest one, one thing is pretty obvious that Diablo 3 On Nintendo Switch is a definite. What are your thoughts on the news, are you excited or do you think that until the company officially reveals this news, we should not ride the hype bar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the biggest games in work by Nintendo and at their recent Direct presentation, they showed off a new feature for music lovers allowing everyone to listen to their favourite soundtracks just by plugging in your headphones. It’s easy and you can listen up to 900 songs on the go by tucking Nintendo Switch in your backpack. As for the songs, each song is a classic track you would remember always. Each track is done by a famous composer from some other franchise and a different company. Nintendo has made an official list of soundtracks on their Super Smash Bro website and they keep adding more to it which you can take a look at below. Gang-Plank Galleon from Donkey Kong Country arranged by ACE (Xenoblade Chronicles series) Mega Man 4 medley arranged by Jun Senoue (Crush 40 and Sonic series) F-Zero Medley arranged by Takenobu Mistuyoshi (Daytona and Virtua Fighter series) Bomb Rush Blush from Splatoon arranged by Tomoya Ohtani (later Sonic series) City Trial from Kirby Air Ride arranged by Noriyuki Iwadare (Phoenix Wright, Grandia, and Lunar series) Main theme from Breath of the Wild arranged by Yoshino Aoki (Breath of Fire series0 Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2 arranged by Michiko Naruke (Wild Arms series) Noisy Notebook from Snipperclips arranged by Maki Kirioka (Zone of the Enders series and Metal Gear Solid 4) Bomb Rush Blush from Splatoon arranged by Tomoyo Ohtani Other than that if you were disappointed and in fear after watching Mario’s brother, Luigi, being killed at the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct then don’t worry because Nintendo UK has officially assured everyone that Luigi is okay. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to release on December 7 for Nintendo Switch and it’s such a big project that its development was a big secret, not even many people at Nintendo knew about it.
  5. Rockstar Games recently gave us a proper look at Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay along with its world and how it works. The game looks phenomenal as the trailer was showcasing 4K footage running on PS4 Pro. Let’s take a look at the technical aspects of the game and see how Rockstar Games was able to achieve such brilliant results on the console. You can check the full technical analysis of 4K Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay running on PS4 Pro in the video below, courtesy of DigitalFoundry. This is the first game from Rockstar Games that will be coming out for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X as GTA V never got a patch to support the upgraded consoles. First up is the game resolution and the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay analysis reveals that the game runs at native 1920×2160 on the PS4 Pro which is a 12.5% increase in pixels compared to the 1440p resolution which is quite common for games running on PS4 Pro. In terms of FPS, the game holds a firm 30 FPS without any hitch or drop and given that how detailed the game is, the game will probably stay locked at 30 FPS On the upgraded consoles and possibly on Xbox One X too. It is quite obvious that Rockstar Games is very confident about its upcoming game and believes that Red Dead Redemption 2 has the deepest open-world ever featured in a video game. However, the studio has noted that the open-world isn’t a sandbox because in sandbox players can do anything. While in Red Dead Redemption 2 players will be doing things that make sense from Arthur’s point of view that will not break the immersion. R* doesn’t want to call the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 a sandbox. Because in a sandbox, you can do whatever you want. Sure, R* wants to give you a lot of freedom, in their Open World you can do whatever you want, but only as long as it makes sense for Arthur, his story and the world itself. Nothing should break the immersion. Also, while the game isn’t featuring a battle royale mode but, publisher Take-Two hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world action adventure game in development at Rockstar Games and is scheduled to launch on October 26, 2018, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, P4 Pro and the Xbox One X.
