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  1. I really like PS but didn't get a new one since PS2 because it's too expensive. Games are also not cheap.
  2. Didn't know that, I think that I was always using Winamp. Really simple to use and interface is nice.
  3. PES was better before, now is FIFA better.
  4. Both are bad, but NG is a bit better. You can't learn a lot watching these programs, just some reality shit. They were definitely better before.
  5. Didn't expect that so many people don't know what is FLAC. The simplest explanation, when you encode to FLAC the track doesn't lose quality (still sounds like on a CD), when you encode to mp3 track loses some quality but how much it loses depends on which bitrate it is. There are plenty of other audio formats, not just these 2. Google for more details hh
  6. Really great site, best movies I watched were from there.
  7. Spartacus :D Not on the list but the best in my opinion.
  8. And I thought Facebook is getting less popular. Think that people aren't using it so much nowadays.
  9. So many post from you Plick but you seem like you lost your mind lol
  10. In my top 3 series even so it's still in the making. Love how they mix mulitiple stories
  11. Download speed 500Kbs Upload speed 60Kbs FUP (any kind of limit) Unlimited Price 15 €
  12. Silent Hill ftw Atmosphere is great in that movie