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  1. Very nice. Thanks for this good News. B)
  2. Thanx for this nice News too. You're doing an awesome JOB here. Keep this good work Up my brother. Byeee. :wub:
  3. Thanks for the news. But, KAT is a private tracker. So, what it's doing here ? Anyway, again thanks for your time in posting this News. Take care & have fun. :P
  4. I would love to tell you if i'm having this site's account. So, as far as i'm not a member of that site. I can not say even a word in favor / against it. Anyway thank you for starting this topic. I'm hoping that someone will definitely Answer you. :D
  5. Thank you so much for this great INFO. :D
  6. I use 320 GB + 160 GB simultaneously in my Windows PC. & my 1TB is at rest. I mean i've not connected that with my PC right now. & that's also Internal. & i don't have an External HDD right now. But planning to buy 1 in future :P Thank you :)
  7. Thank you for this great news.
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