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    FAQ Seeding Tips & Tricks for Specific Private Trackers We probably do not have to tell you that maintaining a good sharing ratio on your private trackers is crucial to keeping the account. Period. However, no tracker is alike - we would like to break this down a little further and delve into the seeding secrets behind individual trackers. As an example, new users to and Waffles will wonder how it can ever be possible to make it to Power User, when the torrents just do not seem to seed. TorrentLeech and RevTT users may find it extremely easy to buffer their accounts in no time at all at these 0day trackers. So instead of seeing "This account has been disabled", we would rather you be privy to a great buffer. The "I need a seedbox" Myth: While a seedbox can (and will) greatly improve your ratio at a much faster rate than seeding through a home connection, especially for 0Day sites, it is not necessary for most trackers. While the fact remains that many trackers comprise of members that use RSS feeds hooked up to a powerful seedbox, or, IRC feeds that run straight from the #announce channel, there are many clever options to circumvent this with a home BitTorrent client. You will probably not hit a 1:1 ratio in ?Torrent within the first 24 hours - patience is the key. Looking below, the Seedbox required? is not mandatory - but rather a suggestion or benchmark based on torrenting experience. The Trackers: This is anything but an exhaustive list of private trackers and their respective "seeding" tips. We have purposely omitted the "easier" ones such as Libble, STMusic, Torrent-Damage, etc. (due to high availability and user count) whereby even if your account becomes disabled, you will probably be able to sign up for another one (or find another invite quite rapidly). For that, most low-level trackers are not included in the list. BitMe / BitMeTV BM & BMTV do not have a freeleech category so you will need to use your wits. There is no Uber-trick here, you will simply need to seed for a long period of time, and be patient. With BM, jump on the latest stuff, and keep an eye on the Web Design/Photoshop torrents - these are always popular. BMTV Tips: All the files are already extracted from the RARs, so you will be able to preseed - that is, download a torrent from another tracker, extract it, and re-seed it back. This tip works well with BMTV since their pre-times are substantially slower than most of the 0day trackers. Another tip is to stick to the big TV shows (Heroes, Lost, Scrubs) as they'll be certain to have a lot of new leechers coming into the torrent down the road. You will also be able to upload your own torrents once you hit 5GB upload with a 0.65 ratio. Seedbox required? High Freeleech? NO We can say this: There are 100,000 members at BitSoup - certainly a few of them are leeching. Freeleech torrents not required. Users will be able to arrange the torrents in the leecher column from high-to-low, and use these top torrents to build a fantastic buffer. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? NO Cinemageddon Cinemageddon is easy to seed on - just look for the "bonus torrents" as represented by the different coins. Take this a step further by filtering the search results to show only these "bonus" releases. Ratio buffering should not be a problem, as uploading is highly encouraged (and rewarded). Got an account at Karagarga? Then start uploading content from there to CG. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES DeepBassNine It?s not an simple task to seed torrents at DB9 - even the freeleech torrents (110 of them) are starved for leechers. Worse yet, you will need to apply to become an uploader. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? NO Demonoid Downloading torrents tagged as external will not help your ratio at Demonoid one bit. Sadly, those are also the ones with the highest seed/leechers (and, ironically enough, they are also the slowest due to public trackers). If you are trying to build a buffer, you might want to filter the torrents to show "Demonoid" as the tracker. In any event, seeding at Demonoid is dead-simple as there are hundreds of thousands of other users. While you will not be able to filter the results by leechers (high-to-low), use their "Home" link to show the most popular torrents per category for a good idea of what will do well. In a test, we seeded just one torrent (in a seedbox) to a ratio of 40:1 in less than 18 hours. Seedbox required? Low Freeleech? YES FunFile / Pretome We should not need to help you with these two. Yes, there is a category for Free Torrents however, you will hardly need it. Home BT client seeding is dead-simple - torrents will do well from wherever you seed them from, and H&Runners are rampant. Seedbox required? Low Freeleech? YES Horror Charnel There are two ways to filter the torrents that are tagged "free" - either browse the "Free" category, or choose something from the TOTM (Theme of The Month) which are perpetually freeleech torrents. You?ll also be able to upload your own stuff to THC. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? ?? With 59,000 seeders and just 1,900 leechers, we suggest you get a seedbox for iPlay if you want to keep the account healthy. As a rule, the more "elite" a tracker, the less leechers there are. Seedbox required? High Freeleech? NO Karagarga Ah, next we move on to Karagarga - the movie tracker with seeding habits comparable to What & Waffles! KG is so scattered with great movie torrents that it is really difficult to tell what is hot - uploading is tricky to say the least (seedbox or not). Not just that, but torrents with a high leecher number are insidiously misleading (click the details of one of these torrents, and you will see the bold warning!) since the tracker is plagued with partial seeders. Similar to W&W, users are permitted to upload their own content, which is where your "MoM" can help. The MoM - aka "Master of the Month" is a chosen theme in which users are heavily encouraged to down/upload releases related to the MoM. We will not go into specific details here. If you are a fan of KG, likely none of this is new info to you. Community is the greatest aspect to KG, and thankfully it remains on the cold-list for private tracker collectors. Seedbox required? Med-high Freeleech? YES I am not Russian, but I managed to figure out how to manipulate the search filter to show freeleech torrents (see right->). There are not many of them, and they usually consist of large music packs. The Seed/Leech ratio is not lop-sided; however there is not much of either - speeds in both directions are lacking for most of the torrents. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES With Romanian Metal Torrents (RMT), you will be able to filter the torrents to show the freeleech ones (with the gold coin), which comprise mostly of large custom packs. These do exceptionally well over time, even on a home connection (although seedbox FTW!). Stick with these to buffer your account to an obscenely high number. