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  1. Alright, here's the deal. It has came to the attention that we have people here who arent following our uploading rules on folder structure and naming. So here's a quick refresher: Torrent file naming Structure Performer - Title (year) [format] {additional info} Example: Rush - 2112 (1976) [FLAC] (MFSL) (for CD-Audio) Example: Rush - 2112 (1976) [VINYL] (for Vinyl) Example: Slipknot - Disasterpieces (2002) [DVD9 NTSC] (2DVD Limited Edition) (for DVD-Video) Various Artists albums MUST be titled Various Artists - Album name (year) [FLAC] Track Tagging Each individual track within an album should be tagged in the following way: ## - Title.flac For example: 01 - Baby One More Time.flac Folder structure (1) When naming folders within your upload folder, keep it short! The path to the file cannot be long, for several reasons. Artist - Album (year) [format]/Disc 1ofn/ Artist - Album (year) [format]/CDn - Title/ Artist - Album (year) [format]/Artwork/ Example: Rush - Different Stages (1998) [FLAC]/Disc 1of3/ Rush - Different Stages (1998) [FLAC]/Disc 2of3/ Rush - Different Stages (1998) [FLAC]/Disc 3of3/ Rush - Different Stages (1998) [FLAC]/Artwork/ Iona - The River Flows (2004) [FLAC]/CD1 - Iona/ Iona - The River Flows (2004) [FLAC]/CD2 - The Book of Kells/ (2) When uploading DVD-Video, place all the disc image files (ISO/MDS/MD5) together in /Image folder. This applies to combined CD + DVD releases as well. Artist - Album (year) [format]/Image/ Artist - Album (year) [format]/Artwork/ Example: Pink Floyd - Live At Pompeii (2003) [DVD9 NTSC]/Image/ Pink Floyd - Live At Pompeii (2003) [DVD9 NTSC]/Artwork/ Example - combined release: Mike Oldfield - Complete Tubular Bells (2003) [FLAC] (Bonus DVD5 PAL)/Disc 1of1/ Mike Oldfield - Complete Tubular Bells (2003) [FLAC] (Bonus DVD5 PAL)/Image/ Mike Oldfield - Complete Tubular Bells (2003) [FLAC] (Bonus DVD5 PAL)/Artwork/ Now, all of these rules are in the wiki and everyone should have read them before even uploading. If you are going to upload, your files and folders MUST be in this structure. The only thing that is separate from this rule is Scene releases. We will be disabling uploading privileges of those that are not following these rules. If it keeps going, only certain people will be able to upload.
  2. Hey Guys and Girls Would like to inform you donating is good to go, Would be pleased if you could do it. also for one month starting from today until 3/5/12 .ro and .eg are able to be invited but only by donators from 3/4/2012 don't forget that rules are still apply so if you are going to invite from these countries make sure you know they are good peeps, We at gft know not all are bad so make your choice wisely We thank you for all your support and patience and lets make gft great Regards loopylou and staff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. The staff have been talking for a while about making an internal rip group for iFR, to create more personal rips, and to strengthen the uploading community. People part of the internal group would be intidled to: Their own user class Their own section of the forums Their own IRC channel A blowjob from cherry To apply for the position, send a Staff PM to Staff not First Line Support and you will be considered. Viva la iFR
  4. We have added a few new formats here, to allow for more "specialized" encodes. They are as follows: Apple Lossless (ALAC) Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) Lossless Audio (LA) Lossless Predictive Audio Compression (LPAC) Meridian Lossless Packing (MLP) Monkey's Audio (APE) OptimFROG RK Audio (RKAU) Shorten (SHN) TAK TTA WavPack WMA lossless There is also a new Media format called iTunes, this is just for when you are uploading ALAC format files (since this is the apple format anyways). Anyone NOT using this media or using it for another unspecified format will be warned and then banned. If there are any questions, let us know in the thread. Thanks
  5. Not scam! Were given two invitations to those who had not. Use 'em or lose' em
  6. 01.04.12 There is small update in Uploading rules about video description: At least 2 full resolution .PNG screenshots are mandatory for all kinds of video content, including TV shows. No exception. 01.04.12 Starting today now we accept donation through Moneybookers. 29.03.12 Starting today, the category Movie Blu-rays will be receiving only -50% freeleech and internal releases freeleech will also be significantly lowered. The reasons for this action are that apparently some members do not appreciate enough the job that all the staff (including uploaders, internals, moderators, admins and owners) and some dedicated members are doing here at hd-torrents and constantly and repeatedly do not seed back to other members what they download under freeleech, leading ultimately to shorter torrent retention.
