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  1. BWTorrents - Where content and community come in perfect harmony BWT has been an iconic torrent community site. Ever since it went down back in the day, we have always thought about reviving the legend.The time has come now. We present you BWTorrents.tv. A new and improved site. The site has been build from scratch. There will be some initial issues/bugs. As the site goes live, we will work deligently to iron out any issues and improve the site experience. One would ask how BWT is different from other torrent site. Here at BWT, we aim to build a healthy community while sharing content. We welcome members from all over. We want to provide a site where apart from content, members can ejoy their stay at site. Interact, chat, share experiences. The site is free for all. We have a diverse and very strong staff who are willing to help you in every way possible. Lets start a family, not just a file sharing site.
  2. Free Movie of the Week It's time to make your offers for THC's Free Movie of the Week Here's how it works: Sunday-Wednesday: Make your offers for FMotW. Late Wednesday (Eastern US time)-Saturday: Vote for your favorite movie. Saturday night:(9PM Eastern US time) Winner is announced, Rewards are gifted, Winning movie is set free for 1 week. Rewards for participation are as follows: 1000 Karma points for all offers submitted. 5000 Karma points for the winning movie. That warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you've participated on the greatest horror movie site on the net. Rules: Any offer you make must not be on site already. You may, however, offer upgrades of movies that are already here. No dupes allowed. If you're the winner, Please wait until the poll is closed before uploading and seeding the movie. Limit to 5 offers per member. There will be only one winner per week. Movies offered in different formats eg DVD and XviD will be treated as separate offers. Any movie offered (but did not win) may be offered again. Movie packs are not allowed. Each offer must be one movie only. That's it! Pretty simple huh? Now, let's get this ball rolling!
  3. 2FA authentication has been added. You can read more here. Keep in mind, once you enable 2FA, the code generated by app is required every time you login (unless you disable 2FA), you cannot delete app after using it one time.
  4. Freeleech All Torrents FreeKarma has set torrents free! set by System Until 20 May 2019 (4d 04:17:21 to go)
  5. Given the wishes of many of our users and respect for them, we will post on HOME PAGE every 16 hours films exclusively translated for SCENEFZ and will be uploaded at about 20 o'clock on the day.
  6. Welcome to I-H and have fun.
  7. @inviteHD invite system was closed so you can pm the staff for closing this topic.
  8. Welcome to I-H and enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome to I-H and enjoy your stay.
  10. Welcome to I-H and enjoy your stay.
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