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  1. One of the beast anime tracker I've ever used. You can find almost every anime and manga in this tracker. I've been used Animetorrents almost 4 years. And maintaing ratio is very easy. And their IRC support teams are excellent. My account was disabled for few days due to inactivity, they helped me to regain access in my account in just a few minutes. Their inverface is very user friendly as you can see in the review.
  2. This tracker has huge collections of anime. I had an account in this tracker. I used to download and watch lots of anime. Also Animebytes contains lots of freeleech torrents which helps new members to maintain ratio easily. I have been a regular member almost FIVE years. But for my exam purposes I was not able to use the tracker and my account was disabled.
  3. Shared in two facebook accounts and twitter https://imgbox.com/gVW5b6dC https://imgbox.com/VKFcO7z9 https://imgbox.com/0SjEn26P
  4. 2x Bitspider invite available to giveaway How to apply ? Like the post Reply by mentioning me. Tell the Reasons for applying. Rules: Must be an active/regular member May ask for proofs. Don’t PM me. I’ll mention or PM you.
  5. 1x bitGAMER Giveaway completed. This was the first time Giveaway done by me
  6. Tracker name: bitGAMER Invites: 1 How to apply? - Post a reply and wait - Must be active user - Reasons for applying I’ll give it to one lucky person. I may ask for the ratio proof. Give feedback after you get registered.
  7. I use emoji most of the times. Sometimes gif
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