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  1. Tracker Name: ExiTorrent Genre: General Sign-up link: http://exitorrent.eu/signup.php Additional information: Statistics Limit users: 5000 Registered users 4,024 No confirmed userów: 9 Banned users : 360 With lock download : 33 User warning : 18 Members of the cup : 89 Leeches (Peers): 15 Men: 3,019 Women: 316 Exi Lady: 107 Donors: 87 torrent Torrents: 5,893 Torrents without seeda (dead): 563 Seeds (sending): 13,632 Peers (Toll): 200 Peers: 13,832 Peers are not available: 5,573 Downloaded (without Free): 289.38 TB Posted on: 2,374.64 TB Downloaded (Snatched): 368.33 TB Sent (Snatched): 299.08 TB Total downloaded / sent: 2,664.02 TB S / L: 6816
  2. Tracker Name: torrentvision Genre: TV Sign-up link: http://torrentvision.net/signup.php Additional information: Registered Users 14,422 Seeders 3,911 Leechers 51 Peers 3,962
  3. Tracker Name: RareShare Genre: TV Sign-up link: http://rareshare.me/signup.php Additional information: RareShare is a Private Torrent Tracker for TV releases
  4. Tracker Name: CosaNostra application open Genre: Movies Sign-up link: http://cn-apps.com/ Additional information: CN is a great private tracker for movies in differnet formats. It's more than a tracker is a active community for those who love movies. Their encodes are great. They are less in quantity but great quality encodes..This site is not for those users who want to download and never participate in forums. For movie lovers and people who care about privacy this is a gem. CN currently accept new applications. Apply HERE
  5. Tracker Name: RaidThe.Net Genre: General Sign-up link: http://raidthe.net/index.php?page=account Closing date: N/A Additional information: RaidThe.Net is a new ratioless Tracker....Former tracker DiffuseThe.Net
  6. Tracker Name: trackeraccess Genre: General Sign-up link: http://trackeraccess.org/signup.php?...es&invitehash=
  7. Tracker Name: projekt-revolution Genre: General Sign-up link: http://projekt-revolution.biz/signup...es&invitehash=
  8. Tracker Name: twilights Genre: General Sign-up link: http://www.twilights.org/signup.php
  9. Tracker Name: myxz Genre: General Sign-up link: http://www.myxz.org/signup.php
  10. Tracker Name: scenereactor Genre: General Sign-up link: http://www.scenereactor.net/index.php?prm=signup
  11. Tracker Name: swepiracy Genre: General Sign-up link: http://swepiracy.org/signup.php
  12. Tracker Name: megaups Genre: General Sign-up link: http://megaups.me/signup.php?agree=yes&invitehash=
  13. Tracker Name: bitware Genre: General Sign-up link: http://bitware.biz/signup.php
  14. Tracker Name: torrenting Genre: Movies Sign-up link: http://www.torrenting.com/signup.php