  6. The Social Justice Warriors claim to have been rubbed the wrong way with the racist quotes in the gameplay trailer of DOOM Eternal shown at QuakeCon earlier this weekend. Racism is not an issue to be taken casually especially nowadays, but still, id Software decided to go with it using some cold terms in the voiceovers of DOOM Eternal. Political ideology’s ridiculing was felt by many Social Justice Warriors when a hologram spread in blue reminds to call demons as “mortally challenged” as the word demon itself “can be an offensive term”. This reference has got mixed reactions. Some people who simply know how and when to take a joke just enjoyed the pun made by DOOM Eternal developers. Whereas many felt insulted by a disastrous attempt at political correctness in DOOM Eternal. Collin Brefka tweeted this while having a laugh just like any open-minded person would likely do. It appears part of the game involves humanity allowing demons to immigrate to earth, ;D and they destroy the world. An AI read this quote out during the reveal gameplay. ‘Remember demon can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged’ Another quote from DOOM Eternal voiceovers which caused havoc over the internet was ‘Earth is the melting pot of the Universe!’. Let’s look at Windlass having a say about it on Twitter. I watched the gameplay for the new ‘Doom’ game and i can’t be the only who noticed the very obvious anti-immigration rhetoric right? Juxtaposing political announcements like ‘Earth is the melting pot of the Universe!’ with images of a Hell blasted Earth, overrun by demons. Windlass didn’t just stop there he further discussed the ridiculing of political correctness on twitter: Lampooning ‘political correct terminology’ by having a happy-go-lucky hologram announcer saying ‘Demon may be considered offensive, the correct term is ‘mortally challenged!’. There is no way that you can lampoon pro-immigration stances by putting them within a context of a genocidal, demonic invasion from Hell and read it as anything other than reactionary and racist. All in all, fans have started having doubts about DOOM Eternal already following the approach its developers have chosen to go with. Maybe many of the fans just want to enjoy their shooter games and not negate the whole gaming experience. To clear the air Game Designer for DOOM Eternal, Mike Kern also took it to Twitter by stating: Here’s the thing. If you actually get offended about Doom calling Demons “Mortally Challenged,” you are tacitly admitting that your whole “politically correct” ideology is just junk, and therefore easily mocked. In short, you recognized your own BS and got mad someone showed you Maybe id software could change things in the expected upcoming DLC plans for the shooter game. What we must understand is that DOOM Eternal has more to it than just the Hell and Demons. Although the game does make you feel powerful as a Slayer. Source: TopBuzz
  7. Amazon USA is hosting a big sale on video games for all platforms right now, including the most popular first-party Nintendo Switch titles, God of War and more. If you were looking for the perfect opportunity to grab Captain Toad or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, this is your chance. Unlike Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles that have a huge variety of exclusive titles to choose from, Nintendo Switch has a handful of first-party releases that you should definitely try. All those games are now discounted by 25% at Amazon USA for a limited amount of time, so if you’re missing any, go ahead and check them out. Here’s what you can get for cheap right now: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – $44.99 Super Mario Odyssey – $44.99 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – $44.99 Mario Tennis Aces – $44.99 Splatoon 2 – $52.99 Games like Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Breeze are also discounted. Fire Emblem Warriors is now just $35.99, that’s one sweet deal right there. Unfortunately, first-party Nintendo Switch titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Party that are set for release in the future are not discounted but it would be surprising if they were. Seeing all those first-party Nintendo Switch titles discounted comes as a surprise since we seldom see them on sale altogether. The last time was at the post E3 2018 sales available on Nintendo Store, with the same discount. If you are looking for something to grab outside of Nintendo Switch, God of War for PlayStation 4 is also for sale for $44.99 and Vampyr for $39.99. A recent survey revealed that about 70% of consumers who own either a PS4 or an Xbox One, also own Switch. So it seems to fashion a conclusion that perhaps US audience treats Switch as a secondary console. We can say that those who own a PS4 or an Xbox One, purchased Switch as a side option. This is what Nintendo wanted for the console, for it to be owned by everyone even if it’s not meant for everyday gaming.
