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  1. recently it was open! so how do you rat e this trackers?
  2. done that long time ago but good it is no no more a virus its said as "eicar antivirus test file" if iam right
  3. My favorite Staff member

  4. can anyone answere this?????????

    they are under your avatars i think they're of no use because its better to have a invite or upload credit rather than wasting to buy a custom title. <_<

    kapsersky internet security 2011 is the best i ever used.. with free pirated licence lol :P
  6. Free seedbox

    and by the way why my rep went down...... i know that free seedboxes but still waiting for someone to help me......
  7. actually their tracker announce is not working because of the databases, recently there was a dbconnect error i think they use same integrated tracker with the script they designed or the one which they're using hope it'll work soon, till then use any other sites. ;)
  8. Lastest News about BCG

    its back now again :D
  9. Lastest News about BCG

    its again down!!
  10. many of you have a long list of tracker do you open it daily??? its hard to do so....
  11. Free seedbox

    no one someone please help me
  12. i have slow speeds can someone please afford to give me a small space in their seedbox really would appreciate it. i posted on other forum lets see who gives first.