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  1. A great discrete site. Sweet torrent page. And no rules other than be nice and try to seedback. The site has the power on it's own to seed. But it's only expected that you do not hit and run. So for all that want to be part of the community they will share is the attitude. Their slogan is Keep it SiMPLE. And really they do as long as people are nice. File sharing wasn't meant to make people jump through hoops to download a movie. You shouldn't have to seed forever to keep a special ratio neither. Seems that's what SiMPLE is all about. Keeping it SiMPLE :-P
  2. SiMPLE Development is open with this link till July 29th. Home of SiMPLE RG A Movie only Tracker. We don't open the doors often. Rules: SiMPLE, be nice most of the time and please seed back a bit eh!. Sign Up Linky: http://simpledevelopment.info/promo.php?do=signup&link=175eca60b62d904db57712630345adbe
  3. Digital abyss aka SiMPLEdevelopment.info is home to SiMPLE RG. A great friendly bunch with lots of new releases now offering 1080p/720p/480p. The doors won't be open long.
  4. www.simpledevelopment.info is now adding 1080p/720p due to demand. Our SiMPLE encodes are coming up everywhere so why not go to the source for them. Hope everyone is enjoying the site and our unique bonus system. We've also changed our torrent page, added games and a new streamer service(beta).
  5. We have now added 720P onsite for SiMPLE RG releases. As requested by members. Please come and check out the site using the new u232 v4 script. Great torrents, great people and a great community. :D
  6. Tracker Name : SiMPLE Development Signup Link : http://simpledevelopment.info/signup.php Genre : 480p and smaller. The whole idea is high quality small size. Closing Date : .... tba Additional Information : SiMPLE Development is a tracker designed for 480p and smaller encodes. Many have a slow connection or limited monthly bandwidth so our movies will be a bit more accessable for them. The tracker will grow fast as we have some of the best names in p2p involved in this project brining a great site and a great experiance for all. The rules are easy and don't require you to jump through hoops just to be a member. No porn either just movies and good company. Take a drop by and say hello in the shoutbox and above all enjoy. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Welcome to the forums CapeIslander :)