  8. Nintendo is releasing Nintendo Switch Online next month, their own subscription service for their hybrid console next month, under a 3$.99 price tag. Other than letting you play online and giving you exclusive Nintendo Store deals, Nintendo Switch Online will give you access to a variety of NES retro games, available at launch. A few of the NES games available for free through Nintendo Switch Online have been revealed over the past weeks. The service will feature 20 NES classic games at launch, including Legend of Zelda Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3. The latter has been confirmed through Twitter by Nintendo of America, it won’t even be the most exciting one as there are ten more titles to be revealed before Nintendo Switch Online releases. Some games will support online play which Nintendo calls ”pass the controller mode” for single player games. This service will allow users to take advantage of online features of any game, as well as the Nintendo Switch smartphone app which is used for voice chat. The voice chat service will also be compatible with most playable titles online. Here’s the list of NES titles confirmed for Nintendo Switch Online: Soccer Tennis Donkey Kong Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Balloon Fight Ice Climber Dr. Mario The Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros. 3 We can’t help but wonder if we’ll be able to see more retro titles coming to Nintendo Switch Online from other consoles. Super NES, Nintendo 64 and GameCube had their own libraries of cool games that left their mark in the industry and it would be awesome to be able to play them again without having to plug in our old consoles again. Undeniably, the Nintendo Switch Online service makes Nintendo’s hybrid console the ultimate retro machine. Nintendo Switch already had a big variety of retro games available for purchase in its catalog, however, getting games like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. for only $20 per year will always be appreciated.
  9. You might not be able to think of two games that are more different than Shovel Knight and God of War, but apparently in Cory Barlog’s personal canon the Kratos Shovel Knight cameo is actually canon, taking place in the gap between God of War 3 and the 2018 version of the game. The fact that Kratos was even in Shovel Knight came as a surprise to many when the game was announced to be coming to the Playstation 4. Considering the campy and lighthearted humor of Shovel Knight, many would think that something as edgy and violent as God of War wouldn’t be included in it, even if Kratos is part of a flagship series for the Playstation consoles. But apparently Cory Barlog believes that Kratos traveling through various lands to get to Scandinavia might even take him through the Shovel Knight universe. And Kratos wouldn’t even be the weirdest of the various different cameos in the Shovel Knight world. Players who bought the Xbox version of the game, for instance, could run into the Battletoads, going through a number of different levels with them. After the Kratos Shovel Knight cameo is finished and you’ve defeated the Ghost of Sparta in a duel, you’ll get a good number of rewards for it. This includes 2000 gold and the Grave Digger’s Shovel, which you can turn into the armor merchant in return for the Chaos Armor. That armor allows you to fight with Kratos’s style, and will also alter your armor. God of War’s first series ended in 2010 with God of War 3, though God of War Ascension was released in 2013 as a prologue to the first game. With the Kratos Shovel Knight cameo having Kratos say that his fate lies elsewhere, who knows what other lands he might have visited between God of War 3 and Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight is available on a wide variety of consoles, such as the Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, but you’d only be able to find Kratos in the Playstation 4 game.
  10. Video games are becoming more and more realistic through the years, especially ones with survival elements. Deep Silver has announced such a title today, Outward, which will be “part adventure – part survival” in a world where even spells need to be cast in their own form of ritual. Outward is developed by Nine Dots Studio and Maximum Games and will be published by Deep Silver in early 2019. Just by looking at its trailer, you can take a hint of how big and beautiful the game is. Here’s the description of Outward, as detailed under its Youtube trailer: Embrace the adventurer’s spirit! In OUTWARD, you, the player, aren’t the chosen one from a prophecy: you are an adventurer, a traveler, an explorer. And most importantly, you are vulnerable! Outward is an open world RPG that you play alone or with friends, either online or in split-screen. It’s more than just an open world RPG you can play coop though. You live the life of an adventurer, from his or her humble beginnings up until you become a hardened wanderer, whilst traversing incredible landscapes rich with diversity and life. In Outward, you can play both solo or cooperatively, locally or online as Nine Dot Studio announced. One thing that will make the difference in the game is its frequent auto-saving featuring making hard for you to turn back and redo several instances to your liking. You’ll have to provide for yourself and survive its vast world without the comfort of “rewinding”. Also, every playthrough in Outward will be different. You can play a different character, join a different faction with its own storyline, gain access to different skills and items but get to keep something from your previous playthroughs via the Legacy system. Last but not least, Outward will introduce a smart ritualistic spellcasting system that will make performing spells a more complicated task than just pressing a button. Nine Dots gives the example of a fireball to make it sound more enticing, saying that you must use a firestone to create a fire sigil, then create a spark while standing in the middle of the magic circle to create the fiery projectile. Outward will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will launch both physically and digitally in early 2019.
