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Ethan's Feedback

  1. skzr01005 left Positive feedback   

    prompt and as advertised! thanks!

    Ethan was The Seller

  2. Swanay left Positive feedback   

    Extremely helpful & Prompt. Thanks for your help

    Ethan was The Seller

  3. Hack4Life left Positive feedback   

    As usual and as per my previous 5 accounts i bought from Ethan he is amazing. Always recommending the best sites and answering all questions promptly. Best service and best support. Thank you Ethan for the amazing support you provide and the best market.

    Ethan was The Seller

  4. sat1234 left Positive feedback   

    Thanks Sir I have Received

    Ethan was The Seller

  5. Animous left Positive feedback   

    excellent seller! I highly recommend it :)

    Ethan was The Seller

  6. Swanay left Positive feedback   

    Extremely helpful & Prompt. Thanks for your help

    Ethan was The Seller

  7. ADITI left Positive feedback   

    invite works great many thanks

    Ethan was The Seller

  8. Retro12 left Positive feedback   

    Ethan came though with another easy setup. process was painless and smooth, I was able to get my invite setup quickly and move on. Thanks again for everything!!

    Ethan was The Seller

  9. Bishop72 left Positive feedback   

    Ethan was awesome. The invite worked like a charm . Thanks Ethan your the best

    Ethan was The Seller

  10. songuyenn left Positive feedback   

    Smooth Service

    Ethan was The Seller

  11. daryush yazdi left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the invite!

    Ethan was The Seller

  12. Fateh Belkhelfa left Positive feedback   


    Ethan was The Buyer

  13. ADITI left Positive feedback   


    Ethan was The Seller

  14. jonnyangl left Positive feedback   

    Another successful transaction. Thank you again Ethan for all your help today with getting back into one of my favorite private trackers. As a newer member of Invitehawk , the process was easy and Ethan was able to help me out along the way. Thanks again Ethan for another 100 % positive experience.

    Ethan was The Seller

  15. Nosinik left Positive feedback   

    Another excellent transaction! Thanks!

    Ethan was The Seller

  16. jonnyangl left Positive feedback   

    As a previous member of the Horror Charnel tracker, for like over 1 year now I been trying to rejoin. Here is what happened. I had not signed in for a very long period and my account was possibly deleted for not logging in for so long. With a full time job and all I sometimes dont have time to get on the pc and do some fun stuff and i had been with HorrorCharnel for so long.. well I am back in now hopefully in a few minutes.. all thanks to Ethan with a smooth transaction.. Thank you Ethan

    Ethan was The Seller

  17. chachacha left Positive feedback   

    Always a positive experience with Ethan. Well trusted.

    Ethan was The Seller

  18. Animous left Positive feedback   

    Thanks again, all good!

    Ethan was The Seller

  19. guywithaplan92 left Positive feedback   

    Perfect transaction

    Ethan was The Seller

  20. Andromeda left Positive feedback   

    Bought a HULU account. Nice & Fast Service

    Ethan was The Seller

  21. FuMan left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction. I purchased 2 items and 1 came with access to another free site. Couldn't of had a smoother interaction. Thanks Ethan for everything now having access to these sites has made my life easier finding some hard to find items. I have another site I am waiting for an available slot on and wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again.

    Ethan was The Seller

  22. loquitobb25 left Positive feedback   

    excellent seller! I highly recommend it :)

    Ethan was The Seller

  23. operation left Positive feedback   

    Fast delivery, no issues

    Ethan was The Seller

  24. tn9ae left Positive feedback   

    Good seller , will use again

    Ethan was The Seller

  25. burndoggy left Positive feedback   

    Purchased a key from Ethan, and it was the fastest, easiest, and most pleasant transaction so far! Absolutely fantastic seller, and very honest about what can and can't be expected. 11/10 would use again.

    Ethan was The Seller

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