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Ethan's Feedback

  1. rimas left Positive feedback   

    This is the third invitation, Ethan delivered as promised like before. Very serious member.

    Ethan was The Seller

  2. obakfaud left Positive feedback   

    Very nice service.

    Ethan was The Seller

  3. Cindra left Positive feedback   

    thank you boss!!

    Ethan was The Seller

  4. RS3 left Positive feedback   

    Perfect transaction, no complaints. Thank you!

    Ethan was The Seller

  5. DoodleTheNoodle left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, prompt payment.

    Ethan was The Seller

  6. Parabolic left Positive feedback   

    bought from his store - quick and easy. Thanks!

    Ethan was The Seller

  7. bigredone left Positive feedback   

    Awesome person to work with. Thanks for everything! I can't say enough good things about Ethan. Thanks

    Ethan was The Seller

  8. Nnadi left Positive feedback for a topic   

    BitSpyder Recruitment
    Ethan is the King!!

    Ethan was The Seller

  9. x7xafc left Positive feedback   

    Delivered as promised. Very nice

    Ethan was The Seller

  10. BrennoARTS left Positive feedback   

    thank u for the torrenteech account, +fav

    Ethan was The Seller

  11. alexstay left Positive feedback   

    Nice trade honest man A++

    Ethan was The Seller

  12. Frikenzoid left Positive feedback   

    thanks for the invite it work wonder

    Ethan was The Seller

  13. monstor1999 left Positive feedback   

    good with bargaining

    Ethan was Trading

  14. BuZZ left Positive feedback   

    Very straightforward, simple, timely and Ethan was quick to reply and update me. Would definitely buy again.

    Ethan was The Seller

  15. dschill left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Got the invite as advertised in a timely manner as usual.

    Ethan was The Seller

  16. alexstay left Positive feedback   

    Don't hesitate to work with him honest and professional

    Ethan was Trading

  17. sirtwentythree left Positive feedback   

    Prompt and friendly.

    Ethan was The Seller

  18. alexstay left Positive feedback   

    Always Helpful :)

    Ethan was The Seller

  19. SilenceCreate left Positive feedback   

    Good trade. The account didn't work at the start, but Ethan responded to my request for help and worked it out.

    Ethan was The Seller

  20. dschill left Positive feedback   

    Got the invite i requested with absolutely no problem!

    Ethan was The Seller

  21. Mustard left Positive feedback   

    I bought a BitSpyder invite from him through the member shop. Everything went smooth, he's a legit trader.

    Ethan was The Seller

  22. alexstay left Positive feedback   

    all clean and fast Fantastic !

    Ethan was The Seller

  23. ThereAreNoFreeInvites left Positive feedback   

    all smooth

    Ethan was The Seller

  24. buzzgrace left Positive feedback   

    Purchased Biztorrents account, received account details within moments of sending payment. I would recommend to others.

    Ethan was The Seller

  25. MrShooter left Positive feedback   


    Ethan was The Seller