  11. We got to see a number of different Doom Eternal environments last week at QuakeCon, but all of the different concept images and other small clips have also brought up the prospect of us visiting more Doom Eternal environments than just Hell, Earth, and the Martian moon of Phobos, or possibly others. In the rebooted Doom universe, Hell has been spreading out across the universe for eons, conquering other worlds and utterly destroying them with no one being able to stand against them until the coming of the Doom Slayer. Now, even with Earth being invaded by demons we may be seeing a large number of other areas. One particularly interesting area was a world that didn’t look like Earth or Hell, a city bathed in ominous green light. Whether this is the Doom Slayer’s homeworld of Argent D’Nur or some other story-relevant location. It might even be Heaven, though we don’t know that for sure. Along with a demon-infested Earth, the Doom Slayer will also be traveling to the Martian moon of Phobos, where the gigantic BFG 10,000 is housed. The fact that Doom Eternal environments are already going beyond just two different areas is making it look much more appealing than the first Doom, even disregarding things like the new Praetor Suit, new weapons, new glory kills, and more. id Software has also promised that there would be a deeper story to this new Doom, which is saying something considering that the single player mode of the first Doom game got critical acclaim. Whatever id’s doing, it’ll have to really blow our socks off. However, considering that id’s performance with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus also got critical acclaim, as long as they do the same sort of thing with Doom Eternal. There’s no definite release date yet for the game, but it will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.
  12. Cross platform play has become more and more of a hot-button issue lately as a number of developers release games, only to be unable to make them cross-platform, mainly because of the various excuses that Sony is putting out for the Playstation 4. However, Bethesda cross platform games might change all that. Sony has been in trouble for the cross platform portion of gaming for a while now due to various excuses that it thinks up to avoid having to share games with other consoles. These excuses ranged from the work it would require, to protecting its younger fanbase from being exposed to harmful content, but now they’ve stopped making excuses period. Destiny and Destiny 2, for instance, have had their Playstation versions get extra weapons and armor and missions that the Xbox One and PC don’t have. Fortnite doesn’t allow you to carry progress between versions. And all sorts of different pre-order bonuses that are on the Playstation 4, but not on the Xbox One. Bethesda, however, is putting its foot down now with the upcoming console port of The Elder Scrolls Legends, mainly how there’s absolutely no reason for it to not have cross platform play available. Unlike other would-be Bethesda cross platform games, no exclusive content, no differences in framerate or graphics, or anything that would otherwise prevent the game from being allowed on every console are included. It’s been said previously that the main reason that Sony doesn’t want to open up cross-platform play (even though multiple studios, plus its various other competitors in the gaming market, are all saying that their games are ready to be made cross-platform and are just waiting on their say-so) is mainly the aspect of money, but the console has already carved out a huge lead among the various gaming consoles that that excuse doesn’t hold water anymore. While other Bethesda cross platform games like the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 might have been too risky to bet on with something like this, Elder Scrolls Legends, being a free to play game that doesn’t require much effort to keep running, is a good opportunity. Pete Hines of Bethesda has said that the game isn’t intended to be played walled off from other players, and is willing to fight Sony in order to ensure that cross platform play is implemented for Legends. Legends could open Playstation’s doors to other cross platform games, but we’ll just have to see what happens before Elder Scrolls Legends releases on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Switch later this year.
