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  1. A: You need 20 posts in order to open a Request Thread. Spamming is not allowed to increase post count and if found doing so, you will be warned and eventually banned if repeated again.

  2. A: No and no. While we cannot prevent you from sharing your account with other users, we will ban your account if we detect that you are. Any violations committed by individuals using your account is still your responsibility. If you are in need of another account for family or spouse living under the same roof, you may contact a Staff Member.

  3. A: Absolutely nothing. There are no second chances. If you believe you have been banned unjustly, you may contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or via our Contact Form. Do not attempt to create another account. Please be ready to provide corroborating evidence that proves you have been unjustly banned. 99.99% of unjust banning claims are proven to be false.

  4. You can bump your topic once every 24 hours.

  5. A: InviteHawk is a torrent forum where you can find invites to all Private Torrent Trackers. You can Buy, Sell, Trade or find Giveaways for Private Torrent sites. Others things you can find here are tracker news, open-signup trackers, tons of exclusive tracker reviews, tutorial & guide about torrenting etc.

    We also have a Members Shop where users can exchange Bonus Points for tracker invites.

    There are a bunch of other services offered by @Ethan such as YouTube Upgrade, Spotify Upgrade, PSN and Nintendo Games, Google Drive Upgrade. For an entire list, visit Other Sales.

  6. A: Some sections require you to fulfill certain requirements in order to see/post in the forum.
    For Example
    : You need 20 posts to open a Request Thread.

  7. A:  Proofs are required while posting at three places - Regular Sellers Section, Trade/Exchange Torrent Invites & Accounts & Torrent Invite Giveaways.

    When you open a Selling or Trading thread, someone from staff will contact you for proofs depending on the trackers you list. Submitting proofs for Selling or Trading is compulsory and if denied, you will be considered a high risk user and will be banned.

    When applying for a giveaway, the OP might ask for proofs in order to decide if you are a good user or not. Providing proofs here is optional and the OP can decide if he still wants to invite you or not.

    Click Here for a Tutorial on 'How to Make Ratio Proof, Speedtest and Seedbox Proof'

  8. A: You can use any of the following options:

    P.S Our mods and Admins receive multiple daily PM's, so we may not respond to you as quickly as you'd like. Kindly be patient.

  9. A: Some warning points are temporary while some are permanent. Warning points are given based on what rules were broken. Points cannot be removed if its a permanent warning. Temporary warning points are automatically removed once the warning expires.

  10. A: Contact @Ethan or @J.Stash if you wish to advertise on InviteHawk.

  11. A: If you find a post or topic that is violating the guidelines, kindly report it using the 'Report' option on the post.


  12. A: Putting it bluntly, it's none of your concern. We respect our users' privacy on InviteHawk and any actions taken against an account is confidential. We will never disclose the details surrounding a banning or moderated post/topic unless it is absolutely necessary.

  13. A: Unless requested, you should only PM a Staff member when:

    • You need further clarification on our policies
    • Wish to discuss a warning or suspension issued against your account
    • Need to create secondary accounts for family / spouses
    • Having issues contacting Ethan or myself (other Staff can send us reminders)
    • Friendly correspondence such as simple conversation or perhaps an invite to a fantasy league is acceptable
    • Do NOT send Staff PMs for support, complaints about other members, to report a content broken, or anything that can be handled through the appropriate systems and channels.


    • Throughout the month, users will cast their vote for InviteHawk's newest MOTM. At the end of the month, Ethan or Jordan will review the voting results and select the newest MOTM based on those results.
    • For example: the community will vote throughout the month of June and at the end of the month, a MOTM will be selected. That MOTM will be honored throughout the month of July. It works retroactively.

    Who can vote?

    • Everyone except for Guests and Inactive Members.

    Who can be nominated?

    • Everyone but Guests, Inactive Members, Newbies, and Retired Staff. You cannot vote for yourself either.

    Where can I view the MOTM?

    • We'll have a widget displayed on the front page, positioned just below our Posts feed. There is also an Archive button displayed on that widget that will redirect you to invitehawk.com/motm.

    Are there any rules to this thing?

    • Do not create topics, status updates, or send PMs asking to be voted for (this includes Discord). There is no campaigning.
    • Do not attempt to bribe other users for votes or offer your vote in exchange for some sort of compensation.
    • Don't troll and vote for members who are banned, obnoxious, or otherwise undeserving.
    • Be humble.


  14. A: Yes, InviteHawk is absolutely legal. We neither offer nor allow any copyrighted content on this site.

  15. Send a PM to JORDAN to work out the details.

  16. Yes, anyone with unlimited invites may open recruitment. You have to maintain our tracker requirement rule, here's the Rule There must also not be a current, active recruitment for that tracker, as we only allow one recruitment thread per tracker. We do not require you to have permission from your tracker, however we are not responsible for what may happen to your account if they are displeased with your decision to recruit. After that you just post Here your tracker requirement thread. 

  17. A:

    From Newbie to Members:  50 posts are required and you should have be a member for atleast 14 days
    From Members to Advanced members - 75 posts are required and you should have been member for atleast 28 days

  18. A: We have the following privileges for newbie, members and advanced members:


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