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Any user who has claimed seedboxes in the past 6 months and has failed to leave a feedback or post a review about Seedit4.me has 1-week to check and fix it.

If not done, future seedboxes will not be issued and points will not be refunded. It is your duty to figure out if you missed on any of it. 

There will be no exception to this rule and anyone who fails to do it by 3rd October 2021 will no longer be eligible for Seedboxes.

TorrentLeech Invite

About This Item

Torrentleech Invite - Login | Review

TorrentLeech is a private tracker for 0-Day and General Uploads. It's a tracker for where the scene releases are uploads evertimes and their speed and pretimes are good. In order to maintain ratio only one way is to upload as no torrent is freeleech on TorrentLeech.

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