  7. We just wanted to let you guys know that after many months of doing without, AlertPay is now able to accept deposits via credit card again. This is great news for all of us. flattr wasn't really cutting it - we realize it's not the most intuitive thing, but it was all we could use at the time. (It's really not that bad, however, it's simply a different concept) As a result, donations really fell off. With the return of AlertPay, we once again have a simple & familiar method of handling donations, and hopefully things can return to normal. (whatever that is in Wafflerland ) Note: flattr will still be available, and we also now have a PayPal option; however, the PayPal option will be limited to trusted members only, for the time being. (those that have been active on the forums for at least one year, have respectable upload/download stats, or have donated at least 90 days prior to this announcement, or anyone we otherwise are familiar with) Thank you so much for your patience & continued support - we're nothing without you!
  8. Updates Rule Changes There have been a few changes to the rules, not many, but a few. We got rid of a few rules that were useless, modified a few rules that weren't very good in our opinion, and added a new rule section. You can check them out to see what's changed, what's new, and what's been removed. Rules Future Features Required Seeding System It's been a long time coming, but it's finally being pieced together. A little background on what the 'Required Seeding System' is. First off, I've never liked the term 'HnR, Hit and Run' it automatically assumes a user is guilty upfront, even if the torrent stopped seeding by mistake. A user is innocent until proven guilty So, we've named it the 'Required Seeding System'. How it Works When you start a torrent in your client, the system will start tracking that torrent, keeping track of your ratio, your active time, your seed time after the torrent has hit 100% etc. You'll have 1 Week to meet the requirements detailed in the Rules. If you do not meet the requirements within that week, then the system will set that torrent as a HnR. What about Overall Ratio? We will still keep it as a statistic in your profile, but once this system goes into place, we will no longer be using over all ratio as a determining factor for moderation. Only ratio that will matter at this point will be individual torrent ratio, but people with slower connections will be able to seed for 72 Hours instead of trying to reach 1:1. Speed Throttlers If you think you are going to be able to by pass this system by limiting your Upload speed, well you are wrong. We will be implementing a method for tracking average seed speed on each torrent, if you are caught throttling your upload speed, you will receive a warning. We are here to share, if you aren't willing to do so, don't download and notify a staff member that you no longer want your account. Invite System With the success of the Application System so far, we will be phasing the invite system completely out. Since we won't have an invite system, there will no longer be a need for the invite tree either. So we are going to be slowly phasing out the invite tree as well under each user, which means in the long run, everyone's account will appear as if they just registered here and was never invited. So no inviter will be responsible for their invitee. Each person will be responsible for their own account. Bonus Points We will be making some future modifications to the Bonus Points system once the Required Seeding system is in place. Bonus points will no longer be earned as soon as a torrent starts, they will only start being earned once the torrent has reached 100%. Also, newer seeders will not earn as many points as seeders who have been on the torrent longer. This will allow someone who has been seeding a torrent for a month, to earn bonus points exponentially better than someone who has been seeding for a day. This system is still being worked out as far as the mathematics go to be fair to everyone. But we are close on it. Requests System With the mentioning of Bonus Points, it's only fair to mention this change. The Requests System will be switching from Upload Credit to Bonus Points as the default currency. That's It For Now Well, that's all I got for now. I might think of something else in a bit, but that's our immediate plans. We will be adding some other things later on that we've been working on, such as some Casino modifications, changes to the Bonus Points Shop etc.
  9. The site will be taken offline tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon in order to perform a data center switch. We expect to be back up by the end of the day, , although it may take some time for the DNS to propagate. You can follow us on @ptpnews for updates.
