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  1. Since July 2017, I opened the CHDBits annual DIY original disc reward activities, activities to carry out a month has been lost, in order to make this event better and better, to encourage the original, to explore DIY talent, and to enhance the site The image and strength, we according to the first month of the situation to further improve the rules of the activities, as follows: First, participate in activities Activities are open to all members of the site, if not joined the site but would like to participate in the invitation to join the site after the participation (please contact QQ173367038), we welcome all the contestants. 1, this month's activities ended on August 31, before the registration can be required, please fill in the application. 2, participate in activities of the members should be humbly accept the recommendations of users, patiently reply to the user's question, and strive to improve their ability to prohibit and friends each other. Second, the entries required 1, entries must be original, and not published in other sites. 2, the quality of the work requirements are as follows: (1) Simplified and traditional subtitles must be configured, conditions should be made when the bilingual subtitles to meet the needs of different members, although the DIY DIY to do their own, but once shared out must consider the needs of the majority of users. (2) have a national voice should also be added to the works inside, the national voice can contact the administrator cnlang to provide assistance. (3) Please try to modify the menu, do not have the ability to modify the menu will use the additional mode, prohibit the use of alternative mode to produce the French language to play this kind of nondescript works. (4) if no special circumstances, prohibit the original plate castration issued. 3. Test tools include, but are not limited to, PowerDVD, TMT, DVDFab Media Player, Scenarist QC, hard disk player, or Blu-ray drive, and so on. Third, the release requirements 1, the hair title to the personal ID plus suffix @ chdbits at the end of the seed corresponding to the original disk folder or image file must also be so named. 2, entries are only allowed to publish on this site. 3, the site has diy works, once again made the release, the configuration must be higher than the existing works. 4, in the seed release page must explain the various types of material sources, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes. 5, when publishing, please be sure to declare the release of the test before the release of the situation. 6, the top three requirements of the current activities released in more than 10, the first request more than 15. Fourth, the work count 1, simple addition of simple and traditional subtitles, to meet the most basic requirements of the work of a single seed count 1. 2, in the first article on the basis of additional bilingual subtitles, count 1.2 Department. 3, configuration simple and bilingual 4 subtitles, and with a simple note (special effects) of the 1.5, special effects of 2. 4, on the basis of the above changes the menu, and the normal function of the 2.3. 5, the original disc has a guide or tidbits, but no corresponding Chinese subtitles, DIY if you can add the corresponding Chinese subtitles, more than 0.5. Five, reward 1, the first three awards each event, the first reward 3T hard drive 1, the second prize 3T upload volume, the third reward 1T upload volume. 2, to participate in the release of the members, each piece of reward 10,000 magic, special effects and the effect of excellent magic reward doubled and included in the number of published two. 3, actively participate in activities, and works of excellent quality, can be promoted to the publisher. Six other If you do not understand or understand the rules, please consult CHDBits management group. The management team has the final interpretation.
  2. A very big announcement. A new feature that will change this website. 1. New Bonus point systemWhat is this ? As you all know BHD haves a mediocre bonus system 1BP/h if you make traffic. I changed all this and you will know earn points in function of the number of torrents you seed, the size of what you seed, the type of torrents you seed, how many seeders the torrent haves.Check this page: You will find a table of what you can exchange Seed points with: upload, custom title, freeleech, vip, warns, gifts to others. After this you can see the rules(how,when you can get the points).At the end is a table that show a detailed stat of what you seed and how many points you earn.This is a BETA system, please fell free to report any bugs or problems!I urge every user to read carefully the rules of BP points! After 1 week of testing this system I see not only that is working but there are also many users that still seed on BHD great amounts of data and torrents. For this i have to thank every and each user that is contribuiting to BHD! For this I made a special rank page that shows most size seeded, most torrents seeded and most BP/h made. This stats can be found here:
  3. Freeleech All Torrents Free Karma has set the torrents FREE. set by Crianza Until 10 Jul 2017 (6d 10:04:23 to go)
  4. Miss and Mister
  5. Summer Offer! Double Donations just this week! Donate now and get double upload credits and double bonus points! Offer valid till 10th July 2017
  6. All Torrents Free and Double Upload Have a lovely & Charming EID. Until 2 Jul 2017 (6d 19:59:03 to go) set by Hon3y
  7. The Scene-Rush, like all of Portugal, is mourning and associates and this period of global regret. The Staff will reserve a week of mourning in the tragedy in the district of Leiria. We ask for a week of respect for the victims and that this is reflected in respect for the rules ... The SceneRush Administration
  8. 2017-06-18 - Rules updated
  9. Bit-HDTV has now closed recruitment to Freshon Refugees. We welcome all new users to the tracker.
  10. Had some downtime due to DNS problems. Everything should work normal...
  11. Rajesh

    Tmg | News

    Site maintenance running. We'll be back in next 24 hours!
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    Hdme | news

    To All The New Users!To be a member of HDME you must read and follow the sites rules.There is a link to them at the bottom of every page on the site.If you are having a problem please let staff know using the "Contact" tab at the tops of the screen.Those not following the rules will be given warnings.Three warnings and you account may be disabled!
  13. Psst... Registration open just for June 4th 2017,
  14. Dear users of this tracker, we are announcing that we have opened chats to enjoy the conversations you can have.
  15. reCAPTCHA has been implemented. We put an end to hacked accounts by bots on our tracker.Now every time you login you will be presented a challenge from google. This feature ensure you are human and stop the repeated logins attempts by bots on our site. From now on when you upload under TV/Season category your torrent will be set green automatically. A warning, any user found that abuse the auto green system will be warn and upload rights disabled.