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  1. i apply for bitme.org if they are still available that is? many thanks!!
  2. Just incase the Bitspyders have not gone . Can I aply for one please? Thanks . I will pm my email, All the best regards Osh
  3. Hi All Well finally back after a few months away having my Heart worked on. Iv had a triple bypassand all did not go to plan Simply because I am still getting breathless and angina when trying to do any exersion so in lamans terms IM *****!! Also there was a problem in my breastbone going together right as can now get my finger ends in the grouve down the front of my chest. Then I keep being asked by stupid people why I have depression. All I can say is walk in my shoes and you will see why. For instance I was told before the op I would be a new man Now 4 months on all the pain and recovery Im about %10 better than I was but worse in the fact that the pain left in my chest area and my legs where I had the veines removed for my surgery is hell and still after 4 months keep bleeding and now I find that one of the legs has started to lose feeling as well. Along with this they have also found out I have 3 bulging vertabra that need another op But du to the failur of this one I am now unsuitable for all ops other than life saving ones So in all intence and purposes its downhill from here on. Great hey Im almost in a wheel chare at the moment but can manage about 10m anda set ofsairs at a push but then its sit down time. So you can all gues what my hobby is . Yes watching TV and being on the PC. And this is where the "" Why have you got Deppression comes in"" I just put a brave face on and think to myself dont say anything simply because if I have to sat you think I like being like this and doing this all day JUST LOOK at WHAT I HAVE LOST before saying you are enjoying what you are doing Aggggg I could screem and cry all at the same time. Anyway thats my rant for the day, Anyway its good to be back I think.. Regards Os P,S, all I need now is what I was after before and that is looking to get into BTN But on her no doubt I will find a way
  4. How do you get your TV shows/or Films Torrents Are they avi or mkv. and at what definition. Or do you get them any other way than such as usenet or ??
  5. If possible could I get a FFFFound invite please? Thanks
  6. I would say Kickass Torrents. Which is a free one. I cannot say about private free ratio trackers as Im not on one yet. But I want to try and get on BTN when and if at all possible.. Osh
  7. Gravity. I would say one of the top 5 I have ever watched.. Such graphics and so beliveable you actually felt you was there with her.. So have to give it a 9.5
  8. To Me the rare trackers are rare because they are the best and like to keep themselves off grid so they dont get pinched If you get what I mean And I would think the rare ones have the best stuff for D/L :)
  9. Just wish They had not got rid of Sean Bean so soon on as I like him as a actor
  10. Download speed 4ooKbs Upload speed 75Kbs FUP (any kind of limit) Unlimited Price £5.00 Plus.Net But have been with them for 13+ years And was there when they used to be Force( from Sheffield Now they are one of the largest Internet providers I am in talks with them for a price of Fiber which will give me 49Mbs down and 17Mbs up Its just the price thats holding up the deal LOL
  11. Walter White Patrick Jane Niel Caffery Annie Walker Nikkita (on or off set) lol And many more
  12. Intel of Course I have tried two AMDs in my life and both ended in disaster SO NO MORE lol
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