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    Tracker Name : TorrentLeech Signup Link : http://torrentleech.org/user/account/signup Genre : General Closing Date : Additional Information : TorrentLeech is open for signups and valid for the first 10k ppl only Use code SUMMER2014
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    Is there any seedboxes that you know of that take credit cards for us who do not like paypal, or really understand bitcoins
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    Tracker Description tvt.ro tracker is Romanian dedicated to all great tv upload and download speeds, have a great time in the pre-releases, this tracker allows everyone to upload, making the launch time of the episodes more quickly, the tracker is originally in Romanian but the site is translated into English, making a universal site, FAQ and Rules are very clear and specific. Freshon.tv has a lot of original features like recommandations from their members and a complete calendar of all the TV shows. Applicants call dibbs below and PM me or CKlein your proofs- (unedited SS of your profiles at two decent level trackers confirming high ratios + speedtest) Proofs not necessary for >=VIP Finally, please be sure to read our Rules & FAQs regarding Clients, Ratios, etc. Requirements : 1 week old on this forum 20 Non-Spam Posts You shouldve Donated 25$ or more VIP's with less than 25$ donated, need 50 Posts to apply Rules : One Invite per User. Regards, Ethan!
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    Tracker Name : movie-Torrent Signup Link : http://movie-torrentz.tv/account-signup.php Genre : Movies Closing Date : n/a Additional Information : n/a
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    Tracker Name : Matrix Virovitica Signup Link : http://matrix-virovitica.com/signup.php Genre : General Closing Date : n/a Additional Information : croatian private tracker
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    Tracker Name : Oxygene-HD Signup Link : https://oxygene-hd.org/sbg_login_classic.php Genre : HD Closing Date : n/a Additional Information : french private tracker
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    Tracker Name : World Wrestling Torrents Signup Link : http://worldwrestlingtorrents.net/register.php Genre : sports Closing Date : soon Additional Information : World Wrestling Torrents is private tracker for professional wrestling
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