  13. In this World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Leveling Guide, we will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you level up fast in the newest WoW expansion. As is the tradition, Blizzard always tries to keep the leveling process as dynamic as possible and Battle for Azeroth is no different. If you are leveling from scratch, you will feel the XP requirements have been reshuffled in lower levels while keeping the classic storylines of previous expansions intact. For example, you will be collecting fewer apples and will be more focused on the evolving World of Warcraft. WoW: Battle for Azeroth Leveling In Battle for Azeroth, the level cap has been raised to 120 so for most who played in the last expansion will need another 10 levels to reach the level cap. There will be a lot of us who will start from scratch, especially who do not want to utilize their Level 110 Boost, as they will first want to check the expansion out before deciding on what to play. You will have to complete all the quests in the Dark Shore and complete the Battle for Lordaeron scenario before starting your journey in Battle for Azeroth. When done, you will have to go to Silithus and obtain Heart of Azeroth from Magni and begin your adventure into Kul’Tiras or Zandalar, depending on your faction. Arriving in your faction area will have you choose one of the three starting areas for your adventure. We will discuss in which order you should choose the areas later in the guide. How to Level Up Fast? One of the most important things to note during the leveling process is not to sell any equipment to the vendor but go to the Capital and deconstruct to get the resources you need in Warfront. This works the same as Obliterum Forge in Legion. Scrapping can be done on all the equipment you get in Battle for Azeroth. The new feature which enables PVP earns you an extra 10% XP gain. You can obtain Insightful Rubellight which gives an extra 5% XP. If you are at Level 110 and returning for Battle for Azeroth, you should clear your bags from things that are irrelevant or you do not need for leveling. If you do not have at least 20 slot bags, try to get them as soon as you can. Try to grab as many consumables as you can to both replenish your HP and mana during the course of leveling. This may not be important for some but it can save a lot of time. If you are someone who is starting from scratch at Level 1, get someone to help you get your Heirlooms Gear. Otherwise, you can just farm dungeons until you hit Level 60 and then you will have to do questing, as it may get boring doing the same dungeon repeatedly. Outland and Northrend can be boring or dusty as, in my opinion, the questline is not as smooth compared to the later areas of the game. Dungeons are also a bit harder compared to the legacy content. Northrend, in general, is a bit frustrating, as you need a lot of traveling to do the quest which can get quite boring. In general, it is better to have an off spec of either Tank or Healer to get faster queue in the dungeons. If you are a pure DPS class, try to join a premade group in the Group Finder. If you are starting along someone, be sure to get Refer-a-Friend bonus so when you are leveling together you get extra XP along with other benefits. Leveling Zone Order It is preferable to do the hardest areas first so you can use the benefits of your legendary items. Try to just focus on the main story first and then go for side quests – only if needed. Moreover, the benefits of having a legendary until Level 115 mean you can utilize it where you need the most. For Alliance, you will have to do Drustvar first as its hardest of alliance areas. Completing the hardest areas first will give you a head start in other areas. It is also one of the faster-paced areas which can keep you ahead of the curve. This area will also get harder as you progress so it is better to do it early. Tiragarde Sound is an optimal choice for second areas as it is less clustered with side quests. You should go to Stormsong Valley last as its bigger and require a lot of traveling. You might also not have to finish Stormsong Valley, as you will likely hit level cap before that. For Horde, Vol’Dun the area captures the feel of Battle for Azeroth is both the hardest and continues than other areas in the game. It can get quite frustrating in this area so better to go it early when you can utilize your old gear. The next two areas are highly dependent on personal opinion – Nazmir is filled with mobs and Zaldalar is one of the easiest zones. Personally, I would go Nazmir first than relax in Zaldalar as leveling adrenaline is fading away. Ending levels are bit harder so it is better to keep easier areas to the last. Remember to complete each area for Pathfinder Achievement required for flying in Broken Isles. It is better to do it now than come back later. Recommended Items for Efficient Leveling There were many items in Legion that helped a lot during the leveling process and made the life easier in frustrated areas. There will be many of those collectibles as well which can improve your gameplay so look out for those. If you have enough gold or a rich friend willing to give lend you some, be sure to buy a Goblin Glider which is incredibly helpful during leveling. This is so far everything we have in our WoW: Battle for Azeroth Leveling Guide. If you have some tips to share, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!
