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  1. I apply for it. Thank you very much : )
  2. I've got payed satellite because of TV Series.
  3. I still like Starcraft. So much disappointment they have turned Starcraft 2 into some type of RPG game, focusing on characters and adventures rather than strategy.
  4. I'm not that much into small private circles, but if the mountain won't come to you then you must go to the mountain.
  5. Changing folder and file permissions is pretty awkward on Windows 7.
  6. PC... but I've never played on consoles. I like RTS games the most and they are fine on PC's.
  7. Not needing it. I've got fiber connection.
  8. Yep, it is pretty weird AOL let such a software die. I hope Radionomy will be able to bring Winamp back to life. ATM I've switched to Foobar2000 and I like it.
  9. On soft drinks I like Pepsi the least.
  10. None of them. I don't feel confortable with that whole thing.
  11. Common sense, some good luck, a sandbox, (almost) no browser plugin. Then the best AV is the one you can live with (they slow down a system way too much).
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