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  1. Statements You can find the new statements feature by clicking on [ View Statement ] next to your upload/download stats on your profile. This allows you to track how and when your upload stats change! We plan to add some graphs and cool stuff like that in the future. Watch Queue or a long time we've felt the bookmarks system was lacking a little, so welcome the Watch Queue to the site's ever growing list of features. Eventually we plan to remove Notifications and Bookmarks and merge them all into the Watch Queue. Think of the Watch Queue like your Netflix Queue (if you're a Netflix user) - add to it all the films you want to see, so next time you're in the mood for a movie, just pick one from your watch queue! The watch queue also allows you to add movies via their IMDB page if they're not already on the website, and as soon as they hit the website you'll receive a PM notification about it; we think this is a great feature to allow people to keep track of when movies they're excited about are uploaded onto TehConnection. You can access your Watch Queue by clicking on the navigation bar below the site logo (next to where you invite people). Minor Updates * Access to the TehConnection IRC Support channel is now available from the 'IRC' link at the top of every page * The 'Discuss' link for the movie of the week has been added to the front page MOTW widget to encourage discussion of the MOTW. It's now easier than ever for you to discuss how much you loved Inception as MOTW. * You'll now receive a PM notification when one of your uploads is reported * WEB-DL and h.264 have been added as source/codec options when uploading torrents. * A bug causing very large NFO ASCII art being cut off in torrent release descriptions has been fixed * A bug preventing you from being able to search properly when looking at your requests only has been fixed * Top 10/100/250 seeders have been added to the Top 10 page, click here to see who's seeding the most!
  2. We are aware that some users are experiencing issues downloading torrent files from the site as well as some users are experiencing erratic upload amounts on their accounts causing problems with the Top 10 page. We are currently working on a resolution for these issues. Please bear with us as we work on identifying the problem and fixing it. Thank you. Update 1: RSS is uneffected by the .torrent file bug. Update 2: Torrent/Tracker issues have been fixed. Much wub to our devs. <3 —PTN Staff
  3. Having originally resisted the notion that it should stop its subscribers sharing copyright works, in a little under 4 years Ireland’s ISP Eircom has come completely about-face. Not only did it come to a private agreement with the music industry to implement a 3 strikes-style regime, but now its asking other ISPs to join them in doing so. It’s lonely being this kind of ‘pioneer’, especially when it puts your company at a commercial disadvantage. In 2008, the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) took legal action against Eircom, Ireland’s largest ISP. The so-called Big Four labels – EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner – wanted the ISP to install proactive filtering technology aimed at stopping unauthorized file-sharing among Eircom’s customers. Eircom refused, IRMA sued, and the case ended up in court – but not for very long. At the 11th hour in February 2009 the companies came to an agreement which would see Eircom introduce a graduated response system for dealing with errant subscribers. However, Eircom needed something in return. The agreement had left Eircom in the unenviable position of being the only ISP in Ireland with an official policy of disconnecting customers on the mere allegations of the music industry. But the first recording industry target, ISP UPC, refused to play ball and after being sued it eventually won its case. While the labels did ‘reward’ Eircom’s compliance with the MusicHub service, the product has been labeled lacklaster and when PaidContent asked how many users the service had, Eircom refused to tell them. So with Eircom now at a commercial disadvantage and no immediate sign that the industry will force any other ISP to implement 3 strikes, the ISP is being left to go it alone. In making the best out of a bad situation it’s now describing what it is doing as an “obligation”. “Eircom is of the view that these obligations are part of a role that all responsible companies must serve,” Eircom’s consumer managing director Stephen Beynon said. Eircom insist that they want to respect their customers’ right to privacy but from fighting IRMA in 2008/9, they now believe that other ISPs should do as they have done, and do a deal with the recording group. “We think that it would be better for everyone if the industry and the rights-holders found a way to tackle this problem. It’s not going to go away. The current situation is not ideal but we could create something that moved the issue forward if we worked together,” Beynon added. Or in other words, the water’s great, come on in. Beynon says that Eircom believes it has an obligation to uphold the law when illegal activity is brought to its attention but it’s taking the word of a private P2P tracking company as final and there is no judicial oversight, something that causes controversy in every jurisdiction it’s suggested. It’s interesting to note that if Eircom had held its ground back in 2008 when it was sued by the labels to proactively filter subscriber upload data, by now it would have heard Europe’s highest court dismiss what they were being asked to do as illegal. Had they known that in 2009, would they have felt so compelled to do the 3 strikes deal?
  4. Thanks to everyone that ponied up cash, we have enough to cover the first few months of our hosting. This datacenter is a lot more expensive that our previous home. We expect the hardware setup to be complete on Monday or Tuesday. We can get a small discount if we cover 6 months of hosting, so if you can afford a small donation, please read the previous announcement right below this one.
  5. Some of you may have had difficulties reaching our tracker in the past 5-6 hours. We've experienced some routing issues on one of our frontend servers. The problem is now fixed and everything should be back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  6. BITMETV IS 7 YEARS OLD!! Bonus on Donations!! Get 100% more Elite Member time and/or 25% more Upload Credit when making a donation through the 25th of March. Pending donations such as eCheck that do not clear before the end of March 25th will not be credited for the promotional amount." Today BitMeTv Celebrates its 7th year running and it celebrates it by giving additional bonuses to donators. /// bitmetv
  7. 2012-03-19 Guess what? PtN is 4 years old today,its been a tough year since our 3rd birthday we have seen so many changes in staff and the site isn't working as well as we would like,I can assure you however we are working towards a new PtN site in the coming months,all we ask from you our community is patience and the time to deliver you the very best site we can.There will be some teething problems undoubtedly at the new site but with enough time we can make it a home from home. As you can imagine the costs involved with this are high and any donations are always welcome We are always working towards fresh ideas for our site,nowhere I had ever seen diamonds game coded into a site before,but guess what ? we did ,and its this kind of thinking that have always set us out from the rest,our icon design is one of the best I have seen for a BT site,thats why I am so fucking proud to be part of a sites history that has such ideas and concepts. I just want to thank all past and present staff and all the amazing coders that have worked on our fair pirate city in the past few years,also my gratitude goes out to our community,without you the user base we would not be here,your the reason I and my fellow staffers log into PtN everyday, this site has always been about stress free torrenting where you can feel confident in speaking your mind in the forums or dropping in to see us in IRC,whatever the reason you can be assured a warm welcome from your fellow pirates. SKALiWAGZ Encoding Group I am very proud of SKALiWAGZ ,what we have become and what we have achieved ,we are dedicated to bringing you the best in quality rips of all movies.We will be starting the 576p x264 rips again as they are popular with people who don't have much space or bandwidth,I like 576p because you get decent quality at a reduced size. As always we have some nice competitions and prizes for our birthday celebrations.Also I will be handing out gold and diamonds randomly throughout the day,if your on irc or shout box when am around,there will be some big prizes Competitions roon3ys 4th Birthday IRC Competition ash8888 4th Birthday E-Card Comp Happy 4th Birthday PTN Wishing you the very best,your PtN Staff