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  1. BTN back up. HTTPS is still down. BTN HTTPS is back up. Full site is live.
  2. Bitspyder freeleech Enjoy
  3. Καλημέρα σας. Για οικονομικούς κυρίως λόγους αποφασίστηκε η μεταφορά του tracker σε νέο server, ταχύτερο, μεγαλύτερο, νεότερο και κυρίως φτηνότερο. Η μεταφορά θα γίνει απο βδομάδα (Τρίτη ή Τετάρτη) και ίσως χρειαστούν 2-3 μέρες μέχρι ο οτε να εφαρμόσει τις ρυθμίσεις. Θα είμαστε λοιπόν κλειστοί για μερικές μέρες. Μην εκπλαγείται και θεωρήσετε οτι το site έκλεισε. ΌΧΙ Απλά θα περιμένουμε τον οτε μιας και η πραγματική μετοφορά διαρκεί μονό λίγες ώρες. Τελευταία uploads μπορείτε να ανεβάσετε μέχρι Κυριακή βράδυ. Την Τρίτη ή Τετάρτη θα γίνει η μεταοφορά. Για οτιδήποτε απρόοπτο θα αναρτηθεί ανακοίνωση στο www.findatracker.gr Και κατι τελευταίο... Δεν θα μας χάλαγε τώρα που χρειαζόμαστε χρήματα να βοηθούσε όποιος μπορεί. Κάθε προσφορά είναι ευπρόσδεκτη, θα εκτιμηθεί δεόντως και με τα ανάλογα προνόμια. Εννοείται πως τα VIP μέλη (και τα νέα αλλά και τα παλιά) θα συνεχίσουν και μετά την μετοφορά να έχουν τα δικαιώματα και τα προνόμια των VIP. Για κάθε απορία στείλτε p.m. στο staff. Ευχαριστούμε για την κατανόηση! You can Translate that :)
  4. TorrentBytes is back and They opened signups too http://www.torrentbits.ro/signup.php Enjoy
  5. Higher Regional Court in Germany has ruled that file-hosting service RapidShare must proactively filter thousands of files uploaded by its users. The Court confirmed three separate verdicts by a lower court, in cases that were started by book publishers and a music rights group. RapidShare has yet to decide whether it will appeal the verdicts, and informs TorrentFreak that there’s also positive news to report. In common with every file-sharing service, RapidShare is used by some of its members to host infringing material. During the past several years the Swiss-based cyberlocker has made tremendous efforts to cooperate with copyright holders and limit copyright infringements. But for some their efforts don’t go far enough. This has resulted in a variety of rightsholders starting legal proceedings against RapidShare, and not without success. The most recent win came yesterday when a Higher Regional Court in Hamburg confirmed three rulings of a lower court. According to these verdicts, the file-hoster hasn’t done enough to prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded to its servers. The cases, which involve thousands of titles, were started by music rights group GEMA and book publishers De Gruyter and Campus. The Higher Regional Court in Hamburg reportedly ruled that RapidShare has to monitor user uploads to ensure that none of these titles are put onto their servers, which implies a mandatory filter and monitoring of all user uploads. While a written copy of the verdict has not yet been made public, the book industry celebrated the outcome as a landmark victory. “Internet sites can no longer avoid their responsibilities, and profit from copyright infringing uploads of anonymous users,” says Alexander Skipis, chief executive of the German Booksellers Association. RapidShare is irked by this early celebration, which its spokesman Daniel Raimer describes as unprofessional. “We consider it as unprofessional to assess a judgement before the written reasons for the judgment are available. Only then you can determine which party can indeed celebrate a verdict as a success,” Raimer told TorrentFreak. Raimer explains that the copyright holders are leaving out essential details that are actually quite positive for the cyberlocker. Previously the lower court described RapidShare’s entire business as unlawful, but that decision has not been overturned. “There is a possible reason for the rushed approach, particularly that of the Booksellers Association. In the hearing, the Higher Regional Court indicated that it would deviate from its former position according under which RapidShare’s business model was not tolerated by the legal system.” “That shows that the release of a ‘jubilation announcement’ by the plaintiffs after the publication of the reasons for the judgment would simply not be possible anymore. We are relaxed and look forward to reading the written reasons for the judgment that are expected to be published within the next few days,” Raimer said. It’s worth nothing that the German verdicts appear to contradict an earlier ruling by the highest European court. In February the European Court of Justice ruled that hosting sites can’t proactively filter copyrighted content as that would violate the privacy of users and hinder freedom of information. RapidShare further informed us that they have yet to decide whether they’ll appeal the verdicts. Considering the European Court of Justice ruling, this might not be such a bad idea.
  6. TorrentFreak is once again censored because we write about file-sharing. Former Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde alerted us to a rather peculiar situation at an airport in Denmark. The local Sidewalk Express there is blocking TorrentFreak because it’s violating the company’s usage policy. Apparently all sites related to P2P file-sharing are a no-go. What makes it even more ironic is that The Pirate Bay site can be accessed fine… Unfortunately this type of censorship is not unique. TorrentFreak is blocked in thousands of workplaces, schools, public buildings and hotspot because of our topic of writing. Ain’t censorship great?
