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  1. i have an application to know the IP of B2S it is from arab site....if anybody want let me know i will post here
  2. iam also looking for Free VPN which can be used for browsing certain sites which banned Indian IPS ,, als wanna know wether this proxies can be able to select the countries according to users choice
  3. i had HDCorea but when i loaded the file in torrent s its error, Cannot open the port pls chek the client and firewall,,,,i done everything ..but cannot leeching....
  4. i always notice the letter that staff writing he is always mentioning his name only "i" is that tracker a one man army
  5. will think that they can get like HDbits if they close invite system hd road is a bulsshit with no english propoer translation
  6. the most underarted tracker having tonnes of quality releases of their own..with a great staff and actve forums..i mostly use CHD and AHD for quality
  7. s this is very important ....but only if we enter into tracker like PTP, BTN what.cd etc
  8. Already given a similar thread http://www.invitescene.com/index.php?/topic/5108-security-warning-css-hack/
  9. in music i think what is the final tracker not in ararity but in content
  10. luckily i got invite from their Staff
  11. hitmanpro

    HDT news

    they are crazy and mental people there.
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