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  1. Tracker Name : HD-Torrents Why Do You Need It : because they have good encodes Ratio Proof Of Your Best Tracker [Minimum-1] : i will provde that SpeedTest : i will provide that too
  2. i am interested in buying the seedbox but i would like to try it first rep+thanks added
  3. i would like to apply for this account thanks rep+thanks added
  4. Tracker's Name: HDRush Genre: HD Sign-up Link: hdrush.org/index.php Closing date: 17th of August Review's Link: N/A Additional information: HDRush is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV. HDRush is the internal tracker for multiple internal release groups, PSYPHER (TV PACKS only) , BluPanther (hd movies) , MarGe (its newly add) , TheVortex. Its such a great website with very handy staff. The website had some difficulties in the past but due to the friendly and great staff, the website is back online again. They have good content of hd stuff , 4750 users registered , 500+ hdtorrent (only internals encodes ) , site is increasing but due to offline for about 1 month site got much of it users away so they open registration.So If you are already registered please support the site by visiting or if you don't have an account then have account on future's hdtracker.
  5. TRACKER NAME: FWTZ.org TRACKER GENRE: General SIGNUP LINK:https://fwtz.org/signup.php CLOSING TIME: N/A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: FWTZ is a 'new' Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Registered Users 429/10000 Users Online 30 Unconfirmed Users 0 Donors 1 New Torrents This Month 2073 Gender not sure 0 Males 425 Females 4 Power Users 0 Disabled 0 Uploaders 5 Moderators 3 Forum Topics 16 Torrents 2073 Forum Posts 20 New Torrents Today 5 Peers 2683 Unconnectable Peers 2 Seeders 2673 Unconnectables ratio (%) 0 Leechers 10 Seeder/leecher ratio (%) 26700
  6. hello guys i have alpharatio invites to giveaway so feel free to apply 10x AlphaRatio Rules: -Add REP and Thanks -You have to be an active member with at least 10 posts. -Leave a feed back after you receive the invite.
  7. hello guys i have HDRush invites to giveaway so feel free to apply 10x HDRush Rules: -Add REP and Thanks -Dont PM -no sellers,cheaters,traders,collectors . -You have to be an active member with at least 10 posts. -Leave a feed back after you receive the invite. -I will ask for proofs . -You had never an account on any of these trackers before
  8. There are rumours all around that, Zhou was sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined 1,000,000 yuan also his friends are sentenced to prison from 3-5 years which is a terrible news to the lovers of CHDBits and HDWings. I admit that CHDBits and HDwings are two great HD trackers but this is not the end of the world if you seek for a new HD tracker. You can always contact me for the new alternatives. Final words, rest in peace CHDBits and HDWings... P.S. These are rumours will most probably be true in the following hours/days.
  9. hello very nice giveaway bro i would like to apply for finebytes need it for personal use Rep+thanks added Proofs will be provided if needed thank again
  10. HDSky 管理组 2015年1月23日 limited timing registration is now open! News: We are now open limited timing registration until 23:59:59 26.01.2015(GMT +8). In this period of time,all of you guys will have a chance to earn additional bonus if you send your personal promotionlink to any other Forums,Facebook or Twitter. Please click here to get your personal promotionlink.You will earn additional 50 bonus per 10 minutes if others click your link and complete the registration. Cheers, HDSky Staff Tracker URL: http://hdsky.me Signup Link: http://hdsky.me/signup.php Review: https://www.invitesc...eview/?hl=hdsky Additional comments: HDSky is a Chinese HD private tracker.It was formerly known as HDStar the cam back online with new name HDSky and new staff.HDSky has lots of HD content for various encoders like DON,ESiR,HiDt,HDBits,PublicHD and others.It has also internal encoder HDSKY.Speed and pre-time are very good.Interface is in Chinese and can be translated into English using Google translate.
  11. Tracker: Freshontv Genre: TV Sign up link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Invites/comments/2roaji/o_freshontv/ Closing date: N/A Additional Info: Tv TORRENTs ro (TvT) is a Private Torrent Tracker for TV Tv TORRENTs ro is the sister-site of Docspedia Applications are open! Apply now and join the community!
  12. you dont request for invites in the sign up section do it in request section and RARbg is a public source you dont invite for that unless you want to upload or something
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