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  1. SOURCE: http://torrentfreak.com/wordpress-demands-10000-dmca-takedown-abuse-140615/ OP should give credit or a link! I'd half consider this plagiarism. Must be a great way to build your post count and reputation though.. :-P
  2. Ben Affleck.... this is Clooney and 'Batman and Robin' all over again. Seriously, look at the choices and the process, it's almost identical. This is going to be craptastic disaster.
  3. I hear that when you get old you start growing hair inside your orifices.
  4. rtorrent with rutorrent (blackholing torrents from SickBeard, serving them out via XBMC all packed in an Ubuntu VM)
  5. Daaaaaaaaaa-leted! Oh, and also rate and remove it from my imdb Watchlist.
  6. Avast free is driving me insane. They have screwed up a few times and left me plagued with enraging annoyances. Also, Avast, just shut up bitch we don't need you speaking loudly at 3am to tell me what you're doing to my virus database. Damn.
  7. lol, the eternal debate rages on. So Coke wins on an even playing field (ie: HFCS vs Sugar) So Coke with sugar beats Pepsi with sugar.. But any sugar bev beats any HFCS.
  8. Wow, that's some honest voting on those movies. They are garbage, I'll give Capn America a try.
  9. I never feel comfortable using this one. I've tried to rip things in their way, and I have gotten a few things up, but it's just been extremely difficult on this tracker not to get left in the dust by their seeders. It's great for downloading, not so much for your ratio. I find it hard to maintain.
  10. This tracker is where my childhood lives. The content is so insanely complete in a lot of areas and there are things here you just can't find anywhere else.
  11. I've had the worst luck trying to get on that one! I even paid once and go burned.