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  1. The above link not working at the moment.
  2. Well it's your run of the mill Hungarian/Romanian style TT...
  3. Site is full. Wow only 2,000 user limit... The site is full! The limit of 2,000 users has been reached. However, user accounts expire all the time. Please check back again later! There are currently 2,000 members
  4. Works but I must say ALL my browsers have a really tough time translating from Russian to English. VERY FEW sections translate well. That said, it's a solid site.
  5. Hmmm this is what you get when trying to sign up.... ____ _ _ ____ | _ \(_) | | |___ \ | |_) |_ __ _ | | ___ ___ ___ __ ____) | | _ <| |/ _` |_ | |/ _ \ / _ \/ __| \ \ / /__ < | |_) | | (_| | |__| | (_) | (_) \__ \ \ V /___) | |____/|_|\__, |\____/ \___/ \___/|___/ \_/|____/ __/ | |___/ U-232 Release 3 (13ea79f182) Signup System Can't do anything with the input fields. I am a bit weary of a "Shell Signup"... Working now... after a few reloads... careful as for some reason my password was already filled in to the "web form" signup as Password..... changed once I logged in to a crazy difficult PW as I use a different PW for each site I am on, but it's a double heads up...
  6. Nice looking for TV. I've been looking for a TV only TT. Thanks
  7. Yes I suppose you need as stated a edu.cn (China) address... doesn't work for me.
  8. I signed up and this seems like it has potential. Thanx!
  9. Thanks. It seemed closed about three days ago but I was able to sign up about 48 hours ago! =)
  10. Hey guys, Big into the BT p2p scene for many years. Honest member, seed till I bleed. Looking to work with a good staff/site and ONLY honest members. The site layout is fresh and looks tight. It also seems to be run well. I look forward to using InviteHawk inthe future. Peace Mates, SYR
  11. Site looks fresh. Like the interface and how things are looking. It's been some time a NEW site needed to be created and built from the ground up. I am SERIOUSLY looking to deal with HONEST and POSITIVE members. I will do my very best to help this site stand up and stay up. Be honest and SEED TILL YA BLEED!!