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  1. Yeah.... The little pieces I've seen of Brazil, they've been playing some beautiful football
  2. As it says in the title... Who are your predictions for the World Cup finalists and eventual winners? I'll take England 2 - 0 Argentina I'm totally biased though... I'm English and Argentina always whip us in World Cups Here is a useful page for predicting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_knockout_stage
  3. I'm an old fart who likes mechanics, computer games and building things... Shines through in my YouTube Cleetus McFarland - Quality redneck into anything with a big motor and a good driver VICE - Some interesting niche documentaries Sailing Triteia - A guy solo sailing around the Pacific (wife dumped him just before he set off!) ambiguousamphibian - Entertaining player of Rimworld and others agadmator - Awesome chess analysis and commentary Jason's All-Sumo Channel - Really good commentary and coverage of ... well... Sumo Loads more... But they are the standouts
  4. emule used to be the mutt's nuts Had lots of good obscure content... I miss the good old wild west of everything being completely under the radar too.... And low consequences because I was a teenager
  5. Enjoyed the Saw series of films personally... The further they get the sillier they get. Still entertaining though Edit: You could probably class The Thing from 1982 as horror... Classic film Also The Mist from 2007 has stuck with me... Especially the ending!
  6. No doubt a bunch of these have been mentioned before The Wire The Expanse (the books are even better) Jericho (wish there were more seasons) A more obscure one is The Last Train - Ran on ITV in the UK years ago... Good post apocalyptic mini-series
  7. All Quiet on the Western Front 9/10 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1016150/ The most atmospheric war film I think I've ever seen (and I've seen quite a few). Good acting all round and just beautiful cinematography
  8. This brings back memories... It always seemed to be firemen that did the bootlegging near us... I guess they spent a lot of time sitting around and waiting. I can't bring myself to watch a cam nowadays. As people have said, if it's something I'm anticipating that much I'd go to the cinema. Imagine watching Dune on a cam
  9. I've mostly used Chrome (and Opera way back when) Just started experimenting with Brave tonight as I am thinking a little bit more about my digital footprint
  10. A. Tell us something about yourself? Have fiddled around with torrents for years... Less so in the past 5 years. Quite interesting seeing how the tech and community has developed B. How did you find InviteHawk? I was looking into getting a seedbox and InviteHawk came up in the results. Never come across it before C. What Torrent Sites are you looking for? (Mention none if just browsing) Just browsing D. Do you use the same username or email on InviteHawk as well as on trackers? (If yes, please fill a Username Change or Email Change form) Ermm.... Nope E. Do you have any suggestions for InviteHawk? Looking pretty slick so far
  11. Welcome to InviteHawk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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