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  1. Hello People my name is Ezequiel, I´m 25 years old, i like gamming, love downloading stuff like movies, games, music, well mostly what all the people do. I came here looking for new trackers, hoping to get to the good ones, some day... if possible. and well thats all. i think i´m another dreamer to the list :P I hope you are doing fine. Kinds Regards!
  2. Hi Bimba, I appreciate your answer, Let me please clarify to see if i understood you correctly, are you saying that my invites worth nothing in comparison to any of the sites i mentioned? and that it is nearly impossible to accquire them that way other than donating?. The thing with donation is that if i really had that money i would be buying original games instead of getting me the trouble for Seeking Searching and hunting Torrent sites with proper seed/leech ratio. I´m not homeless but my economy level is quite bad. Kind Regards,
  3. Hello comunnity, i´m here since i´m trying to expand my Torrent-Pedia and i´m looking to find good willed people as well as seeders to trade invites. Need Movie Site. primary Pass the popcorn or any other if there is better. Need Music Sites as mentioned on the Title. What.CD, Waffles Also General Sites like BTN, FTN , IPT are highly wanted. For trading please PM i will respond ASAP. Kind Regards,
  4. Hi Devil i got some TorrentLeech , TorrentDay, and SceneRush Invites , if you are interested in trade please PM. Regards,
  5. Hi Zinc, I can offer you TorrentLeech, TorrentDay, SceneRush invites. If you are interesed please PM. Regards,
  6. Hi Iwannatrade, I Got some Torrentleech , Torrentday, and Scene rush invites. If you are interested please PM me. Regards
  7. Welcome to the forums Ezequiel77x :)