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  1. @schafter I would like to apply, I have good ratios and seedbox, also very active. Best regards Flugsvamp
  2. @schafter Hello, I would like to apply. Best regards Flugsvamp
  3. @Ashitaka I would love to apply, good ratios and seedbox, I want it for e-learning.
  4. I would like to apply I am not member of any gaming specified tracker and I would love to be part of one because I am a gamer myself. Best regards Flugsvamp
  5. @RareModz I apply aswell, I am from Sweden aswell, I have good ratios. thanks for sharing, when will you draw the winners? Best regards Flugsvamp
  6. @Nergal I missunderstood that part. I was about to write you so you could notice it faster. I did wrote a pm but decided not to send it because people are easily offended these days. Well I am sorry for failing to mention you, either way you have to decide if I am worthy this invite or not. Best days to you, // Flugsvamp
  7. @Nergal I always follow the rules of a tracker, I'm a member of a selected qoute of trackers and I follow the rules for them. I did read the rules of a your post, I'm not sure what I didn't understand? If you think I'm a collector I'm not. You could only assume I am but I know otherwise I am not member of a good tracker for music yet and this is my best bet. Best regards Flugsvamp
  8. I would like to apply thanks! Best regards Flugsvamp
  9. I have promoted you on Tumblr. Link: https://prnt.sc/KRbQ1JmFi764 Best regards Flugsvamp
  10. My first private tracker and with freeleech it very easy to build a ratio even tho I am doomed behind CGNat atm. Mullvad vpn open my ports tho. It has very good content and new content appears fast. I would recommend and give invites to trustworthy friends for getting access to this awesome site. I give this tracker 5/5. Best regards Flugsvamp
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