  14. Collectibles are a great way to reward yourself and to always be on the lookout for more information regarding to the game. We will be looking at all of The Walking Dead Season Finale Episode 1 Collectibles Locations in this guide. This The Walking Dead Season Finale Episode 1 Collectibles Locations Guide will point you to the locations of all of the collectibles that are a part of the first episode of the game and will guide you through getting your hands on them in a step-by-step manner. The Walking Dead Season Finale Episode 1 Collectibles Locations You can earn 2 Achievement/Trophies when you are on your search for collectibles through the first episode of the game. The first one is ‘Scavenger’ which can be earned when you find all of the collectibles, and the second one is ‘To Make it Look Nice’ which is given when you arrange them at their place. Here are the locations of all 6 of the collectibles in Episode 1. Deer Skull After you see your first zombie, you need to go on and move past the house into the alleyway on the left in order to find the skull. The skull is resting on the barrels towards the end of the alley. Plastic Flowers When you are tasked with following the music to find your friend AJ, you can look underneath the stairs of the school in order to find these flowers. Real Flowers When you defend the school from the zombie attack, you will be tasked with helping AJ make friends. Here, look towards the right corner of the area to find a bouquet of flowers hidden in the dark. The area is towards the right side of Omar and Louis who seem to be cooking dinner. AJ’s Drawing Once you have had dinner, move back to your bedroom and let AJ have his drawing kit. Avoid giving the kit to the girl that comes into the room and then select ‘You can keep it if you like’ in the dialogue options. Here, AJ will draw a picture and give it to you which is the collectible. Before we move onto the final 2 collectibles, create a manual save game because there are 2 different paths in this act and you need to go on both of them in order to get all of the collectibles. Cat Skull When Marlon asks you on whether you want to go fishing or hunt rabbits, choose the fishing option with Violet and Brody. At the fishing hut, you can turn around to find the cat skull above the fireplace. Tenn’s Drawing For this collectible, choose not to go fishing and when you return from the station, a picture will be drawn by Tenn and he will ask you to be a part of it. Choose to be in it by selecting the ‘Sure, Draw me in.’ option. He will give you the picture after that and that will be the final collectible. Once you have found all of the collectibles, walk around the room at the beginning of Act 3 and place all of the collectibles to unlock the ‘Make it Look Nice’ Trophy. That is all we have for our The Walking Dead Season Finale Episode 1 Collectibles Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!
