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  1. A: Raffles is a new lottery/lucky draw based system. There are several use case scenarios for it but for now it is mainly being used to giveaway Weekly and Monthly Seedboxes as well as Free Bonus Points. In the future, it may be used to giveaway other items such as Torrent Sites, Gift Cards, etc.

  2. A: Each raffle has its own restrictions. You can see the restrictions and your eligibility when you visit the Raffle page. If you have an option to participate, that means you are eligible to take part in the raffle. Some raffles are free to enter while some require payment in form of Bonus Points to participate.

  3. A: Each raffle has its own end date. Once the raffle ends, the system will automatically choose winner(s) and users will be notified. The results will also be displayed on the Raffle page.

  4. A: Once the results of a raffle are out, the prizes are delivered within 24 hours.

  5. A: Please make sure you double check if you fulfill all requirements. The system is automatic and there is no reason why it wouldn't let you participate if you fulfill the requirements. If you are still facing an issue, send @Ethan a message and he will sort it out for you.

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FAQ By Flash Modding