  10. Earlier today we experienced some downtime on our .org server, causing the site and tracker to be offline for almost a day. The issue that was causing this has been resolved. Your stats will be updated within an hour if you kept seeding while the site was down. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  11. The European Parliament’s international trade committee has rejected a proposal by David Martin, an MEP who is drafting the Parliament’s position on ACTA. Martin wanted to ask the European Court of Justice for its opinion on the controversial anti-piracy treaty, but the committee decided yesterday that wasn’t needed and will now vote in June on whether to approve ACTA. Opponents of the treaty see the development as a victory. In a February announcement, EU trade chief Karel De Gucht said that following discussion with fellow Commissioners, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) would be referred to the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The treaty, which is aimed at harmonizing global copyright enforcement globally, has largely been formulated behind closed doors and its critics fear it will only lead to censorship and surveillance of Internet users. The plan was to ask the ECJ to look at ACTA and decide if it conflicts with the EU’s fundamental rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression and right to privacy. Separately, David Martin, a UK MEP who is drafting the Parliament’s position on ACTA, made a proposal to put ACTA before the European Court of Justice to get its opinion, but the committee decided yesterday that wasn’t needed and will now vote in June on whether to approve ACTA. The European Parliament’s trade committee rejected the plan with 21 MEPs voting against, 5 in favor and 2 abstentions. This means that ACTA could now be put before Parliament in a matter of months. Had ACTA been immediately referred to Europe’s highest court, it would have meant a delay of one, maybe two years. This, according to activists, would have dampened the momentum of their anti-ACTA work which reached unprecedented levels and Europe-wide protests earlier this year. “Referring ACTA to the court is no substitute for the political procedure needed to check this agreement and determine democratically whether its entry into force is in the European interest,” said Pirate Party MEP and Shadow rapporteur on ACTA for the GreensAmelia Andersdotter. “Only a democratic ratification process via the European and national parliaments is able to provide such a judgment, and we therefore welcome today’s decision to continue with this process,” she concluded. ACTA will now be pushed through committees in the European Parliament during April and May and then to a final full Parliament vote at its June plenary session. “If ACTA dies in European Parliament, then it’s a permakill, and the monopoly lobbies will have to start fighting uphill,” said Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge in a comment. “If ACTA passes, the same monopolists get tons of new powers to use, and close the door for the foreseeable ure behind the legislators for a very necessary reform of the copyright and patent monopolies.” After its existence was first discovered by the public in 2008 after documents were uploaded to Wikileaks, ACTA’s opponents now have just 10 weeks to pull out the stops.
  12. 29.03.12 Starting today, the category Movie Blu-rays will be receiving only -50% freeleech and internal releases freeleech will also be significantly lowered. The reasons for this action are that apparently some members do not appreciate enough the job that all the staff (including uploaders, internals, moderators, admins and owners) and some dedicated members are doing here at hd-torrents and constantly and repeatedly do not seed back to other members what they download under freeleech, leading ultimately to shorter torrent retention. 29.03.12 Starting today, torrents violating our uploading rules will be deleted without notice. Users violating our uploading rules on a repeated basis will have their uploading privileges revoked for an indefinite period of time and may also receive a warning. The main reason for these measures is the increasing number of uploads completely disregarding our uploading rules.
  13. For some reason the IRC is being stupid on the cookies.ifeelra.in server, so if you want to connect to IRC please use the following IP to connect directly until we get it situated. Hopefully it will be fixed here soon, sorry for the inconvenience
  14. Hi everyone, we have created the official TT twitter account which we will use to communicate about news, website status, TT radio shows, etc.. Feel free to follow us, but keep in mind there may not be many updates at the moment as we're still getting setup
  15. Why don't you come by our IRC channel and say hi to people and stay there to get bonus points? You get points even if you are just idle so head on over there to meet a couple of hundred GFT-users. To join #GFTracker, #GFTracker-Pre and #GFTracker-Spam, set your irc password in UserCP->Security. You must also check the channels you want to be invited to in your UserCP->IRC Channels. Then message spannage in IRC: /msg Spannage invite IRCPASS (please note that IRCPASS should be changed to the password you chose in usercp for IRC. This is the most common problem in support nowdays so it needs to be mentioned) :-D If you still need help you have a link above in the menu called CHAT to reach the supportchannel.
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