  15. Monster Hunter is a game that has you kill monsters to ensure you are able to live and are able to increase your rank in its multi-dimension progression system. Our Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide is a compilation of everything that you need to know when playing the game, in extreme detail. Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide We have done many guides for Monster Hunter and this Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide has all of them in a single place. Whether you want to kill a monster that is being a pain in your behind or need help with farming, we have got you covered. Let us go ahead and discover all there is to know about Monster Hunter: World. From the very basics to the advanced stuff which can help you become a very successful hunter. Getting Started This is a good place to start, as it will give you some of the basics of the game such as how you are able to fast travel in the game and how to get started. How Crafting Works? This guide is great if you want to get accustomed to all of the recipes that are available for you in the game. It will also tell you how you are able to craft all of the items and the different types of items available to you. Best Weapons This guide is perfect for someone who wants to be acquainted with all of the weapons that are present in the game. A detailed explanation is given so that you know which weapon should be used for which situation. How to Upgrade? This guide is great once you have acquainted yourself with all of the weapons. Upgrades are the main way to keep up with the advanced monsters which you face in the later stages of the game, and you can see all of the upgrade paths in our Upgrades Guide. Are there Mounts? Once you have learned all the weapons, look at our Mounts Guide to know which of the monsters you are able to use for your very own benefits. Combat Tips This guide is your one-stop on how to actually use your weapons and the mounts when in live battle with various different monsters that are a part of Monster Hunter: World. Look at all of the tips and tactics required to kill the monsters using our Combat Guide. Monsters This is a good place to start for when you are feeling stuck trying to kill monsters. Remember that this is a brief guide that will be good for killing monsters who are not that great. Beginners will find this guide quite useful and can look at our Monsters Guide. Best Skills Skills are a good way to have an edge once you find out that weapons are not cutting it. There are a lot of different skills that you can use and this Skills Guide. Best Armor You should already know a lot about offense by now but defense is just as important. Look at our Armor Guide to find out which armor is the right one for you. How to Earn Research Points Knowledge is also very important as it can allow you to make immense progress in the game. Research Points are important but a little bit difficult to understand. All of that is made easier if you look at our Research Points Guide. How Multiplayer Works? Now that you are aware of all of the extreme basics of the game, go online and fight the monsters with your friends using our Multiplayer Guide which tells you on how to set up multiplayer and how to get the most out of it. How to Fish Fishing is one of the ways that you can add depth to your game. It is a fun way to be able to get some food or some other minor resources. Fishing is not that difficult but many players are not aware of its potential, so this Fishing Guide is a good place to start. Complete Assigned Quests Since the main storyline is not enough to satisfy a fair amount of players, there are many side quests in the game. A comprehensive guide on all of them is available at SegmentNext, so look at our Assigned Quests Guide. How to Complete Bounties Bounties are another extra addition to the game which can increase the replayability of the game. They are perfect for upgrading your character and his/her weaponry, and you can access our Bounties Guide. Investigations Walkthrough Guide Investigations are once again in addition to the game which adds a little bit of diversity to the constant grinding nature of the game. Look at our Investigations Guide to find out how they work. Boulder Bone Guide Armor crafting is one of the things that you are allowed to do in order to have some control over which defense tactics you are using. Look at our Boulder Bone Guide to figure out how the system works. How to Get Palicoes? Palicoes is a companion that you get which can be incredibly helpful with its gadgets and equipment. Palicoes can be very useful if you know how to use him, and our Palicoes Guide will tell you exactly that. Expeditions Guide These expeditions are done in multiplayer and thus, may require some patience and learning in order to understand how to set them up and execute them. Look at our Expeditions Guide. Mantles Want to know what mantles are? Want to know how you can use them to benefit you? Do not worry; just look at our Mantles Guide. Best Augmentations There are 2 things that this guide helps you with. The first is how you can get Streamstones, and the second one is adding Augmentations. Look at our Augmentations Guide. Affinity Guide Weapon affinity can be a massive factor in how well it performs while going toe to toe with some of the monsters in the game. In order to figure out how to increase your affinity, look at our Affinity Guide. How to Defeat Deviljho Deviljho is one of the toughest monsters in the game. There is a lot of preparation required and many upgrades before you can take on Deviljho. For all the information on this wretched beast, look at our Deviljho Guide. Mega Man Palico Set Guide You can use our Mega Man Palico Set Guide to figure out how to unlock this new set for your character. How to Defeat Behemoth As new content is constantly is added to the game constantly, there are new enemies for you to fight. Behemoth is a monster that is incredibly difficult to take down, so look at our Behemoth Guide to figure out how. That is all we have for our Monster Hunter: World Mega Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!