  7. Introducing the Build Team It is our aim to provide users with a seamless browsing experience as they navigate What.CD's enormous torrent collection. Whether uploading fresh content, downloading potential favorites, searching for the next big thing or editing torrent information, the beautiful interface we have the luxury of taking for granted unifies the What.CD journey for everyone. Our userbase is our most valued asset. The music and other content? A bonus. Yet behind it all is a small group of dedicated people who make vital contributions to our site by coding new features. Oftentimes, these features are first proposed in our Suggestions and Ideas forum. Sometimes, we simply stumble upon a good idea that becomes a great idea once implemented. While What.CD is a fantastic engine for discovering new music, the way in which this site acts as a proving ground for interface and tracker innovations is equally important. For this, we offer thanks to our Developers! Throughout the years, these Developers have operated in the background, always improving the site and ensuring that we offer the best user experience we can. With almost 150,000 users, it takes a monumental team focus to keep What.CD humming along, and the ease with which a user can interact with the site is a testament to this focus. In recognition of their commitment and dedication to the site, porkpie and lenrek have been promoted to the position of Lead Developer. From this position they will oversee our newest team, the Build Team. The Build Team (BT) is an extension of our development team and will work under its guidance. The Build Team will be tasked with completing outsourced coding projects in collaboration with our Developers. Members of this team will also act as testers for coding projects before such projects are implemented on the site. BT members will be in an ideal position to launch their own projects with the goal of further improving the site. We're starting small with the Build Team, but expect more information in the future as we continue to develop this exciting new group. And what better way to celebrate the creation of our Build Team than with some brand new, shiny, Developer-approved staff picks and Torrent Master picks!
  8. I like Coca cola , i have Some t-Shirts With Coca Cola Design :P I wear it everyday :DD lolzz
  9. Libraries are wonderful places where even the poor can develop their reading skills and enrich their lives with knowledge, but for infamous rights group SABAM they are just another outlet from which to extract cash. Quite unbelievably SABAM now expect to receive payments of hundreds of euros so that libraries can read books to children.Source: Rights Group Demands Cash So Libraries Can Read Books To Kids More : http://torrentfreak.com/rights-group-demands-cash-so-libraries-can-read-books-to-kids-120314/
  10. Suspicions that the police have started a new criminal investigation into The Pirate Bay were confirmed by the Swedish hosting company Binero today. Police have requested the company to reveal the personal details of the customer who registered The Pirate Bay domain name. Sources say that the new investigation is a renewed attempt to shut the popular BitTorrent site down. Last week the news leaked that Swedish prosecutors have started a new criminal investigation into The Pirate Bay. The assumed goal of the new effort is to shut the site down, something the authorities failed to accomplish during the first investigation more than half a decade ago. Initially, the only source for the new investigation was The Pirate Bay team itself. Today the plans were confirmed by the Swedish hosting company Binero where two of The Pirate Bay’s .se domain names are registered. “We can confirm that an investigation is underway against the Pirate Bay. We received a letter with questions,” Binero’s marketing manager Erik Arnberg said. In addition, the hosting company also made it clear that they won’t be complying with the requests unless a proper warrant is served. According to Arnberg this hasn’t happened thus far. “We will not share any information about our customers until there is a court order, or when a prosecutor can refer to an applicable law. In this case, we have answered the questions with information that’s already available through Whois services.” The Whois data for the Pirate Bay’s new .se domain lists the name of Fredrik Neij, one of the defendants in the original trial who was sentenced to 10 months in prison. The exact goals of the new investigation are unclear. The prosecution, led by piracy investigator Frederick Ingblad, confirmed that they “are interested in torrent sites” but refused to comment further. It is expected that the Swedish authorities want to finish what they failed to do in 2006, shut down The Pirate Bay website for good. However, considering the current state of the site that’s pretty much an impossible task. In recent years The Pirate Bay has implemented a variety of changes to guarantee that can remains online, whatever happens. It added several backup domains, placed servers all over the world, while removing resource intensive components such as the tracker and .torrent files. The determination to keep the site online was once again confirmed by the Pirate Bay team last week, who noted: “We’re staying put where we are. We’re going no-where. But we have a message to hollywood, the investigators and the prosecutors: LOL.”
  11. this is how to reach to the main page of HDCorea: 1.the 1st thing u need to do is to sign-up here < http://b2s.no-ip.org/signup_e.php > 2.confirm the account from ur e-mail. 3.Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc on ur windows,u will find file with name hosts,try to open it with notepad then copy and paste this IP ( & hdcorea.goanygate.com ),save and Exit. 4.Restart ur Browser and go to this link < http://hdcorea.goanygate.com/tb/ > and use ur login information. 5.Have fun.
  12. On 2012-02-28 (1 week ago) iPlay is launching today it's own online tv show streaming service. The novelty brought by this service is the HD quality ( 720p.HDTV and WEB-DL ). To enjoy the Video Box, it's recommended that you have an aproximately 2,2 mbps internet connection. VideoBox is curently in alpha phase, so we'll appreciate if you can post here the bugs you encounter. We have a limited number of tv shows atm because, in this phase, we want to concentrate on fixing any bugs that you encounter and maximize your viewing experience. On 2012-03-12 (1 day ago) On iPlay now begins the second stage of its online movie and TV series streaming service. The novelty brought by this service is the HD quality of movies (using only BluRay sources). To enjoy the Video Box, it's recommended that you have an aproximately 2.2 mbps internet connection. As of today, the iPlay Video Box will make available movies from all categories, both from classic cinema, as well as recent movies, at the best possible picture quality.