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User Profile and Account Settings

  1. A: Members are not permitted to change their display name by default. However, you have two options:

    • Donate at least $10¬†and you'll unlock the Hero tier, granting you¬†the ability to alter your display name.
    • Contact Jordan¬†or Ethan via private message¬†and request a display name¬†adjustment. Please note that if you choose this option, you must provide a valid reason. Simply not liking your name, for example, is not a valid reason.
  2. A: Although we don't want you to go and want to improve to meet your expectations. We give you the ability to delete your account. To delete your account, go to Account Settings and select delete my account tab from the left panel. Alternately you can follow this link to make request: http://www.invitehawk.com/settings/deletemyaccount/

    All requests will be reviewed by Staff (admins) to approve or deny the request. The whole user content (topics, posts, attachments, polls, etc.) will be preserved; only the account will be deleted.

  3. A: We let members to set their social profile links and show them on their profiles, topic posts and hover card. To do this just click the drop-down menu under your Display Name on the top of the page and select Social Info under settings. We support Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, GitHub, Steam, Instagram, LinkedIn, Skype and Discord.

  4. A: Its always good to let users know that you are away for a specific reason. You can setup this status by clicking your Display Name on top of page with a drop-down option and go to your Account Settings. There you will find Member Away settings. Just post a reason and specific duration of your absence.

  5. Member Reputation Levels :

    Bad : -20 points (permanently banned)
    Poor : -10 points (account will be suspended for 30 days)
    Neutral : 0 m0Jwefn.jpg
    Good : 10 points hcFbX3a.jpg
    Excellent : 50 points uwQH1bX.jpg
    Trusted User : 100 points E7A4jEm.jpg
    Honored User : 300 points OkTSg14.jpg
    Prestiged User : 500 points cckvMjY.jpg
    InviteHawk Legend : 1000 points sZJs3GV.jpg


  6. Click on your profile, you can see your reputation on the left hand side. It's essential to maintain a positive reputation to become trusted on this forum. Negative reputation is bad for your respect on the forum and we may disable your account if you have too many negative reps.

    Example : MpfWUsz.png

  7. First, find an image that you like. Then you will have to find a place to host it, such as Imgur. Upload your image and all you need to do is to copy the URL which you get and paste it in the Avatar Field in your profile.

    NOTE : Accepted file types gif,jpeg,jpe,jpg,png.Max file size 0.05MB

  8. Here is the easiest way to submit feedback according to the new style of site.

    1. Click on member feedback ADEWIsc.jpg
    2. Click on Add Feedback.xD1dm6b.jpg
    3.  Check Pic for all steps and you are done.HgyBlJR.jpg
  9. CXYevE6.jpg

    All these reactions act as a rep except sad and confused reaction do not act as a Rep. So if you want to give rep on someone posts you should click on Like/Thanks/UPVOTE any of these reaction.It'll work like rep.

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