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  1. @bndr, I would love one of these... I need a good spot to get books. Rep added, I will leave feedback after receiving invite! Thank you
  2. Hi there, if you have a BitSpyder that would be great... trying to find something with good Ebook selection that has drama, crime, and romance for the wife. Thank you
  3. Looking to get into a good sharing group... as I am sure all are.

  4. I really like the look and layout of the new site... have to work a lot the next few days but I plan on my days off really looking around. Hope everyone is doing good
  5. I have been lurking around for a couple of years on here... and I am trying to get involved, but this does not seem to be a very busy discussion thread in general. I don't want to post in categories that are not relevent, but where is the best place to chat about what is going on with torrents in general... just passing the time kind of stuff and meet people.
  6. Thank you darkSIDE, sometimes it seems that getting into the click can be the hardest... (remember the Highschool days..haha). I remember in the days of DTV hashing and emulating... I just need to sit down and dedicate seveal hours to it, and that is cool and I will. Just getting older now and looking for the easy route (I know there are none, comes down to socializing). I just work crazy 13 hours shifts so I make all of those few hours that I can.. Thank you again... you have been a big help
  7. I know that private trackers are kind of a oxymoron... I mean how private are they if they are on a open website. I just want to figure out how to get started. i mean I am willing to donate and help a cause, but honestly the only person in a week that has responded was darkSIDE and I am glad he did. But the point is that I am one of those people that when they do something they go all in. I have a great seedbox and I just want someone to give me a chance and I will prove myself. And if you look at my date I have been around for awhile... I just tend to keep my head down somewhat One other thing. The two things that I am most interested in are TV series and Movies... all of at least 720 and I want at least 5.1 (I mean why did I buy the stereo if I am only using 2 speakers). If someone wants to interview me just let me know... I really want to contribute and not be public at the sametime.
  8. Still learning this new format. I would really like to be considered for one of these spots. I have been sharing for years, but want to try a private tracker for the first time to see how it is. Thank you
  9. Hello, I am new to private trackers and I am trying to get involved. I dont have many posts yet because I had not been on here for a really long time and everything got erased I guess. Well I am back and trying to get involved. I have a great seedbox and would love to be considered. Thank you
  10. Thank you Darkside, I try to seed to at least a 1.0 ratio on opentrackers, but I don't feel safe on those letting them run for long periods of time. That is another reason I would like to get into a private one with people of like minded attitudes. And with all the stuff going on with sites (such as KAT) I want to prepare for the worse..haha I will try to look around some and try to learn the ins and out of this new game... I have been around for awhile, but have not investigated it much. I have a friend at work that has been part of a private tracker for a long time, but he said that he is not even allowed to invite anyone (they are completely closed) :-( Once again, thanks for the info and tidbits of info to keep in mind.
  11. Hello everyone, I know that the private tracker scene seems to be hard to get into. I have a seedbox that is very fast and a lot of storage. I have used it for a few years and I love it. I have always just used open trackers with it, but I would like to get into the private scene if I could. I just dont know where to really start. I know that the good ones are very well protected of who they let in and I get that. If I have to build some kind of reputation I can do that, but I am just not sure how to do it. It seems that there are some out there selling invites, but what I dont understand is if they are just selling them to anyone then how protected is it really. If someone could help me understand some of this a bit more I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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