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  1. Still no trade made. If you have an invite and are interested please let me know!
  2. *Sorry for the incomplete title* Here is a list of what I have. [Have] (only for a limited time so make your offer quickly) - Infinite BlackCatsGames - Infinite (You need to prove you're good with 3 x Ratio proofs and 2 x speedtests. You currently cannot get into BCG unless you have me ;) ) Digital Hive x 3 Immortalseed x 10 I can also potentially get you into a very secret hush hush gaming tracker that hasn't even been released yet. The only way for me to consider getting you in is if you already know what the tracker is and you pm it to me. IF YOU POST THE NAME IN THE TOPIC I won't give you any invites let alone the secret one. [Want] All I want is 1 GazelleGames invite. If you have one, make your offer.!
  3. bitGamer v2 is currently open for registration as of about an hour ago! Spread the word! Let's get this site back to its former glory!
  4. Have been really dying for the longest time to get a BlackCatsGames invite so if you've got one I'm willing to trade you I DO HAVE A WAFFLES.FM INVITE TO TRADE! Pm me if you're interested
  5. Please do not ask for anymore invite trades regarding this topic I have already received the needed invites. Thank you
  6. Alright let's try this again shall we. Got a invite as well as 4x DH invites. Willing to trade either for a bitgamer v2 invtite Have a good one -OhBlindOne
  7. Ahh, crap... You're right. Then why does the big BCG as an option to get? Thank you for clearing that up btw.
  8. Title is pretty clear, I have a and 4 digital Hive invites. Been looking for a BCG invite for the longest time. Hope we can do business. Have a good one -OhBlindOne
  9. Hey, I'm new (obviously) just wanted to say a big Hello to everyone here! I hope to get to know this community better and help it grow. I also hope to provide people with some invites that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to get their hands on! Have a good one -OhBlindOne
  10. Welcome to the forums OhBLindOne :)