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  1. IaMcOoL

    HDWing Invites

    Your on fire. Hope to be here someday. Not applying. Great Giveaway. New MOTM here.
  2. Great review but I wonder......9/10 for content. As movie based trackers go, I am of the opinion it should be10/10. Wonderfuly detailed review anyway :)
  3. A new copyright infringement case filed this week looks set to cause a fresh round of controversy. Copyright trolls from Switzerland, who say they are part of a non-profit organization, are about to shake down thousands of alleged pirates who shared the 50 Cent movie All Things Fall Apart. However, in addition to the usual subscribers of ISPs such as Verizon, Comcast and AT&T, the trolls are trying to obtain the identities of individuals located at universities around the United States. Earlier this week and following the filing of dozens of file-sharing infringement lawsuits in the United States, hope came to a court room in Los Angeles as the trolls of Prenda Law finally began to receive their comeuppance. After their no-show Monday they will all have to appear in court on March 29 to face the music, but in the meantime the U.S. copyright troll epidemic continues, this time in California. In a fresh lawsuit filed by attorney Boden Davidson on behalf of his client Contra Piracy, it is claimed that thousands of individuals downloaded and shared the 50 Cent movie All Things Fall Apart. The anti-piracy outfit said it obtained the enforcement rights from Los Angeles-based Hannibal Pictures. Contra Piracy claim to have monitored 2,919 individuals infringing All Things Fall Apart on more than 280,000 occasions. They say they cannot identify these people without the help of ISPs, so they are seeking the courts help in this respect. Adding interest to the case is that Contra Piracy are based in Switzerland. They say they are a non-profit group that brings together independent members such as technology companies, law firms and copyright owners in order to reduce piracy. Of course, a lack of profit isnt usually a feature of copyright trolling. In this case Contra want an absolute minimum of $5,000 from each target in the hope they will reclaim at least $7,500,000. That is $500,000 more than the movie cost to make. To collect its evidence Contra Piracy used anti-piracy monitoring company Logistep, a company that became infamous in the UK for its connections to troll pioneer law firm Davenport Lyons. Logistep was later banned from monitoring alleged pirates in its home country. Contra Piracy / Logistep have provided the court with a huge list of IP addresses allegedly used to share the movie and its quite the whos-who of United States ISPs. America Online, AT&T, BellSouth, Verizon, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Road Runner, Qwest, T-Mobile, Sprint theyre all here. In fact, Contra want disclosure from a claimed 61 ISPs, which may well be a record in this type of case. However, in addition to targeting thousands of regular domestic subscribers, Contra Piracy is revisiting the bad old days of RIAA lawsuits by targeting educational establishments too. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, private Roman Catholic arts college The College of Saint Elizabeth, the Francis Marion arts university, University of West Florida, Lamar University, Wilberforce University and Montclair State University are all listed. Secured Servers LLC web hosting company also makes an appearance, which could possibly be down to a customer running a seedbox. The Ingersoll Rand company can also expect a call. How the universities involved will respond to Contra Piracy remains to be seen, but they may have to be compliant in order to show that they are worthy of federal funding. Finally, we ran a few checks on Contra Piracy and found a couple of interesting things with their domain owner Thomas Zeeck. Not only does he own the Contrapiracy.com domain, he also owns domains which trade on the names of the German and Swiss pirate parties Piraten-Partei-Deutschland.com and Piratenpartei-Schweiz.org
  4. More than half a year has passed since Demonoid went offline but many of its former users still havent lost faith. They cling on to every string of hope and this has led some to believe that the site returned as a meta-search engine under the new domain Demonoid.mk. While most people who are familiar with the old Demonoid know that the new site just trades on the brand of the famous torrent tracker, quite a few believe its a legit incarnation. After the popular BitTorrent tracker Demonoid suffered a DDoS and hacker attack July last year, the sites servers in Ukraine were pulled offline. Local authorities explained that Interpol asked them to take action as part of an investigation into the sites alleged owners in Mexico. An arrested Demonoid admin has since been released and the case was stalled, but the BitTorrent tracker remains offline. With more than half a year of downtime Demonoid has already broken the previous record it set in 2007/2008. But with a reputation as a comeback kid many of the sites former users havent lost hope that it may one day return. This also leads some to see things are arent there. Over the past weeks TorrentFreak has received dozens of tips about a new Demonoid that is believed to have thousands of daily visitors. The site in question, Demonoid.mk, uses the Demonoid logo and favicon, which leads some to believe that this may indeed be a legit successor. However, Demonoid.mk is nothing like the old Demonoid. The new site functions as a meta-search engine and unlike the real thing is not a semi-private tracker where users can upload content. There are absolutely no signs that theres a connection between the two, other than the name and logo. Those who look closely will see that the new site isnt very original either, to say the least. It is built using the fairly popular Torrentify X script through which anybody can easily setup their own torrent search engine in just a few clicks. There are hundreds of other sites that run on the same script, with several carrying names of popular sites. Thepiratebay.mk, h33t.im, btjunkie.mk, isohunt.me, isohunt.mk 1337x.us, i-torrent.net, torrentformac.com, axxotorrent.com, torrentcenter.us, exatorrent.org, sharingtorrent.com, to name just a few. We dont know whos behind the Demonoid.mk, but the site appears to be operated by the same people who run thepiratebay.mk, isohunt.mk and btjunkie.mk. All these sites use the same Google analytics code. The Pirate Bay version appears to be the most popular, with tens of thousands of visitors a day, which is not bad for a cheap script. Bottom line is, however, that the sites are simply trading on the names of popular torrent sites to get more traffic. Those waiting for the real Demonoid to return will have to wait a little longer.
  5. I love Kitchen Nightmares. Chef Ramsey is so funny. He's so bluntly honest its great.
  6. High School of th Dead for series. Fist of the North Star for movie.
  7. What sites would make a good trade for PtN
  8. The Host. The book was awesome and I hope they do a better job with it then they did with the Twilight series.