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  1. Guess this aint the right place to post this, but i kind of thought that if ur into graphic design you usually know a bit about creating movies too. Im looking for a hmm semi newbie program to help create movies in. Im using Power Director at the moment and hmm well i guess its ok. So if you know any other program thats good plz share what you think :)
  2. Just curious if anyone heard anything more then they are discussing to release this game for pc also, i really hope they will cause it looks awesome :)
  3. Listening to kind of deep house at the moment, artists like maya jane coles, tapesh and shonky. Any1 got any tips about same kind of music plz share :) take care
  4. Just curios if anyone still is play this great game. I havent for a while got kind of burned out but think of going back.
  5. Heya guys im a newbie here but still curious on what games you guys play, mostly mmo's then. But i play most kind of games so. Im asking cause now and then i have these periods when all games are boring and can be a bit tricky to find something new. So always good with some tips from other gamers :) take care
  6. Hmm im using F-Secure and from tests ive seen i guess its a good choice, cant say its the best tho.
  7. male here, but playing mmo's i meet hmm not lots of females but some atleast so cant say no females on the net is correct :)
  8. Always been on a pc so i guess thats my choice, cant say ive played so much on other consoles to really tell, single player games seems to work fine on whatever but mmo's seem to be for the most part on pc.
  9. Heya Midz just wanted to say hi :) psst im new here too ^_^
  10. heya Alter_Ego im a newbie too :) seems like a nice place this
  11. Zaxze

    Hello all

    heya mate im new here too :)
  12. Heya guys, just happened to find this what seem to be a really great spot. Will probably discuss music, gaming and movies hmm and others stuff too. Cya around and take care :)
  13. Heya guys just curious if anyone seen this movie, just stumbled upon it and it looks really good. so just a a bit curious what u guys think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwgfeR2pMuE tc guys.
  14. Welcome to the forums Zaxze :)

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