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IPTorrents has been around since 2006, as has become the building block for a lot of torrent-eers. It is THE best General Tracker out there, PERIOD. It is an essential tracker, and has somehow managed to be 'The jack of all trades' and 'master of all' simultaneously. Content-wise, it can put up a pretty good fight against all the high-end trackers; There isn't much you can't find on IPT that is available elsewhere. The majority of torrents are seeded very well, even the ancient ones. But don't let this scare you. Ratio building is easy, not only because of the big swarm, but also because they have many FreeLeech torrents which along with the Bonus Points can help achieve a decent ratio

  • On IPTorrents users can find anything TV Shows/ Movies/ Music/ XXX/ Games/ 0Day
  • Whether this is pre-times, content, speed, retention periods or even the community, there is no competition among the other general trackers out there.

IPTorrents doesn't have a good reputation because of the staff. Only by searching the internet you will find many users dissatisfied with the abuses of the staff. I personally didn't have a problem with them, but my suggestion is to stay away from the forums, torrent comments and anything related to staff. Many users, being on the site for nearly a decade, were banned for meaningless reasons.

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