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES PeerPortal Freeleech torrents at PP are always highlighted in green (typically these are always special PP "packs"), so there is little guesswork as to which torrents will do well. Even with these packs, you will find it a daunting task to seed here without a seedbox, as there are only 135 leechers for 3,000 torrents. Yes, everyone at PP has a seedbox - home seeding is almost impossible. Seedbox required? High Freeleech? NO RevolutionTT RevTT is a popular 0day tracker (on par with TL) that does not offer any direct freeleech, although they do tend to run site promos fairly often. Being a somewhat large tracker with 50K members, seeding should not be a problem for most users. The "Bar Packs" in Music/Packs category comes out every week, and proves to be a good catch for incoming leechers - as does anything new in the the Movies/XVID category. Hapless users are able to purchase upload credit via way of donations, if need be. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES SCC Seeding new torrents at SCC is not as tough as one might think, but it is fairly difficult without a seedbox. If you do not own one then use the "Archives" section in the top menu - torrents here are always freeleech. Additionally, there is also a freeleech MP3 section as well. Seedbox required? High Freeleech? NO SceneFZ For SceneFZ, you will need to do a "complex" search, and play around with the filters to gauge what is popular, since you can not arrange the torrents by clicking on S/L columns. SceneFZ packs do well, as do anything else that is brand new to the tracker. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES TehC is a fairly easy tracker to seed on. While you will have a hard time browsing the freeleech torrents, they do exist and are represented by that ubiquitous spinning gold coin. TehC also offer "x0" and "x2" torrents, which respectively means (0x download, 1x upload) and (1x download, 2x upload). Surely these are enough options for anyone to maintain a good sharing ratio. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES A great thing about TorrentBytes is the robustness of large packs, which are always freeleech. Users can filter the search criteria to show these free torrents, just select one of the */Pack options from the search dropdown box. With almost 70,000 users, it is hardly a tracker that is difficult to seed on - your dog could do it. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? NO TorrentLeech For a general 0day tracker that offers no freeleech whatsoever, it is very easy to seed at TL (seedbox not required). There are a zillion leechers for almost everything, and the ever-popular "Movies/XVID" category provides some of the best seeding opportunities. If you are savvy enough to jump on the latest popular torrents, it is easy to hit 1:1 quickly, even with uTorrent at home. New members to TL may struggle with their ratio initially due to the wait-time imposed on new accounts, but after that it is smooth sailing. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? NO TranceBits There is no browsable freeleech category at TranceBits, but you will be able to find most of them in the "TranceBits Packs" torrent category. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES / When it comes to seeding, What and Waffles are almost identical. You will need to be clever enough to jump on the newest popular releases, so a varied knowledge of music does not hurt. There is almost no freeleech torrents, although both trackers will offer certain promos from time to time, so take full advantage of it. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES With 13,000 seeders and just 750 leechers (5K total users) one would assume it should be difficult to seed well at x264. Thankfully they have a "Free" category - look for it underneath the listing of all torrents. Seedbox required? Med Freeleech? YES Trackers with No Ratio: You will simply need to seed from anywhere between 48-72 hours to stay in the good graces of these ratio-free trackers (although good members tend to seed much longer):
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    I tried this neat tip of speeding up my ftp download from my seedbox. I used to have an average of 50kb/s download on a single 4.4GB file, using Filezilla. It was frustrating to keep the machine running for more than 10hours just to download it, its useless having a seedbox if I just have to keep the computer on. So, I stumbled on Filesharefreak's tips on how to speed my ftp download. It was multi-threading vs segmented downloading. Filezilla has multi-threading, but doesn't support for segmented yet. Multi-threading vs Segmented. — A common misconception is that multi-threading = segmented downloading. This is not the case. GoFTP is a client that claims to support multi-threading, but in truth doesn’t offer segmented. Segmentation allows an FTP client to split a single large file into multiple parts and use multiple transfers to download those parts simultaneously (ie - separate segmented parallel FTP connections). These parts are then recombined into a single file upon completion. Before, I was using my linux desktop to download. But since LFTP is a command line, and as a noob in linux, I went for CuteFTP and used my Windows laptop to download. Currently, I was able to download a maximum of 12.0mbs with 1.xxmbs and 2.xxmbs each segments of a 4.4GB file. But my average was around 900++kbs on a single file with 100++kbs each segments. See how much difference it did take against on my old speed. You can read the whole article, plus the FTP clients that you can use for segmentation: By reading some comments, you can also have other alternatives, but for now, I am good with this. I just have one CON: I have to restart the queue of the files from time to time since sometimes the speed halts and shows as "?"... which I don't know if the downloading still runs or not. I'm not sure if its a software issue (patch). One tip from me: If one of the segments shows up a yellow exclamation triangle that signifies an error, and on the session log (COMMAND/STATUS) you see an error of '500 Illegal Port', check the port of the segment. Right click on the segment file with error, select Properties. If the Transfer Mode is set to Port, change it to Auto. Then 'Transfer Selected' to restart transfer of the segment. Little Disclaimer: I'm no pro, I just speak from experience. I'm not really a user of CuteFTP, I'm usually using Filezilla. FTPES / FTP over explicit TLS/SSL + Segmented Downloading = Much Better. P.S. If you tried the segmented downloading or already doing it, let us know your before and after speed results within this thread. It might help to know it is working either with little or huge difference, or not working at all. Screenshots of the speeds would be better. Happy downloading.
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    Hello all, I'm Ola, in my 40s and I like reading. I found InviteHawk when I clicked a link to an article on how streaming model could ignite a new piracy war. I do a web search for whatever I want with torrent in the search string rather than use a Bit torrent site. I do not use the same browser for trackers and InviteHawk Looking forward to this new experience.