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1.How to check how many Bonus Points do you have?

-You can check the Bonus Points you have by two ways: Member Shop page or Profile Page



2.How to redeem Bonus Points for Invites, Accounts, Seedboxes, Profile Upgrades and Other things?

-You may click on 'Members Shop' in the Navigation Toolbar.


-Then, you can view all the different things available to exchange or select a particular category you are interested in on the right hand side.


- After you find the item you want to exchange your bonus points for, you buy it. The bonus points will then be deducted from your account and the item will be added to your account.


-You may access the item by going to the 'My Items' section of the Members Shop.

-You may then either send your item to another user or redeem it for yourself from the 'My Items' Page.


Once you redeem it, I am notified about it and I will send the invite/account/seedbox within 7days.

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