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  1. Tracker Name: GAYTORRENT.RU AKA GAYTOR.RENT Genre: World's largest gay torrent tracker, including books, comics, magazines, themed movies, tv shows, games, adult content, IRC and forums. Reviews: hXXps://www.scam-detector.com/validator/gaytorrent-ru-review/ Sign Up Link: https://www.gaytor.rent/?ref=1b9514ff9202db2cf38af5b1ba0aecd7 Instructions: For smart phone GUI access: Use the 'SIGN UP' link in the 3-bar menu icon located top right. For conventional PC access: Use the 'SIGN UP' link located top left. Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Due to the events in Ukraine Gaytorrent.ru will be relocating / changing it's 16 year old URL address to gaytor.rent. Tracker stats: 960k+ Peers 160,872 torrents Daily Visitors: 28,400 Monthly Visitors: 852,000 Daily Pageviews: 135,752 Note: Those who already have an active account may find they are directed towards a 'sign-ups are closed' notice. This link is for new signers. Twiezzz
  2. Aliexpress - the kitchen knoves are to die for
  3. 7, 392 years old, including all my past lives - i was born on Pluto.
  4. Goddard's Socialism and also Sympathy with the Devil
  5. The French Short - Just a Little Comfort https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404165/
  6. I like breaking up every part of the GUI and re-arranging it totally different - i also like silver fx pro
  7. I avoided all of these - not on my fav list im afraid
  8. Anyone a fan of the live concert streaming site Nugs.net ?
  9. Changing Rooms - Channel 4 tv UK - basically this guy with incredibly bad taste makes over peoples houses - it's hilareous
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